TellDunkin — Official Dunkin Donuts® Survey [Coupons]

Do you want to win some free tasty donuts? Well, the Dunkin Donuts Customer Satisfaction Survey is the way to go. The restaurant is providing an opportunity for customers like you to win lots of amazing donuts and other gifts by sharing your feedback concerning your last visit experience.

The survey is found at the TellDunkin official survey website. Once you purchase donuts at Dunkin restaurant, you will be served with a purchase receipt. As you enjoy donuts, you can also share the experience at the restaurant for better services in the future. I will be guiding you through the process of taking the survey successfully. Follow through for a chance to win free donuts and coffee.


Name: TellDunkin

Description: TellDunkin is for those who have had purchases at one of the Dunkin outlets and willing to share their experience with the management. In every restaurant, you will have the good and bad, and it is that information that helps the company to grow. This is precisely what TellDunkin does; it collects feedback from you and analyzes it to come up with improved products and services.

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  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time
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TellDunkin Summary

When you share your feedback on TellDunkin, you get into a win-win relationship with the company. This implies that the company will still reward you for the time you took online while taking the survey. You will also benefit from improved services since the feedback you share is not taken for granted.

On the other side, Dunkin uses the feedback you give when making important decisions regarding the services and products in the restaurants. This is why your honest feedback is what the company relies on while preparing the outcomes for the survey. If you can remember the details of your previous visit, then that’s an asset to the company, as the information will be useful.

According to Dunkin Donuts restaurant, the exceptional services offered have contributed significantly to the success of the restaurant. With thousands of employees available to serve you, it’s hard to miss the best from this Dunkin Donuts restaurant.

The questions you will respond to in the TellDunkin survey are straightforward. They are about the quality of food, service, and the overall ambiance at the restaurant you received the services. Besides, you will get a section to voice your suggestions as well.

Since the entry into the survey requires a receipt from the restaurant, you will need to purchase something. Keep in mind that the receipt is only valid for three days from the day of purchase. Therefore, use it as quickly as possible. The expiry time is short since the information you are supposed to share will still be in your mind; hence easy to remember the experiences during the last visit.

TellDunkin Eligibility Criteria

Just like other survey sites, you will need to meet criteria so that you can participate in TellDunkin with ease.

  • You must be 18 years and above for you to participate in the survey
  • You need to purchase something for the Dunkin’ receipt. The receipt is the entry for the survey.
  • Be an American resident since most Dunkin’ restaurants are in America
  • Have basic knowledge in English or Spanish
  • Employees, family members, and partners associated with Dunkin’ are not eligible for the survey.
  • You must be ready to spare at least five to ten minutes for this survey
  • A gadget that can access the internet is essential, e.g., laptop and phone
  • You also need a reliable and robust internet connection so that you can complete the survey fast.
  • You must be willing to share your contact information for feedback about the survey. Email, mailing address, phone contacts, and names are essential.
  • When you win a prize, it is not exchangeable or transferable.
  • Remember that you will take care of the taxes once the prize is in.
  • The coupon code expires after 30 days and hence the need to use it early


TellDunkin Restrictions

  • Do not attempt TellDunkin on behalf of somebody
  • Do not tamper with the site information
  • Use a valid receipt for the survey
  • No gambling with information
  • The rewards should not be exchanged


Questions to expect in TellDunkin

As said earlier, the questions on this platform revolve around the services you received at the restaurant during your last visit. This is a list of the areas the questions will come from.

  • The overall satisfaction from the recent experience at the Dunkin’
  • Service served and the quality
  • Retail value satisfaction from the restaurant
  • Staff behavioral and additional activities
  • Service time while you were at the restaurant
  • Order accuracy- Was it delivered based on what you ordered?
  • Hygiene maintained and the environment around
  • The highlights on issues and problems faced throughout the visit
  • Some of the suggestions you have concerning the visit


How to participate in TellDunkin?

Before you think of clicking or taking the TellDunkin survey, ensure you meet the requirements. If you meet the requirements, then you can go ahead and start the survey. Follow the steps below to take the survey and win yourself a free donut on your next visit.

Step one: Get your laptop ready for the task by testing the strength of the internet

Step two: Go ahead in your browser and search for TellDunkin

Step three: Choose the preferred language between English or Spanish

Step four: Find your recent receipt and enter the 18 digit code located in the middle of your receipt. If your receipt doesn’t have the code, then click on “My survey does not have a reciept code.” and follow the steps.

Step five: Once you enter the 18 digit code, click start and jump straight to the questions. Always recall your experience during the previous visit. It’s what the questions will require you to address. The more details you remember, the better for the company as well as yourself.

Step six: Once you finish, input your contact details so that you get notified when you win. The details include your name, phone contacts, and email ID.

Step seven: Submit the details and receive your coupon code on your mail. This code will be useful during your next visit. Therefore, write it down and use it for your purchase next time you visit one of the locations.


  • The site is easy to navigate
  • The questions are fun and easy to take
  • You will always win a donut for free once you complete the survey
  • You can take the survey from anywhere and in your free time since it’s online
  • The site is legit as the company providing the survey is one of the reckoned retailers in the USA.
  • Your contribution is critical for the consumers who visit the store
  • 30 days are enough for you to redeem your coupon code for the reward


  • No cash rewards are available for you
  • The prize cannot be exchanged or transferred
  • If the state laws invalidate the survey, then it’s void
  • Three days for expiry of the receipt are few

TellDunkin Center

WinnerEvery Participant
Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry14 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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My receipt doesn’t have the 18 digit code, what should I do?

If you want to take the TellDunkin survey and realize your receipt doesn’t have the 18 digit code, do not panic, there is a way out. Go to the TellDunkin website. Just below the start button, there is a section that reads, “My receipt doesn’t have a survey code.” You will redirect to an alternative site. Follow the steps and participate in TellDunkin.

How secure are my contacts with TellDunkin?

Well, the contacts are for communication alone. The company keeps them safe and never shares with third parties. You will not receive adverts concerning other products. Once you win, the contexts are enough to notify you, and that’s why the company takes them.

Do you provide an alternative way to take TellDunkin other than online?

Well, this is an established company, and the online survey means a lot when it comes to easy compiling of data. Since Dunkin serves hundreds of customers daily, there is a need for swiftness in data. Therefore, the online survey will address the concerns quickly and hence the only preferred method. You will not have an alternative to this.

TellDunkin isn’t working, kindly help?

Sometimes you might experience troubleshooting problems or other gadget related problems. Well, before you contact the help desk, ensure you have cleared all the possible issues from your side. Some of the inconsistencies will be a poor internet connection. Have a stable internet for fast site access and reduced time when taking the surveys. Accept cookies and also use the right browser. If the problem continues, you can now use the available help desk constants so that you raise your concerns for a solution.

In what ways can I reach the help desk?

Dunkin Customers facing problems have several ways of reaching the help desk. We have direct contacts as well as social media platforms. Use any of the methods below to reach the help desk.

Contact Times – 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday

Customer Contact Number – 800-859-5339

Contact Email –

Who benefits from my feedback on TellDunkin?

Your feedback is beneficial to you and the company. Once you share your concerns, the company will rectify the areas you raised for better services. Next time you visit the restaurant, you will find it in the best condition. The company, therefore, benefits as well. Similarly, you get rewarded for your time with free donuts during your next visit.

If you have previously shopped at Dunkin Donuts, then you understand the quality that is there. Well, the company will always want you to get top-notch services. That’s why this survey is vital. Your feedback is useful when making significant decisions on products and services at the restaurant.

The next time you visit the Dunkin restaurant, make sure the receipt is kept safe, and once you are at home, you can easily access the internet and share your feedback with the company through TellDunkin. This feedback will benefit both the company and yourself. If you have any questions concerning this survey, kindly comment in the section below.