What’s Damaging Your Wooden Floors?

May 11, 2021

Wood flooring is a timeless and beautiful invention, dating back hundreds of years with a lot of old manor houses having the original wooden floors still lain in them! If you’re looking to invest in a gorgeous new wooden floor for your home, then you’ll know they are certainly not a cheap option and the last thing you want is to be worrying about what might damage it. So make life easier for yourself, and get clued up as to what can damage it before you invest. We’ve made a list of the things that are damaging your wood floors so you don’t have to do tonnes of research!

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This is a difficult one, as you would not have thought that the vacuum has the right to be damaging your wood flooring! Even though it’s a lot easier than endless sweeping, not every attachment is wood flooring friendly. Don’t use a hard wired brush attachment as the abrasion can damage the floor significantly. Instead, opt for a nozzle for those hard to reach places or a very soft brush.


Again, this is another thing you have to be careful of. Water is no good for natural products, as you might already know, as large amounts of it can cause the floor to warp and swell. If you do mop, make sure you mop very dry and never use a steam mop.

High Heels

I bet you weren’t expecting that! As a general rule, we’d stay away from walking on shoes on your wood flooring, as the pressure from the heel can cause nasty dents.


You have to be extra careful with which cleaning products you use on your wood flooring more than any other flooring. Look at the packaging and get the specific cleaning product for the flooring type. Most wood flooring will need specialist wood flooring cleaner.


Ahh, a common one. With most of us having furry friends roaming around our homes, it becomes necessary to think of the best way to protect our floors from their muddy paws. Pet’s claws have been known to cause scratches on wood floors, so keep your pet’s claws trim to avoid this.

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