Tell Winn Dixie — Official Winn Dixie® Customer Survey [$5]

For you to run a successful business, you need to provide exactly what is needed by the customers. Apart from selling what is needed buyers need to feel they are a part of what you are doing. They do not want to be buyers only. That’s why a relationship between the producers and customers is important. Winn Dixie has established a survey platform called the Tell Winn Dixie survey. Their customers can give their opinion on how things are run in their stores and rate everything in it and go ahead and recommend what improvement or change they would love done in the stores.

After the survey, Winn Dixie will compile the opinions and see what changes are necessary to give the customers the best. In this article, you will know how you can take part in the Tell Winn Dixie survey and what you get in return after the survey and what is needed for you to take part in the survey.

Tell Winn Dixie

Name: Tell Winn Dixie

Description: Tell Winn Dixie survey is by a supermarket known as Winn Dixie. The survey is to help the supermarket know how their services are, what its customers think about their products. Also, the survey is to help them get suggestions from their customers on how they should improve. They are trying to understand the customers so they can give them what they want and in return, make more money.

Winn Dixie has existed for many years. Over the years, Winn Dixie has had its ups and downs. Due to that, it has gone through a fair change of ownership. It was the first company to open the stock market in the NY stock exchange. In 2005 Winn Dixie was declared bankrupt, and some of its stores closed.

In 2011 BI-LO southeast grocery store purchased it and removed it from the exchange market. They adopted the Winn Dixie name and named all their store the name. The Davids family originally founded Winn Dixie in 1925.

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Tell Winn Dixie Summary

Tell Winn Dixie survey is a survey held by the Winn Dixie supermarket. Winn Dixie was founded in 1925. It has been in the market for over 90 years. Its headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida. It has over 500 stores in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi. It was ranked among the best food stores in America.

In their store, they have dairy, frozen food, bakery, grocery, pharmacy, seafood, floral, deli, liquor, and general merchandise. By 2014 its profit was around 10billion and had over 41,000 employees.

Requirements and rules

Before taking the survey, you need to be aware of the requirements and the rules put in place. By doing so, you can tell whether it’s something that you are willing to do and follow the rules.

  • You must be 21 years and above to take part in the Tell Winn Dixie survey. If you are younger, you can give a family member the receipt to take the survey in your place.
  • You must understand English or Spanish as the survey’s default language is English, and the only other language you can switch to is Spanish.
  • You must be a resident of the United States or Puerto Rico
  • You must have a PC or smartphone for the survey
  • You must have access to the internet as the survey is online
  • You must have a receipt that is not more than a week old as it has a code that is needed to enter the survey.
  • Employees of Winn Dixie are not allowed to take part in the survey or a member of their family.
  • You use one receipt to enter the survey once

Once you have entered the survey using the code on the receipt, make sure you complete the survey to the end until you get the prize. If you happen to leave the survey and hope to enter again using the same code to finish the survey, it won’t be possible as the code only works once.

How to get into the survey

1. Go the Tell Winn Dixie survey page and click on the link for signing in

2. Choose the language you intend to use in the survey

3. Enter the survey code on your receipt. It has 18 digits, which are divided into three boxes.

4. Answer the survey questions. The survey question may include:

  • Rating your experience in their store
  • Rating the cleanliness in the store
  • Commenting on the customer care of the attendants
  • Comment on the pricing of things in the store
  • Comment on the ease to find things in the store

5. Provide your personal information and contacts. This may include

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

6. Submit your survey and receive your $5 coupon, where you will get a code. Write it on the receipt and give it when you visit Winn Dixie next and purchase items worth $40 or more.


  • After completing your survey, you can get your bonus at any Winn Dixie store as long as you have the code you get after the survey.
  • Entry to the survey is free. You do not pay anything to take part in the survey. All you need is the receipt you got from the store after purchasing.
  • The entry process is simple, and you do not need any qualifications to take part in the survey.
  • You get to air your opinion freely without being victimized
  • The stores get to improve to the customer’s liking using the information you give on the survey. Hence attracting more customers and making more sales and in the end.


  • If you delay before taking the survey, for example, a week, the code on the receipt will be invalid and can no longer be used.
  • If you delay without redeeming the bonus you get, it will expire, and the code you get after the survey will not work.
  • The fact that you cannot use a code in the receipt twice is a disadvantage. If you leave the survey page by mistake, you cannot continue with the survey again.

Tell Winn Dixie Survey Center

NameTell Winn Dixie
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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What is the Tell Winn Dixie survey?

It is a survey conducted by the Winn Dixie stores, where the customers give their opinion and rate the store. The survey is to help the store management know what areas to improve.

Is there a limitation of surveys that I can take in a week?

From Monday to Sunday, one is only allowed one survey. By doing so, they enable more people to air their opinion so there can be a variety of opinions from different people.

Can I take my survey on the spot like when I visit the Winn Dixie stores?

No. The survey is online; you visit the stores portal and sign up for the survey. You can also give your opinion in the store in case you had a problem with anything by reporting to the manager, but that way, you will not receive the bonus since it’s not a survey.

Can I use someone else’s identity to survey if I have not yet reached the age limit but want to take part in the survey?

No, give the person who is of age to take the survey on your behalf.

In case you have two receipts, can you take the survey twice?

No. You are only allowed one survey once a week. But you can give the other receipt to another person, preferably a person who does his or her shopping with Winn Dixie to survey since they are at a better place as they already know how the stores work.

How long does a receipt take before expiring?

A receipt will take a week before it expires. After that, if you use the code in the survey, it will be invalid. You should make sure you take your survey before the receipt expires.

Do I have to purchase in the Winn Dixie store so I can take part in the survey?

To enter the survey, you need an 18 digit code. The code is in the receipt that you get after purchasing something in the store. So, yes, you need to have purchased so you can take part in the survey. You can’t give an honest opinion if you’ve never shopped at Winn Dixie’s


You have probably visited a Winn Dixie shop recently, how was the experience? How was the customer service? Did it take you too long to find what you wanted in the store? Were the shelves and floor clean? How was the pricing of the things you were buying? Was it fair, or they had overpriced them? Answering these questions will get you a $5 discount. It is information you can give any time.

The survey is a platform for the producers (Winn Dixie store) to interact with their customers and know what they prefer.

At the end of the survey, the buyers give their opinions freely without victimization. They also are given a bonus of $5 that they redeem in their next visit to the store.