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January 2, 2020

Checking the history of a vehicle has never been this easy. With the MyTXcar portal, you will get to know the whole history of a car, especially if you want to purchase a used car. Knowing the vehicle history is essential since you will get more details about it that will guide you to make an informed purchase. You will know if the vehicle is worth the investment or if it’s a safe purchase.

MyTXcar portal is so secure that no one can tamper with the car inspection history. All the data from the Mytxcar database is safe and accessible to you when you want to confirm the history of the car you wish to purchase.

In this review, we will guide you through the MyTXcar while giving you the in-depth details on how the platform works and how you can make use of it when you want inspection details about a car.

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MyTXcar Review

Name: MyTXcar

Description: MyTXcar is a portal that lets its users view the whole history of a car, especially if you want to purchase a used car. Knowing the vehicle history is essential since you will get more details about it that will guide you to make an informed purchase.

MyTXcar Summary

What is MyTXcar?

The MyTXcaris a database that allows you to check the history of a used car online before you purchase. You can visit the MyTXcar platform that gives you the details about the vehicle you want to have.

The Texas Vehicle Inspection Portal was started in 2015 for vehicle registration and inspection. While on this platform, you will be able to access information about the registered autos in Texas. This makes it easy for you to buy a used car or even get the details about the vehicle. Moreover, the platform helps to keep the environment emissions-free by inspecting cars so that they are cleared fit for the environment.

This platform works when you have a valid sticker number of the VIN. Once you have the numbers keyed in, you can see the results today, and this means that the platform will aid you in getting the outcomes for the inspection faster when compared to the physical visit for your vehicle.

Is the MyTXcar platform legit or scam?

In the modern world where technology rules the world, trusting a service to some extent is difficult. Even the registered sites can still pause a lot of challenges when you want to use the service.

Therefore, it’s ok to confirm whether the service is legit or not. For this MyTXcar platform, we have come across many reviews that make it even secure for you to access. Additionally, you cannot log in if you don’t have the required documents, such as the VIN for the specific vehicle you want to confirm.

The security check that requires you to check the box is also a clue that the site is serious about the security concerns, and that’s why it doesn’t accept anything related to bots on the site.

Additionally, the details of the vehicle cannot be edited or deleted from the site, and this means that the site considered the information available greatly for your use, and that’s why the high-security measures have been adhered to.

Lastly, the physical location for the MyTXcar platform is available so that you can make the actual visits anytime you want. Again, the collaboration between the Texas Department of Public Safety, texas department of motor vehicles, and the Texas Commission on Environmental quality is enough proof.

Requirements for you to access the service quickly

The online vehicle inspection in Texas is easy. When you want to check the history of a car, then getting through the online system saves you time and energy. It is so quick and hence an efficient way of getting the details that you want. Here are the requirements for you to get the data more quickly.

  • You need the sticker number or the vehicle inspection Number(VIN). This number can be found on the vehicle engine.
  • You also need a computer, internet-enabled phone or any gadget that has access to the internet. Besides, you need a stable internet connection so that you can access the database smoothly.
  • The service will work well on IE or Google chrome.


Guidelines for inspecting the vehicle through MyTXcar

Before you decide to visit the portal, make sure you have the requirements, as stated above. This will save you time.

Using your browser, log in to the MyTXcar  using the link given. You can still Google, which will take you to the online inspection portal. Once you are on the site, you meet the security check that ensures that the safety of the portal is adhered to.

Automated programs and bots are prevented from the system. Therefore, as a visitor to this site, you have to pass the security check first.

Entering the Captcha code

In the process of proving that you are human and not some automated program, you will have to tick in the checkmark box. If that is not enough, you will sometimes be asked to select images that are similar. Once you have the images selected, you can click the submit button and wait for the authorization. You can also enter a unique code so that you access the portal with ease.

Once you are done with the security check, you can now get right into the process of searching for the car history.

Enter the VIN

Once you have the vehicle identification number, you can now check the history even faster. Just enter the number in the box next to VIN. Click submit so that you can have the required details.

Ensure that the VIN is accurate so that you get the outcomes as needed. If it’s not accurate, then you will not be able to edit the information submitted.

While using this service, note that you are not supposed to pay any fee. The platform is run by My TX Car service and is operated by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality together with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Outcome

Once you press the submit button, then the details will be displayed for you so that you can view the vehicle history with ease. The details on this site are trustworthy and hence the need to report any discrepancy you come across. You can still contact the inspection station if your car has any discrepancies.

How to contact the Inspection desk if you have any concerns

If you have any questions concerning your vehicle inspection history, you can contact the Texas Vehicle Inspection soon. Luckily, the inspection center has active lines so that you don’t walk into their physical offices. This will save you time.

Here are ideas on how you can get help faster

Make a call through the phone

You can speak to the Texas Inspection Vehicle staff through 512 465 4205, and all your concerns will be addressed. If you have questions on Texas Vehicle Inspection Service, then you can call 1 888 368 4689. Note that the number is operational during office hours only. The call center is therefore not available during the weekends.

By website

Well, the website is the easiest way to get your concerns addressed. This is because you can use any internet-enabled gadgets and get to the portal for inquiries. Just get to the TXDMV website and make your inquiry. You can access it easily via here; you will find information about the license and laws, registration, and also regulations.

By Fax

If you have any documents, you can fax it to 512 465 4129.



  • You can access all the information concerning a vehicle’s history before you decide to buy it in Texas.
  • The online platform saves you time and also the money you could have paid traveling to the physical offices.
  • The process is fast and gives you instant results
  • The process is free and will not ask for any subscription fee or any other payments. This means that the service will cost you nothing.
  • You can use a valid VIN or a Safety Sticker Number and get the history easily
  • The information you get in the portal is true and valid. This is because no one can edit the information on the portal.
  • There are clear channels for you to report any discrepancies if you notice any of your vehicle history.
  • The site is safe and secure. Before you start the process of checking for the information, you have to verify that you are not a robot. This security check makes everything easy for you.
  • You can buy a vehicle with a valid history since it’s on the portal.


  • The information can not be reversed if you enter them wrongly, and therefore, you need to be keen when using the VIN.
  • You need a reliable internet connection for swift access to the portal
  • It is only workable if you are in Texas
  • Without the VIN or the Sticker Number, you cannot access the history for your vehicle
  • Only used cars are registered for the service
  • The vehicle history results can only be viewed today and not available for tomorrow
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If I don’t have the VIN, What else can I do to get the vehicle history?

Those with no VIN can still use the sticker Number for the same outcomes.

Can I also get the details for a new car on the portal?

No, only used cars are registered so that it becomes easy when one wants to sell or buy it

How long does it take to get the results after keying the details into the portal?

You will have the results instantly display for you to get the history for use. Just check on the screen for the history results.

Is there any fee I need to pay for the services?

Unlike other services that charge a fee, the portal doesn’t ask you for any fee. The services are free. You only need the internet and a gadget for access. Again, you need the VIN.

How safe is the inspection database?

The portal is safe since it requires security verification for you to enter the details. This blocks the bags from interfering with further information in the portal. Therefore, no editing or deleting can be done on the inspection outcomes.


Online platforms offer convenience when it comes to online services. The approach by the MyTXcar is an amazing one, especially for anyone seeking to buy a used car. All the information you would want on your target car can be found online as long as it is registered with MyTXcar. This reduces the hustle you would have taken going from office to office searching for the services.

We have shared with you the procedure for getting this information hustle free. With this era of technology, you don’t have to use a lot of energy and additional resources when online services are available for you to utilize. Instead, use your gadget to access the services online and save time and resources for other things.

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