7 Job Options To Checkout In 2020 If You’re A Digital Nomad

July 30, 2020

If your dream is to visit different places and discover different cultures, then the digital nomad lifestyle is for you. Becoming a digital nomad means being location independent. It gives you the freedom to move from one place to another.

You can bring work while traveling within the same country or to other countries. While working remotely sounds enticing, and more people are switching to this kind of lifestyle to live a life of adventure, but it has its set of challenges.

What is the Digital Nomad Lifestyle?

People consider the digital nomad lifestyle as the evolution of backpacking. Some of the most popular locations for this lifestyle are also popular places for backpacking, such as Bali, Bangkok, Lisbon, Budapest, Belgrade, Buenos Aires, and Toronto.

These cities are known for their affordable cost of living, rich culture, and beautiful scenery. They can also be with a community of people who are into the same lifestyle, and high quality of life. It also gives you flexibility in terms of places to stay.

Some of them are the Sugar Wharf Condos in Toronto or cheap backpacker hostels in Southeast Asia. Each city has something unique to offer. The advancement of the internet and technology paved the way for people to continue their travels sustainably by working on the road.

Available jobs vary from technical jobs, skilled jobs, to entrepreneurship. But what jobs are these exactly? Here are seven of the most popular jobs for digital nomads for 2020.

#1 – Website Developer

Web developer jobs go from the basics such as making a blog site or to more complex multi-page websites and e-commerce sites. Website developers are essentially a specific type of programmer. Some are digital artists who simply know the basic language to perform the job.

Some build, maintain, and fix websites. They work with either codes or more intuitive platforms like WordPress. They build, test, and maintain websites. Web developers make and build styles, layouts, looks, and put together the different functions of the website.

They also search for bugs that slow down the website or anything that causes problems for the users. This is where the importance of knowing the intricacies of UX strategies gets into the picture.

Some web developers work with clients, while many works on their own. You can use this guide to succeed as a web developer and establish a high-paying career.

#2 – Virtual Assistant

If you have good organizational and management skills, then this job is for you. The virtual assistant job is pretty hard to describe. Different clients from different industries and markets require different tasks.

It will require you the basic skills of a regular office assistant, however, usually involve Microsoft skills, Photoshop. It also includes some Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Management. You wear multiple hats as a virtual assistant.

You take care of clerical tasks such as making appointments, booking meetings, online research, data entry, emailing, and making phone calls. It is also inclusive of some customer service, writing blogs, proofreading, project management, and more.

The list sounds daunting but never fear. In most cases, you don’t need to be an expert in all these areas. Just learn the basics. Most clients are happy to teach and train their assistants along the way.

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What are the top digital nomad jobs for 2020?

#3 – Web Programmer

A large percentage of digital nomads are programmers. These people write codes for different purposes, the most popular are websites, apps, and software. They work with multiple computer languages.

If you’re considering this line of work, then you need to prepare yourself for some steep learning curve. But as the digital world continues to grow, the demand for talented programmers grow each day.

The best thing about most programming jobs is that it can be done offline. This is ideal for those who have difficulty finding a stable internet connection, which is common in countries in Asia and Africa.

#4 – Social Media Manager

If you like to interact with people on Social Media, then this job is definitely for you. As its name suggests, a Social Media Manager is the one who takes care of their client’s social media accounts. This can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media Managers keep consumers engaged with the brand, company or individual they represent. They make and maintain the brand’s public (or social media) face. They are extremely important for keeping consumers interested and engaged.

Social media managers make and schedule posts, respond to messages and comments, answer queries regarding their brand, run polls, and contests, etc. With billions of users all over the world, the power of different social media platforms is undeniable. It means that there will always be a demand for social media managers.

#5 – Online Teacher/Tutor

This is probably one of the most convenient jobs for anyone looking to start their online careers. It is also one of the start-up jobs to possibly transition yourself to the digital nomad lifestyle.

It easy to do as well. All you need is a laptop (or smartphone), a good internet connection, a quiet environment (conducive for learning and teaching), and of course, excellent English speaking and listening skills.

Many companies offer this work, namely VIPKid and Palfish. You will be teaching mostly Japanese, Chinese, and Korean students aged 3 to 15 years old, and they are so cute, you will never get bored at your job.

#6 – Online Transcriptionist

If you would rather type than talk to kids in front of the computer, then online transcription is for you. This is great for people who type fast and have good listening skills. You transcribe recorded audio of podcasts, interviews, medical records, etc.

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How to earn as a digital nomad.

This is one of the better-paying jobs out there, especially if you type fast since you are usually paid per word. Also, you can find projects from industries and niches you’re interested in, such as medical, crime, comedy, sports, news, etc.

#7 – Blogger/Copywriter

If you love writing and being creative, then blogging and copywriting is for you. A copywriter’s job involves writing for articles, blogs, texts, emails, etc. for his/her client.

Many people who run online businesses usually have blogs. And most of these people are not inclined into writing for their blogs, or they just don’t have the time to. This is where you can come in – my writing and running their blog for them.

Some digital nomads also have their blogs where they earn from affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, advertising, etc. Some write their eBooks and sell them online.

All in all, a digital nomad lifestyle can be extremely rewarding. If you want to live life to the fullest, then maybe this kind of lifestyle is for you.

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