Top Tech Tools for Student Success in the Classroom

May 27, 2023

Today’s tech-driven world gives students a great opportunity to harness the power of tech to further their learning experiences and reach academic heights that would have been impossible with access to limited resources. With unlimited access to study resources, tools for collaboration, and creativity, the modern student can easily interact with studied concepts, enjoying greater comprehension and heightened capacities for recall.

Even further, the modern student can buy essays cheap and access tutoring at their convenience, supplementing their study efforts and filling any gaps incurred during class. This article will analyze some tech tools revolutionizing classrooms across the globe and also allowing students to maneuver various challenges in the course of their study.

Here, we’ll highlight tools for productivity, collaboration, and other cutting-edge solutions to help you optimize your academic performance and convert your classroom into an engaging environment. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of educational technology and identify the must-have tools for realizing your full academic potential.

Top Tech Tools for Student Success in the Classroom

Google Suite

Google Suite contains features like Google Docs, sheets, and slides and allows students to collaborate on projects in real time. This promotes teamwork and also allows for the partnership of students in various parts of the world.

Also, google docs can be accessed from any device, allowing students to conveniently work on their projects without limitations from physical materials. The collaborative feature of Google Docs also allows a tutor to easily guide learners on their tasks with instant feedback, overcoming the limitations of hard copy submissions.


Quizlet is yet another must-have tool for any student looking to refine their study experience. This app provides students with functions to create digital flashcards, quizzes, and games for various subjects.

These tools engage students at a deeper level than traditional materials, reinforcing their understanding and promoting better retention and recall. The features of Quizlet also allow students to study in their preferred modes, overcoming the singular teaching-learning approach of traditional classrooms.

As Quizlet can be used by multiple students at a go, it provides for collaboration, making for an engaging classroom. We also like the ability for students to access materials designed by their peers as it allows them to enhance their curiosity and identify various ways to approach studied concepts.

Finally, Quizlet offers data-driven feedback, making for easy monitoring of student progress. This feature is also used to update the leaders’ board, promoting healthy competition in the classroom.


Evernote is a centralized platform that allows students to capture and organize their research ideas. This makes for easy storage and retrieval of information, which is especially handy when preparing essay assignments.

Even better, notes stored on this tool allow for the relation of ideas containing similar keywords, allowing for the relation of multiple concepts. You will also appreciate Evernote’s multimedia integration as it allows you to insert charts, audio notes, and handwritten notes into your work, supplementing the notes you recorded for various lectures.

This app also doubles as a time-planning tool, helping you prioritize and keep tabs on various commitments, ensuring adherence to various academic responsibilities.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a vast repository offering educational videos, exercises, and assessments on a wide range of subjects. This repository, therefore, allows for personalized learning, with students accessing information in their preferred formats and at their preferred pace.

This platform also breaks down concepts into their constituent ideas, allowing students to troubleshoot their educational challenges and build a strong foundation of various ideas. Like Quizlet, Khan Academy provides real-time data on a student’s academic progress, making it easy to support their progress.

This tool is thus a great resource to supplement class sessions and ensure quality performances from your students.


Edmodo is yet another must-item on your academic tech tools bucket list. This tool allows for seamless communication and collaboration among learners, parents, and teachers. With Edmodo, students can follow up on various confusing concepts outside the classroom.

This enhances active engagement in class and easy follow-up on assignments, as teachers can use the platform to share assignments and study materials digitally. As a result, parents can easily follow up on homework and help support the teacher’s effort to promote academic discipline among learners.

Also, teachers can use Edmodo to organize their classes into groups and to share their evaluations with parents. This allows for easy monitoring of your child’s progress and also informs you of any areas where your child could require assistance.


Padlet is a great tool for collaborative learning as it allows students to share ideas, resources, and projects, fostering peer-to-peer learning. This collaborative environment makes for an engaging study environment, with students guiding each other toward solving various academic problems.

This tool also allows for collaboration with peers across the globe, allowing for broader perspectives among learners.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the many tools that have been adopted in classrooms to enhance tech literacy. This tool provides multiple applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.

With these apps, a student gets a chance to express their creativity and realize their full artistic potential. This environment also allows for project-based learning, with students engaging in hands-on learning experiences.

The collaborative features on Adobe Creative Cloud also enable students to work together on ideas and share files and feedback like professional teams.

Final Take

The twenty-first century has seen multiple tech advancements in the educational field, redefining the field of education. With so many tools available for the modern student, it remains for the teacher, students, and parents to exploit these tools for the maximum benefit of the learner.

When infused into learning, these tools provide the teacher tools to personalize education to the needs of each learner, ensuring the academic progress of learners with diverse styles of learning. The tools highlighted in this article are among the many options to consider for a modern, engaging classroom.

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