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September 3, 2022

Are you a fan of MyCFAVisit? If not, we will explain details about MyCFAVisit and how you can participate in the corporation’s feedback survey. The survey is vital for those who have already visited Chick-fil-A restaurants and have some feedback about the services offered.

Chick-fil-A offers delicious food ranging from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the experiences in the restaurant are essential, and voicing them out improves the services you get during your next visit. Let’s jumpLet’sight into the review and see what this store has for you.


Name: MyCFAVisit

Description: Your visit to the Chick-fil-A restaurant is always fun, and the services rendered exceed expectations. However, not everything is perfect at Chick-Fil-A, and that's why it's crucial that once you finish your delicious food, you can opt to participate in MyCFAVisit. The main objective of MyCFAVisit is to check the faults, goods, and even the new things that can be introduced to improve customer service at one of the many outlets in the USA.

MyCFAVisit Summary

Keeping in mind that there are over 2000 branches, with the majority in the USA, it’s challenging to collect feedback via phone calls or email. Therefore, the introduction of the MyCFAVisit has simplified everything as the survey is taken online. This makes it easy for experts to compile your data and make it useful faster.

While attempting the survey, the company requests your honesty when responding to the questions. This will help share a genuine outcome of the results so that the Restaurant can improve its services for you.

The purchase receipt is vital when you want to participate in the survey. Therefore, you need to make a physical visit to one of the many restaurants worldwide. Once you get your receipt, it has all the details you will need when attempting the online survey.

Is MyCFAVisit legit and safe?

There are scam survey sites out there. Maybe you have been a victim before and wondering if you are approaching the next trap. Well, it’s always great to be cautious so that you don’t invest your time where there are no results. Here are a few details we found with MyCFAVisit that proved it’s a worthy site to participate in the survey.

  • There are over 2000 branches in the USA. You can visit any that is closer to you.
  • The Restaurant employs thousands of staff to serve you.
  • It has been ranked among the best with quality food, competing with top brands like McDonald’s.
  • The corporation also has its headquarters where you can make physical visits.
  • It is known for providing scholarships of over $19m to needy and deserving students.
  • It has rules and regulations for participating, unlike others with no regulations.
  • No referrals that require you to earn more and later scam you.
  • This is a registered company that has met the regulations concerning safe food.
  • The survey questions are based on restaurant services and no other advertisements.
  • You will always win a coupon discount after every survey, hence the need to participate more and more.
  • It requires you to have a purchase receipt to enter the survey platform. This makes the process authentic.

Eligibility criteria and general rules

There are rules you need to meet before you embark on MyCFAVisit. This makes your survey process smooth. There is also a criterion that allows you to take part in the survey. Once you meet the criteria, then you are eligible for the survey. Here are the general requirements.

  • You must be18 years and above, which is the legal age for participating
  • It would be best if you were a legal resident of the USA
  • You need a purchase receipt for the survey since it had the code for entry
  • Your receipt should not stay past two days as it will have expired
  • The gadgets that allow you to enter the survey online, e.g., phone or laptop
  • A stable internet connection is vital so that you can take lesser minutes
  • You need knowledge of either English or Spanish. They are the main languages for the survey.
  • Be willing to spend around five minutes on the survey
  •  Be ready to provide your contact details, especially the email ID, so that you can receive feedback.
  • You need to remember the experience during your last visit, which will be helpful when responding to the questions.
  • It would be best if you did not take the survey on behalf of someone who went to the Restaurant.
  • Making a lot of purchases doesn’t guarantee you more winnings
  • It would be best if you did not attempt to corrupt the information on the survey page as it’s criminal activity.

How to participate in the MyCFAVisit?

It would be best if you first kept in mind that you should first meet the rules and regulations. You can, after that, get your receipt ready, and the intent on your gadget is running.

  • Click on the MyCFAVisit link to access the survey site. in your browser
  • Remember to choose your preferred language.
  • Once you are on the page, you will see sections that require you to fill your details from the receipt.
  • Enter the survey code printed on your last visit receipt and click start.
  • You will be directed to the survey questions.
  • With honesty, you need to answer the question providing the details as required by the questions.
  • Enter all the details, then provide your contact details, including your email ID, so that Chick-fil-A can email you the survey coupon code.
  • Click on submit and wait for the coupon code to be sent to the email address you provided.
  • Chick-fil-A will reveal the details of which reward you have won to you once you visit the Restaurant. Otherwise, most people usually win the chicken sandwich.
  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • You are dealing with a legit company with branches all over.
  • You can visit any of the restaurants in the USA and buy the food for a chance to participate.
  • You can take the survey anywhere, as it’s an online survey. You only need the previous purchase receipt.
  • All the questions are simple and straightforward and centered on the restaurant activities.
  • You enjoy discount coupons that will be redeemed during your upcoming visit.
  • Your feedback is essential as it contributes mainly to better services at any of the branches worldwide.
  • You have two languages to choose from when taking the survey, i.e., English and Spanish.
  • There are support structures for you in case of any concerns. You can always reach to help desk with a phone call. Also, you can use the available social media sites to voice your requirements.
  • You have all thirty days to redeem your coupon discount.


  • Only USA residents are eligible for the survey.
  • You must make a purchase to enter the survey since the receipt has the code.
  • There is no opportunity for referrals.
  • No cash rewards if you prefer cash.
  • You cannot transfer or change the reward given.
  • The receipt takes only two days to expire.
  • Once you have the code, you will have a limited time of 30 days to use it, or else it will expire.
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MyCFAVisit Center

WinnerEvery Participant
Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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What is the purpose of the MyCFAVisit?

The corporation came up with this survey so that you can share your experience at the store after purchasing as a customer. After receiving your feedback, you will benefit from improved services the next time you visit the Restaurant. Besides, you get a coupon code that you redeem for chicken burgers and other surprise prizes.

How many times can I take part in MyCFAVisit in a month?

The website has not stated the exact number. However, you can take around four times since the authenticity of the survey is also crucial.

Is there an alternative way of taking MyCFAVisit other than the online means?

Unfortunately, the corporation sticks to the email. It has one valid reason for this. The outlets are in thousands, and the fastest way of compiling information from hundreds of shoppers is through an online survey. It’s also speedy to have the outcomes as it takes only 24 hours for you to receive the gift code in your mail.

Can I transfer or share my offer with someone?

The offer is only for you. Therefore, you cannot share with anyone as they need to place their orders as well and participate in the survey to win like you.

How long will my offer take once I get the code?

The coupon code has a limited time. It only takes thirty days; after that, the code expires, and you cannot claim any reward with it. Therefore, you will require to take keen consideration of the duration so that you don’t miss out on your reward.

Can I redeem my offer outside the USA?

Each country has its MyCFAVisit survey guidelines and dates. With the eligibility criteria in the rules, you will realize that the survey is for the legal residents of the US. Since most of the outlets are in the USA, you can redeem your coupon in any restaurant in the USA.


If you love well-cooked chicken, then Chick-fil-A got you sorted. By visiting one of the outlets and purchasing your food, you have an entry into the survey. Please keep the receipt since it has a unique code for you. Make sure you have all the rules at your fingertips to avoid disqualification as you proceed. Also, provide your contacts after you complete the survey, as Chick-fil-A will send the code to your email within 24 hours. If you are ready for the survey, visit MyCFAVisit and start the survey. It will take you l5 minutes or less, and the questions are simple.

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