August 26, 2020

6 Reliable Tips for Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

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Writing a winning scholarship essay can be intimidating. Most students lack experience composing such papers. However, that shouldn’t be an excuse to write a poor article. Doing so will deny you entry to your desired school.

If winning an admission chance is your priority, writing a top-quality scholarship draft is crucial. Below are some of the essential tips to consider to compose an excellent article with a higher admission probability.

Become Familiar With the Prompt

Go through the scholarship prompt to understand what is required. Most essays have common themes. For example, how will college education impact your later life? However, sometimes you can come across a scholarship prompt framed as a statement. It is advisable to re-frame it to understand it better and write an exquisite piece.

Even though the questions seem simple, ensure that you answer them without deviating from the subject. The college board’s primary interest is whether you will address the questions eloquently. You are free to mention things that happen in your life. However, ensure what you write about is relevant to the question.

Select a Manageable Topic

Even though Scholarship papers contain rigid prompts, some come with an added advantage. Some colleges allow you to select a topic for the essay. In such a circumstance, it’s advisable to choose a topic or event that is highly memorable and special to you.

Picking a subject you’ve experienced first-hand ensures that you draft an authentic and quality paper within the shortest time. A familiar topic makes writing an admission paper effortless.

Therefore, selecting a manageable topic here involves choosing a personal issue. Refrain from choosing a topic based on what you assume the intended audience wishes to read.

For instance, if tasked with writing situations where you were disappointed, pick a situation that you are passionate about instead of an example that the reader will relate with. Such situations may be when your car broke down on an exam day or when your parents made you walk to school for bullying your classmate.

You may choose the second example since bullying is rampant in most institutions. However, refrain from writing on the issue if you are not passionate about it. Although writing what you assume, the audience wants to read feels like the best choice, select a topic that is dear to you. Writing what you are passionate about makes the paper authentic.

Go Overboard and Conduct Some Research

It is essential to compose your scholarship paper as opposed to asking your friend to draft it. The reason here is that you will articulate yourself better than anybody else will.

However, don’t draft the paper as soon as you understand what the writing task requires. The scholarship essay requires more than just writing. It is crucial to conduct comprehensive research just like a professional essay writer researches volumes of data before drafting a paper.

Schools issue scholarships either as financial aid or admission to the institution. Therefore, if you want financial assistance, it is wise to research the institution issuing the support. Go through their website and learn their mission, vision, core responsibilities, and anything that matters to them. Once you have a deeper understanding of the organization, you are in a better position to compose your paper according to their requirements and values.

Conversely, if you want an admission opportunity, take some time to research the institution’s requirements. Ascertain that your qualifications align with the college’s then start drafting your article.

Consider the Essay Length

Since numerous candidates apply for scholarship opportunities, the college board has limited time going through lengthy papers. They, therefore, indicate the essay length in their prompts. It would be best if you adhered to the length to avoid writing a short or a lengthy paper.

Therefore, before submitting the final piece for assessment, consider reviewing the length to ensure it is in par with what’s required. However, if you drafted the task using Microsoft Word, you are lucky since the word count occurs automatically. It is easier to know whether you’ve exceeded or written below the required length.

Ponder the Pathos, Ethos, and Logos

These words will blow your mind if you are encountering them here for the first time. Here’s a short explanation of what they mean. They are a reader’s persuasive modes and skill to make written work super convincing and compelling.

For example, when portraying ethos in the essay, you’ll try to show your audience your credibility on how you shape the issue at hand. You can tell how schooling has shaped your views on leadership. The pathos should bring out the emotional picture in your essay. Lastly, logos brings about your logicality in the article.

Market Yourself Subtly

student, typing, keyboard

Is it a crime to brag subtly? No, it isn’t. The scholarship essay is the best platform to sell your achievements. However, refrain from providing all your proud qualifications when writing such a paper. It will sound like bragging, and you’re more likely to exceed the word count.

It would be best if you blended the accomplishments in the essay. For example, don’t talk about being an A+ student and how you topped all tests and academic events. Instead, let the reader know about your prowess in sports, inventions during science camp, and that you have participated in volunteer work. Mix it up a little bit.

Such achievements will show the reviewers that you are an excellent addition to the school. They will speak volumes of the hard work you intend to put in your studies and co-curricular activities if granted an opportunity.

After you finish writing, take a break, then proofread and edit the final copy for submission.

Final Remark

Composing an appealing scholarship article is what every student desires. However, lacking the relevant information to aid in the composition of a top-quality paper hinders their ability. However, with this article in place, you will gain the necessary information required for you to compose a top-notch essay that will help you achieve the scholarship opportunity.


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