December 8, 2020

Smokeless Alternatives to Tobacco

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Most of us know tobacco as an addictive drug, but few of us have authentic information about its origins, uses, consequences, and impacts. Tobacco is a shared name of multiple plants that belong to the Nicotiana genus family. It exists in different species that are slightly different from each other. However, the common factor is nicotine, a psychoactive stimulant that refines the brain’s functions. It may be addictive when taken irresponsibly. Tobacco is popular with users due to the euphoric high it gives. However, you can achieve the desired effect in more safe alternatives, like Black Buffalo products, vape, and E-cigarettes.

What Is the Need for Alternatives?

If you can easily achieve a high from conventional tobacco and use it as an escape, why move to alternatives? It is a thoughtful question, and there are several valid reasons behind it. Traditional products like cigarettes that burn tobacco produce a lot of smoke. If you smoke them around your family and friends, you may be putting the health of your beloved ones at risk. They are also not recyclable, so it only adds to environmental pollution. Traditional tobacco can also cause embarrassment and shame in public places, and using the alternatives is an indication that you are trying to do better. These can help you detox from tobacco smoothly, as they are safe and less addictive.

Methods of Consumption

The method of consumption depends on the form, quantity, and state of the product you consume. One good alternative is CBD cream that you can apply to your skin. CBD is extracted from natural plants and does not impair the brain. It is not addictive either, provided you only take it in recommended quantities. Massaging the cream on a specific area of your skin may help you feel better and alleviate your pain. Other methods of consuming alternatives to tobacco may be similar to taking tobacco itself. Depending on the product, here are some different common ways:

  • Inhaling: You can inhale the vaporized nicotine by using E-cigarettes or vapes. These may have flavorings and other organic liquids. A battery converts the E-liquid into vapor when you inhale.
  • Chewing: The alternative products may be available in a powdery or grainy form, with leaves being compressed and packed. They may be twisted or open in some other way. You can chew them by placing a small quantity on the side of your mouth, between teeth and gums.
  • Dipping: Like traditional tobacco, some alternatives resemble dipping tobacco. The organic leaves are shredded and pressed into containers. If you prefer such products, you can use them by placing the shredded leaves in your mouth. Sucking instead of outright swallowing allows time for extraction of juices that provides your brain the desirable effect.
  • Snuffing: Snuffing products are usually available in small pouches that have the appearance of a teabag. They have fewer microbes and are carefully prepared. You can snort them through your nose.


The choice of method should depend on your preference and the product. In any case, remember that too much nicotine can be addictive and there are calculated risks associated with each of them. It is best if you research well before making a choice.

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