How to Become a Better Writer When Pursuing a Literature Course in College?

August 26, 2020

Writing is a gift given to few people. However, this does not mean you cannot develop your own skills. College is the perfect place to hone your writing skills. When pursuing a literature course, you need to have stellar writing skills.

The writing skills won’t come overnight. It takes much practice and patience to elevate your writing skills. Even the best writers in the world had a shaky start in their journey. It is the mistakes that make a strong and articulate writer in the end. Here is a complete guide to help you become a good writer while on campus.

Practice Makes Perfect

One thing about writing skills is that it takes much practice. The moment you write a paper, you expose the mistakes you make. Some of these mistakes will go beyond your eyes. The more mistakes you make, the more you will learn. Therefore, do not feel ashamed to make mistakes along the way.

Take some time from your daily schedule on campus to dedicate to practicing your skills. This means going beyond the assignments your instructor hands while in class. You can write a page a day to lift up your spirits after a hectic day at school. A recommendation is keeping a daily journal of all the activities you engage in during the game.

Learn From Mistakes

One thing most writers make without knowing is the little mistakes. We are talking about punctuation, spelling, and grammar and syntax errors. It is through these mistakes that you get a better understanding of your workflow. Learning through mistakes is how you build your portfolio as a writer.

Consult your instructor after going through your work. After submitting, do a follow up to get ideas on how to improve your writing. Your instructor will point out the key areas you need to focus on next time you are writing. Using the focal points from your instructor, you can learn how to build on your mistakes.

Knowledge of Your Audience

One essential element that makes a good writer is one who knows their audience. Who will be reading your piece? This will help you in understanding the scope of your audience. Understand the audience means knowing what interests them in the piece.

In case you have an informed audience, you need to be wary of your diction and selection of words. In case you have a young audience, you can target some prospects they resonate with. This includes what sparks the attention of the audience. The tone of the writing also dictates how the overall piece will turn out.

Carrying Out Research

You need to learn from the best in your journey to becoming an accomplished writer. It would help if you carried out extensive research from different writers. It is the right of the audience to get factual and accurate information. This is essential when it comes to writing research and academic papers. You should also carry some factual information even with creative writing.

You need to familiarize yourself with the research writing process. You need to make use of search engines and other databases to solidify your writing. The more factual your research, the more robust the piece. You end up amassing the wide attention of your readers who use your piece as a fountain of knowledge and information.

Buy Assignment Papers

What is a better way to learn the best than from experienced writers in the industry? There are many expert writers with immense experience in writing pieces. The writers have a long catalog of pieces written on different topics. While carrying out the research process, you need to buy some of their works.

You can use their works to form the basis of your current work. Therefore, you gain a deeper understanding of the core areas you need to focus on. Several academic writing services are availing their assignment papers at affordable prices to students. Model your work to reflect the work of other expert writers in the industry.

Different Styles of Writing

The writing industry is in constant change with the demands of the writing world. There are new styles and techniques of writing for students to use. As an upcoming writer, you need to know all the different styles in the world today.

You are probably used to the normal APA and MLA formats used by many colleges. These academic formats cater to different professional audiences. It is, therefore, essential to familiarize yourself with these styles. The styles keep changing with each year; therefore, you need to update your writing style.

Proofreading and Editing

Congratulations on writing your piece! However, are you sure you want to submit it straight away? It is common even for the best of us to make mistakes. After writing a piece, take some time to go through the paper. Get rid of any mistakes you will run into. Proofreading is a technical expert use to countercheck their work.

Proofreading and editing give you a different perspective of your writing. You can develop a third eye of how your audience will view the piece of writing. You do not want to lose out on important credit points just because you missed a comma. Get another person to go through your work for a complete analysis of your work.


Most writers turn down the chance for another party to critique their work. Critiquing does not always mean pointing out what is wrong with the paper. It is shedding light on what the paper misses. You gain more insight into what you need to include in the paper. Your instructor is the first critique of your work. Take their words of advice at heart and build on them when writing another piece.

Your journey of becoming an expert writer is not going to be easy. Along the way, you will make mistakes and eventually learn from them. In the end, you will build your career as an experienced writer with stellar writing skills.


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