What Popular TV Series Sequels to Wait for in 2021?

May 6, 2021

The show must go, and rightfully so—there are several TV shows that will air in 2021 in an effort to continue what the producers have started. Today, we will take a look only at sequels—TV series that are either sequels to a film or a continuity of its own universe.

1. Cobra Kai

Season 3 is coming out in 2021 after a positive response to the first two seasons. Cobra Kai is a series based on the film Karate Kid, which was released in 1984.

Cobra Kai is set 34 years after the film, and the actors in the original film reprise their roles in the TV series. Here, the audience is taken to what people dub now as the Miyagi-verse. In Cobra Kai, the character Johnny narrates what happens as he decides to re-open his karate dojo.

2. Wanda Vision

As if Marvel has not enough, we will be seeing Scarlet Witch in an alternate reality in this TV series. Elizabeth Olsen will reprise her role along with Paul Bethany as Vision.

This series is a sequel to the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you think about it, Wanda was not given her own film, and this series is what’s going to give us more depth about the character. The series is set in the 1950s.

Wanda Vision happens about three weeks after Avengers: Endgame. In the series, both Wanda and Vision are living in a suburban house in New Jersey. They behave like normal humans, without superpowers. The thing is that they encounter things that seemingly only happen on televisions, and they begin to realize that they are living in an alternate reality.

3. Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Another Marvel sequel, this is part of the MCU’s Phase Four production. Here, Falcon and the Winter Soldier will have adventures after the events that took place in Endgame. Both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan will retain their roles.

If you remember, Captain America decided to say with his sweetheart at the end of Endgame. He went back to the present-day as an old man and gave the mantel of Captain America to Falcon. In the series, both the Winter Soldier and Falcon will take on enemies to test their strength and capabilities.

For all we know, this series is likely to set the stage for the upcoming movies that Marvel is set to release in the future, such as Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Eternals.

4. Loki

Yet again another Marvel stuff, Loki will finally have his own series in the MCU franchise. The beloved Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role, and the series is expected to come out in May. This series takes us to the time when Loki stole the Tesseract during the events of Endgame. The thing is that we all thought Loki died. Thanos killed him, right? In this series, we will be acquainted with a new concept called Time Variance Authority or TVA. It is an organization of Time-Keepers.

The series is about time travel. Loki is ordered by some god-like beings to fix the problems that he created when he crossed the time barrier. Now, since this entire premise has something to do with time and how things are altered in history, maybe we will see a major plot twist in the MCU.

5. Hawkeye

This is the last from Marvel. Like Wanda, Hawkeye did not have his own film, so he will get a mini-TV series with the same actor, Jeremy Renner. Unlike Black Widow, Hawkeye will not get a stand-alone film. He will be in the series with Hailee Steinfeld, who will take the role of Kate Bishop.

Kate Bishop is also called Hawkeye, but she is the female counterpart of Clint Barton, the original Hawkeye. Kate is a member of the Young Avengers in the comics, and we are thinking that this will set the stage for introducing new characters in the MCU.

6. Gossip Girl

While some say this is a reboot, it is actually a sequel. The new Gossip Girl is expected to air in 2021 on HBO Max, and it is rather a continuation of the first series that was running from 2007 to 2012. This is called a soft reboot, and the premise is similar to the first one.

Here, we hear the voice of a blogger, the narrator. The blogger’s name is Kristen Bell, and she is an unknown blogger who seems to know everything. She is the one that brings us hot gossip.

The new series takes place about ten years after the conclusion of the first one. We will see a new cast in a private school in Manhattan. The thing with this new series is that it has more adult content than the original one. We can expect it to have more steamy scenes. It is also said that it has more diverse characters. We will see more LGBT characters and non-white actors taking lead roles.

It seems forever to wait for these new shows. You can watch sports and esports games instead or even place bets on them on bookmaker sites like GG.Bet while waiting, or you can watch the previous series or movies just to rekindle that feeling.

There are so many sequels and new TV series to anticipate this 2021, but the major ones are those that are from Marvel. Somehow, we are not yet past the nostalgia of what Marvel has done. Nevertheless, there are still many shows out there that will continue the saga of other cultural pop icons from recent years and even some odd 40 years ago.

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