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January 2, 2020

Paying hospital bills has never been this easy. In this review, we will focus much on the way the Team Health Bill Pay (ThBillPay) works. You will decide if it’s one suitable service you would want to use on your next hospital visit. We will also try the best way to find out the legitness of the service and the advantages that come with it. More so, we will help you understand a few guidelines on how you can make your payments with ease and in the comfort of your house or office.

Follow through as we make an in-depth review of ThBillPay platform so that you can have an easy time making your medical bill payments.

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Name: ThBillPay

Description: This review will focus on the way the THBillPay works. You will decide if it’s one suitable service you would want to use on your next hospital visit. We will also try the best way to find out the legitness of the service and the advantages that come with it. More so, we will help you understand a few guidelines on how you can make your payments with ease and in the comfort of your house or office.

ThBillPay Summary

What is THbillpay?

Well, when you log in at, you get access to the platform that makes all your health matters easy and accessible. The payment of bills through the platform is easy. Hospitals worldwide that have subscribed to the THBillPay (TeamHealth’s Patient Billing Service Center) have made the life of their patients easy since the platform allows for different ways of paying the bills.

One fantastic thing with the platform is that you can make the payment, review the bill, and even check on the medical services available regardless of your location.

TeamHealth is a healthcare staff-providing firm based in Knoxville, Tennessee, America. It was founded in 1979 by Dr. John Staley. In the early years of establishment, the firm started as an emergency administrative department service provider. Later on, it transitioned to a health care service. Currently, the firm serves over 9 million patients per year, with over 19,000 clinicians working under their service.

When making a payment via this platform, you will eliminate the hustle of driving to the physical location of your healthcare provider. This saves you a lot of things, including the security, gas bills as well as the time.

The has a user-friendly platform designed to give you the ease of use when making the payments as well as when reviewing the bills.

TeamHealth’s Patient Billing Centre offers its online portal access to those who would want to stop using the outdated traditional payment methods and adopt the modern online payment method.


What do you require to make the payment?

Since this is an online service, you require a gadget that will help you access the site so that you can make the payment.

Some of the requirements include the following

  • Internet-Enabled gadgets such as a phone, laptop, or mac.
  • You will need a reliable internet connection
  •  Knowledge on how to navigate online platforms is also key
  • You will also need a credit card or e-check payment
  • Patient insurance information is required in case you plan to channel the bill to insurance
  • The patient’s SSN Number is necessary
  • Contact information is also crucial, e.g., address, phone number, and email
  • You must have an account with team health. The 14-digit account number is on the statement.


How to use the platform and pay the bill easily?

Once you have the required documents with you, it’s easy to get the bill paid in a few minutes. Once you receive the billing information on your mail, you can utilize the online platform to make the payment. Note that one of the options for payment you will receive via mail is the thbillpay.

In your browser, go to so that you can have access to the platform. The menu has four areas namely;

  • Account
  • Pay by credit card
  • Pay by e-check
  • Provide insurance information

When you want to make the payment, there are the two key options either by credit card or via e-check.


Understanding the Account section

When you click the, you will first see the account section. This is where you will provide the patient’s details before you proceed.

You will enter the team health account number in the space provided. The account number is located on your statement. It’s a 14 digit code.

You will, after that, verify with the patient SSN code, which is the last 4 digits. Input date of birth and submit the details. At this juncture, you will be able to view all your patient’s details and also review the bills before making the payment.


The payment by Credit Card

When making the payment by credit, you will need to have either of the following cards; American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa. Enter the payment amount, the 3 digit security code found on your card. Also, enter the card expiry date. The payment will be completed in a few minutes via online processing.


The e-check payment

E-check payment will require you to provide details like personal checking, personal savings, business savings, and business checking. Enter the payment amount and the check type.


The insurance information

You will be required to provide insurance information in case you want the bill to be cleared by your respective insurance firm. Enter the 14 digit account number followed by the insurance type. Example of the available insurance types include Medicare/ Medicaid/ Blue Cross/ Blue Shield/ Champus/ Workers/ Compensation/ Other (Commercial)/ Automobile.

Once you are done filling the information, submit and wait for confirmation.

You can also use a money order or by check

Traditional methods are still convenient and will come through when your online process doesn’t work. Ensure you have the correct billing details, including the required address and the money order attached.

Other ways you can use to make the payments include via phone through calling 1-888-952-67-72 for guidelines.

One thing you need to know is that you will receive two bills and one from the hospital and the other from the physician’s group.


How to reach THBillPay customer service?

You will have numerous questions you want to be answered, and this prompts you to have the channels you can reach the management so that you get the services efficiently. Luckily, the questions can be addressed via the National patient service center. The service hours are Monday to Friday with the working hours from 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays, you will get services from 10 am to 3 pm.

The phone number to call is 1-888-952-6772.

Another great way to have your concerns responded to is via the website. Get to the section that reads “contact billing center” and leave a comment that will be addressed to you once the service providers are online.



  • It makes the services even faster since patients do not line up in hospitals to pay those bills.
  • For the patient or the bill payer, the portal is a stress reliever. The safety that comes with online money transfer is at the point where you pay the bills through the platform.
  • You don’t incur additional bills that come with gas, time, and even consultations from one place to the other in the hospital.
  • The online platform comes with several payment methods. You can use either an e-check or a credit card. Besides, you can still key in the insurance details for the patient and transfer the bill to the respective insurance firm.
  • You can view the bills and make inquiries via the platform. This allows you to choose the method you want for payment and also communicate with service providers so that you can have your questions answered.
  • You can go back to your account and revisit all the payments you have made.


  • First, you are not sure about the security of your card information. This means that your details can be at the risk of scanning.
  • You must use the hospital that is contracted by Team Health. This means that not all hospitals are working with the platform for settling bills.
  • Sometimes you will receive notifications for pending bills even though you cleared the bills. This means that the system is not that swift and might have some errors.
  • It’s a disadvantage to those who have no access to online platforms and hence unable to utilize the online portal for payment of bills.
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Can I pay via with any hospital I attend?

Well, the hospital must be contracted by the firm so that the payment becomes easy. This means that you need to check if the hospital allows payments via this platform so that you make the payments comfortably.


How can I get the account number?

The account number is found on the bill that you have been given. Just check on the billing details and pick the 14-digit number, which is useful during your payments.


Who is a hospitalist?

This is a doctor who specializes in in-hospital care. He or she helps coordinate your stay at the hospital.


Why do I have two bills?

Well, the bills are two with one for the services you receive at the hospital while the other one is for the physicians that you see.


How safe is my card information?

You have the secret code that is unique to your card, and therefore instances of hacking or stealing the card information are rare.


When I use the online platform, can I view the billing statements?

Yes, all your billing statements are online. You only need the account number and the SSN for the patient. With this, you will be able to navigate through the platform with ease and get the information you need much faster.


If you have additional questions on this platform, we have the contact details that will see you get the issues addressed by experts from the center. You can reach out to them via:

National Patient Service Center: 1-888-952-6772 (toll-free)

Timings: Monday to Friday: 8 am-8 pm. And Saturday: 10 am-3 pm.

While the active postal Address is:265 Brookview Centre Way, Suite 400 Knoxville, TN 37919



The thbillpay is one of the online portals that have proven to make hospital bill payments a breeze. You will always make the payments in the comfort of your seat. At no other time will you experience the security threats as a result of manual or traditional bill payment methods.

We have shared with you the advantages that come with this platform and also the few downsides. This will give you the option to try it out and see if it’s a method you will trust forever or if its a platform not for you. You have the opportunity to make the decision. If you have additional questions concerning the payment method, kindly comment in the comment box below so that we can guide you with ease.

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