4 Decadent and Surreal Velvet Cakes for you Other Than Red One

August 26, 2020

A cake is special and tasty as chocolates. They bring a sense of completion to all occasions from birthday to anniversaries. They never fail to put a smile on your loved ones face. There is a wide range of flavors and designs in cakes that makes it special. A beautiful happy birthday cake from an online cake shop with perfect delivery time would make your day extra special. It is said that having cake on anniversary and birthdays brings luck and fortune. Give your special one a yummy cake on their special days such as weddings, birthdays, graduation, and many more. Let every slice of cake you taste gives you a rich and delightful experience.

Why red velvet cakes when you have a rainbow of gorgeous options?

A classic red velvet cake was popular for a long time back. They are well-known for their taste and flavor. Now it’s time to take a twist from the traditional red velvet cakes. Below given are the 4 decadent and surreal velvet cakes which will make your mouth-watery.

1. Royal Blue velvet cake

A royal blue velvet cake is a new delicious twist on a traditional red velvet cake. It is as beautiful as a red velvet cake and as pretty as it is tasty. You can now customize your favorite blue velvet cake with your favorite frosting, but make sure you on with a light color for the best flavor and beautiful color contrasts. If you bake it at your home don’t forget to add some blueberries into the actual cake. These blueberries make your cake tasty and healthy as well. Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity when compared to other fruits.

The special moist and fluffy layers of cake with the hint of chocolate frosting and fresh blueberries are sure to give a heavenly feel to your taste buds. This royal blue velvet cake tastes similar to the classy red velvet cake, the only difference may be the color and the blueberries between the layers of the cake.

2. Yellow velvet cake

Are you done with tasting all the recipes of velvet cakes? Maybe not. Here is a new version that would love to eat. This yellow velvet cake tastes as magnificent as they look. The creamy and tangy lemon flavor buttercream frosting goes very well with the lemon velvet cake. You will surely replicate the cake in your kitchen once you taste it. While you always love the traditional red velvet cake, take a twist with this yellow velvet cake and you will surely experience something so amusing about a cake as yellow as this.

3. Raspberry pink velvet cake

A pretty pink raspberry velvet cake is a visual treat for your eyes with fluffy meringues and edible flowers. They have an additive and delicious mix of flavors that make them moist and fluffy. Nowadays all the online cake shops are dedicated to the sprawling online cake delivery services over two decades. Wherever you are, place your orders now and surprise your dear ones in a better way with special cakes.

4. Black velvet cake

A black velvet cake is surely a great surprise for all black lovers. For those people who are conservative and conventional, buy them a black velvet cake for their special day to make them electrified. You will surely love the flavor as much as a bold design choice.

Final thoughts

A special gift is always a pleasant memory that lasts longer. Bake a cake for your dear ones and get appreciated for the efforts you have put to express your love for them. Make all your special days memorable with velvet cakes.

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