How to work from home and be less tired

Remote work is with us for the long term – and maybe not just until the end of lockdown. For example, Twitter has already allowed its employees not to return to the office after the pandemic. Remote work has a lot of advantages, including:     Saving time on the road ;     Less stress from the unpleasant … Read more

Can you Make a Living Playing Poker?

There comes a time when every poker player wonders if they’ve got what it takes to go pro. With so many gaming opportunities now available to players, including both live cash games and online tournaments, this classic card game can seem like a viable career option. But the question is, can you make living playing … Read more

Skills You Need to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is one of the most high-paid and prestigious domains nowadays. There is no wonder that many people, young and old, are interested to know more about the profession of a machine learning engineer. An ML specialist is a programmer who teaches the machines to reason on their own. This technology has many practical … Read more

The Top 10 Most Lucrative Second Job

Adzuna, a job searching engine, shows that most Britons have a second job to boost their income. This job helps them to earn more cash, and it has other benefits. Tutoring is said to be the top-earning second job that enables people to earn up to £32,000 per year as an average income. People can … Read more