TellMurphyUSA — Official Murphy USA® Survey [$100 Gift Card]

In this review, we intend to guide you through the TellMurphyUSA survey so that you can have an easy time taking part and getting the rewards just like other customers. Note that you need to keep the purchase receipt from Murphy station so that you can use it when invited for the survey.


Name: TellMurphyUSA

Description: Murphy is one of the leading gas station chains in the USA. Services offered in different stations across the USA continue to improve courtesy of the TellMurphyusa survey. TellMurphyUSA is a survey tool designed to check on customer satisfaction once you purchase at any of the outlets across the 50 United States.

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TellMurphyUSA Summary

What is TellMurphyUSA?

If you have participated in surveys, then this will be easy to understand. Alternatively, if you are a frequent user of gas, then you might have come across Murphy. This is a company the provides a range of services and products to their customers. One of the leading products is gas, but other products are also available since they have a collaboration with Walmart.

Murphy has over 1300 gas stations spread over 26 states in America. Around 1200 stores are located next to the Walmart store. The Murphy stations are famous for their affordable prices. Murphy USA has been in operation since 1996 and still expanding through other states in America.

The TellMurphyUSA is, therefore, a channel through which Murphy USA uses to get feedback from their customers so that they can improve their services and serve you better.

When the company receives complaints about the service offered, they try to resolve it shortly so that you get even better services. All this is possible if you take part in the survey so that you can voice your complaint and help improve the services.

When participating in this survey, you need the receipt you have used from the Murphy petrol station. This is the receipt you will use when entering the survey and after that participating in the available sweepstake.

The survey takes approximately five minutes, and this is why you need to participate. In the end, you will enter into the sweepstake where you can win a gift card of $100 Murphy gas card.

If you are a murphy USA customer or a Murphy express customer, then you can participate in the survey. This is possible when you have the murphy receipt as well as the invitation for the survey.

Is TellMurphyUSA legit or scam?

When it comes to the eligibility of this survey, we can confidently confirm that it’s legit. For the customers who have been using the services at Murphy USA, they can confirm that the services are legit.

The offices are also available, and the fact that it features over 1300 locations around the USA adds to its credibility.

There is also a customer care service that follows up on questions and concerns from the customers.

Additionally, the site is free and fair so that you can easily participate in the survey.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you think of participating in the survey, you must first meet the requirements. This will save you time and even help you prepare your feedback before you participate. Therefore, the following criteria are essential so that you can easily participate in the survey.

  • You must have a tablet, mobile phone or PC
  • You need a stable internet connection so that the whole process can be smooth.
  • The Murphy receipt is key and ticket entry to participating in the survey. At the bottom of the receipt, there is a survey code and invitation instruction. Make sure you read carefully.
  • You must have a basic knowledge of English and Spanish. These are the two languages used when attempting the questions.
  • The minimum age is 18 years
  • You must be from USA or Columbia
  • You must provide your phone number. Don’t worry about the number as it will be useful when you are being notified in case you are a winner. At no time will your number be used for marketing purposes.
  • Workers, family members, and close associates are not eligible for this survey. You will end up being disqualified once you force yourself into taking part in the survey.
  • No cash is allowed as the entire process is free and fair. This means that anybody who is a customer at the company can participate freely.


How to participate in the survey

This survey helps the Murphy company improve its services and serve you better in the future. This is made easy when you take part in the survey and give your honest feedback concerning the services you received on your visit at any of the gas locations across the USA.

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, you need to have your internet-enabled gadget with you so that you can easily access the online platform where you give your feedback on the survey.

  • Go to the website tellmurphyusa
  • With your previous receipt ready, enter the survey code from your last purchase. The code is on your receipt and its a 12 digit code
  • Enter the time of the visit from your receipt
  • Click the start button
  • You will be redirected to the survey where you give your honest feedback. At the survey, you will rate statements and answer questions based on your experience during your last visit.
  • You need to answer the questions honestly as they touch on the matters that improve the services for you. In the questions, you will be asked to rate the station, feedback on the service given by the attendants and products available.
  • You can also give your comment if you want to. Note that the comment is short and around 1200 characters.
  • Once you are done with the questions, it is now time to enter the sweepstake. You will be asked to enter your age, which is above 18 years as the eligibility criteria states.
  • Write your current phone number together with your name so that you can be notified when you become a winner for the $100 gas gift card.


How to check the locations near you

If you want to participate in the survey, you need a receipt form the Murphy USA. This is possible if you take your gas from any of their locations around the USA. Since participation is free, you don’t need to miss out on the opportunity.

Once you are familiar with the locations, you can make your entry every time you make the purchase. If you are not familiar with the stations near you, then here is a way out.

Use the murphy official website

  • Enter the in your phone and search
  • Once you are on the platform, click on the ‘find the store’ menu
  • Enter city name and the county zip code of your area
  • filter and search the gas location area
  • Click the find locations button
  • Once you locate the gas station near you, you will still get the contact details for the station, the fuel prices, and the gas operating hours.


Use the Murphy USA Mobile App

  • With this method, you will need the app downloaded and installed onto your phone. After installation, you can enter your city and get the location list.
  • Other than getting the locations for your gas station, the app will also help you collect points so that you can use them when purchasing your gas next time.
  • The app is also helpful since you get discounted rates when you use it.


How can you get your concerns addressed efficiently?

Murphy understands that customers want their questions addressed fast. This can only happen if you have the correct channels where you can shoot your questions for address. The Murphys USA customer care support can be contacted via:

  • Phone

Just dial 1 800 843 4298 so that you can talk to the friendly staff at Murphy USA. The service is available during business hours.

  • Mail

Well, the mailing address is Murphy USA, 422 N Washington, PO BOX 7300, El Dorado AR 71731. This is where you share the feedback through a letter.

  •  Through the email

You can use the email and send your feedback or inquiries.

  • Website

You can complete the feedback form on the site. This gives you the option to choose the type of feedback to send and also the way to receive the information. Visit for the website feedback.


  • The survey can be entered anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection as well as a gadget that accesses the internet.
  • The process is free and fair. You will not pay anything to participate. The only requirement is the Murphy USA receipt.
  • The gas locations are many, and this means that you can make your purchase anywhere and participate even faster.
  • In case of any trouble, the Murphy USA has all the contacts so that you get your problems sorted out soon.
  • You can access the site through your phone, which makes it easy to participate in the process.
  • The gas card reward is so vast, and considering it is there for 20 participants, then the chances of becoming a winner are also high.
  • Customers for the Murphy express can also take part in the survey as long as they have the purchase receipt with the invitation code.


  • Only if you are a resident of the USA and the district of Columbia, you are eligible to participate. For those who are non-citizens, then it is impossible to participate.
  • Relatives, staff, and people close to the team cannot participate in the survey
  • If you don’t have stable internet, then it is challenging to finish the process on time
  • Once you have filled the sweepstake form, you have to wait for some time for the winner to be announced. Additionally, you are not guaranteed that you will win as the process is free and fair.

TellMurphyUSA Survey Center

Prize$100 Gift Card
Validation Code30 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail, E-mail, App
LanguageEnglish, Español

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Can I participate more than once?

Yes, you can participate more than once for the survey since each purchase has a unique code for you to take part in the survey.

What are the details required on the receipt to participate?

The invitation code is vital. You will get the 14-digit code that will be used when entering the online platform.

Are customers at the Murphy express eligible or not?

Once you have the receipt for Murphy, then you are eligible for the survey. Therefore, both customers at Murphy USA and the Murphy Express are qualified and have equal chances of winning the final reward.


If you want to win a gas card, then this survey is for you. When you purchase at any of the Murphy USA stations, then keep the receipt as it will help you enter into the sweepstake where you can win Murphy gas card worth $100.

The process for participating is free and fair, and therefore, the chances of winning are also equal. If you would wish to take part in the survey, remember that your feedback is critical when it comes to service provision and improvement of the general operations and the center where you got your service. Take your time and go through this guide and decide on whether it’s a suitable survey you can take or not.