The Top 10 Most Lucrative Second Job

August 10, 2020

Adzuna, a job searching engine, shows that most Britons have a second job to boost their income. This job helps them to earn more cash, and it has other benefits.

Tutoring is said to be the top-earning second job that enables people to earn up to £32,000 per year as an average income. People can take a career as a virtual assistant during their available time, and it could boost their earnings by up to £29,000.

Some of the most profitable and lucrative second job on Adzuna’s list are;

1. Tutor

As long as you have the required qualifications with expert knowledge of your subject, you can earn around £20 an hour according to the job searching engine.

It is flexible so you can also teach on weekends and evenings. It can also be done along with other works.

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides support to all businesses, and you can earn around £16 per hour. Working extra hours, at least five hours per week, will attract an additional £15.60 every hour. It totals an additional £312 every month, which will be a considerable amount in your pocket. If you`re an IT administrator providing services such as Azure Migration Services or Hosted Exchange Server Migration to Office 365 etc. then you might get paid heavily.

3. Proofreading 

Do you look for full information, proper grammar, and high qualification in English? Proofreading could be the best way for you to acquire more cash into your bank account. Hundreds of people get interesting jobs at academic writing companies like Best Essay Help.

If you can work for an extra five hours each week on proofreading, you can earn up to £15 per hour. At the end of every month, your cash will be around £286 pre-tax for you to spend. You may be employed by companies based on job-to-job, or making use of a website such as Upwork.

Proofreading also enables you to sign up and to accept a specified price on a job, either large or small.

4. Pet Sitting

Globally, pet sitting involves taking good care of pets by feeding, walking, and cleaning them up at their owner’s home. Pet sitting requires paying much attention, love, and affection to the pets.

Your additional earning could be around £274 pre-tax every month. You could work for another extra five hours every week. At the end of each week, you will be earning £13.68 every hour.

A bit of advice from Adzuna to you is that you should scope out each pet sitting opportunities. Some animals require much, and you may be asked to be available for a long time.

5. Babysitting

Babysitting requires you to have much experience in looking after children. Babysitting is a fantastic way to boost your monthly income, and as a baby sitter, you need to be a crime-free person.

Families love using the same baby sitter. This consistence provides the opportunity of working on a dependable long-term income. You can earn an extra £185 per month if you can work during the weekends and evenings. If you’re able to work for an additional five hours as a babysitter every week, the average of £9.23 per hour awaits you, according to Adzuna.

6. Shifts Working as a Receptionist

You can be a receptionist for parts of the day or week, maybe in a hotel. You can get businesses to cover your evening and weekends. Although, globally permanent workers won’t like to volunteer for shifts, according to Adzuna.

7. Film & TV Extra

Film and TV Extra is a means of boosting your cash income. It may involve standing and sitting in the background, although you might not always be needed. You can earn up to an average of £173 extra monthly after working for five hours every week and also there are chances of catching yourself on TV too.

8. Cleaning

Cleaning involves various routes. You can get paid per the work you do or monthly depending on your agreement

9. Waiter or Waitress

Being a waiter or waitress is found to be among the top popular channel to earn more cash on weekends and evenings basis.

10. Working in a Quick Service Restaurant

According to Adzuna, you can earn extra cash from working in a quick-service restaurant. You can work part-time for five hours every week of the month and get paid £156 pre-tax.

An extra source of income helps you save up money and do more things. We have given you some of the most popular jobs that can be done for extra cash above.

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