What is better: 918Kiss or Gclub?

September 1, 2020

Every gambler playing online looks for the most realistic casino experience they can get while making sure that they do not run into a scam. 918Kiss and Gclub are two of the most reliable platforms online, offering real-time casino experiences on their respective websites. While Gclub was originated in Thailand, 918Kiss was created by Malaysian Casinos. Both companies are known for their quality gambling experiences and secure casino services.


918Kiss is a popular online gambling website in Malaysia. According to reports, 918Kiss has the record for most played online slot machine games.

Gclub is an online gaming website that started in Thailand, which offers several casino games to play on its platform. In recent times, people in Thailand have chosen Gclub as the most reliable gambling website.


918Kiss can be accessed by mobile and desktop devices. Across the globe, gamblers have set their hearts on 918Kiss due to the vast range of games and secured database that it owns. 918Kiss is at the top of the list of Best Mobile friendly Casino platforms.

Gclub is available online in all major countries in the world. It also offers international lotteries for people living outside Thailand. Gclub is also available on Google Playstore (Android) and AppStore (iOS) devices.

Variety of Games

The primary reason behind the massive popularity that 918Kiss, the Malaysian casino giant, gained is due to its wide variety of games that it offered.

From slot games to the casino classics, 918Kiss has it all. You can never complete playing all matches on this website in one sitting. This variety has attracted a hoard of users who continuously try their luck in different games. There are more than 100 games on this platform.

Due to multiple ranges of options, 918 Kiss has opened the possibilities to earn money in different methods for its users. This has helped the website fly past its competitors in the market.

On the other hand, Gclub does not provide a broader range of options for its users. It only offers 6 Casino games, i.e., Baccarat, Roulette, The Tiger Dragon, Slot Machine, and Sic-Bo.

Even though the range of games provided is quite limited to Gclub, it is still trendy among players who enjoy playing the listed games.


918Kiss has factored 128-bit encryption and Two-factor authentication into its security systems. With a state-of-the-art security design, it is impossible to breach the safety of the website.

The support team of 918Kiss is available through e-mail, live chat, and Telephone. The queries are addressed as soon as possible on their portal.

Gclub has a 128-bit secured encrypted data storage system to ensure that it safely contains all sensitive data of their clients. The online casino-based website also offers live security support to ensure that its operations are run smoothly and following its guidelines.

Bonus and Rewards

918Kiss offers a welcome bonus of 18% up to 388 RM. It also provides a 20RM bonus on referrals and a conditional 5% daily bonus.

Gclub offers a wide range of bonuses and rewards. Gclub offers up-to 5% cashback rebate on up to 5,000 baht and a bonus of 120% up to 20,000 baht (THB) for newly registered players. This scheme has helped Gclub swiftly rise above its competitors.

Support Team

The support team of 918Kiss is available through E-mail, Telephone, and Live chat. The responses to all queries are generated as quickly as possible.

Gclub offers an easily accessible live support team for its users located all over the world. Customers who use Gclub can directly call the company’s hotline: 02-026-0697. The support team can also be reached via mail @Inwasia on the social media app line.


While Gclub is a leading platform providing high-quality casino experiences, it is dominated by the well-developed features of 918Kiss. 918Kiss has a better security system that ensures that all sensitive information is securely stored with no risks. It also has more appealing bonuses and reward schemes for people who wish to earn more.

The main factor that puts 918Kiss ahead is the variety of games it offers. This improves user experience as it gives players more chances to get rich. Gclub and 918Kiss are both available on all platforms (Mobile and Desktop). However, 918Kiss has the edge over Gclub as it is considered more mobile-friendly. It is very easy for players to use the 918Kiss app on their mobiles without being tech-savvy.

Gclub owns a more organized and developed support team than 918Kiss with a 24×7 helpline. However, considering all factors, 918Kiss is one step ahead of Gclub, with its distinguished strengths helping the company dominate the online gambling market.

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