July 30, 2020

5 Interesting Facts That You Should Know About Luxury Watches

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You like the idea of owning at least one luxury watch. As you prepare to look around for the right one, it helps to know a few basics about them. It’s not enough that you already know how to wind Rolex watches or have decided that you want one made with stainless steel or titanium. These facts will help you appreciate what you’re getting, and even help prevent you from ending up with something that’s not what it seems.

Many Luxury Watches are Made by Hand

Along with the materials used for luxury watches, the fact that they are not mass-produced is also important. The most respected brands in the world usually make their watches by hand. In some cases, methods that were used a couple of centuries ago still prevail. The only difference is that some of the tools utilized to assemble the watches are modernized.

It’s About Quality Rather than Quantity

Since the watches are made by hand, it stands to reason that not as many of them are made per year. That tends to be true across the board. In some cases, a watchmaker may spend an entire calendar year on a single watch. This helps explain why only a certain number of specific brands and models are released annually. It also explains why the quality of these luxury watches is so much higher than more modest brands.

Not All Watchmakers Give Watches Away in Exchange for Promotion

You’ve probably heard of celebrities that are approached about promoting a certain brand or model of watch. It’s true that entertainers, sports figures, and others who capture the interest of the general public sometimes receive free watches in exchange for their endorsement. What you may not know is that some brands choose to not engage in this approach to promotions.

For example, Rolex does not give away any of their watches for the purpose of securing celebrity promotions. If you see your favorite singer, actor, comedian, or sports figure wearing a Rolex, you can bet that either they or someone close to them paid for it.

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Luxury Watches Tend to Appreciate in Value

If you happen to find a Rolex for sale, you can consider it an investment as well as something that’s fun to wear. That’s because many luxury watches will appreciate in value as the years pass. With some models, the amount of value gained is somewhat modest. With others, it can be significant.

While this is not likely to happen for most people, you could end up with something that brings in a hefty price after a few decades. Consider the case of the Patek Philippe Ref. 1518A Perpetual Calendar with Chronograph. As the first perpetual calendar chronograph wristwatch ever produced as a series by any brand, it was immediately sought after by collectors. The result was that this model sold at auction for 11,000,000 francs in 2016. That translates into roughly $11.8 million USD.

Tiny Details Allow You to Spot Counterfeits

Given the desire to own a luxury watch, it should come as no surprise that counterfeiters are out there and ready to peddle their goods to unsuspecting clients. While many of the fakes are very good copies, there are usually minor details that will give them away. It could be something as simple as where the brand’s logo is placed on the face. Something like a bezel that rotates clockwise rather than counter-clockwise would indicate a counterfeit. Even the placement of markings on the casing or the design of the certificates of authenticity may reveal that the watch is not what the buyer claims.

Have fun looking for the luxury watch that’s right for you. Only deal with respected sellers who are able to provide you with documents confirming the watch’s authenticity. Remember that while there are sales out there, one that seems to be too good to be true likely is not what it claims to be. With a little diligence, you can end up with a luxury watch that’s exactly what you want.

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