5 Reasons Why You Should Try Local Sweets of Kolkata

February 7, 2024

Kolkata is a place to enjoy sweet delicacies. So, if you are visiting Kolkata, you must try the sweet treats. The city has the yummiest and most delicious sweets, which you will get on every corner. It is famously known as the City of Rosogollas. Apart from this sweet dish, there are many other sweet dishes you must try. So, book your Mumbai to Kolkata flight ticket in advance and enjoy the heavenly sweets. Here is the list of five authentic sweet dishes to try in Kolkata.


Sandesh is the simplest sweet, which is prepared and served in different ways. Preparation of the dish is done by adding sugar to the chana and cooking on low heat. Later, it is given shape into balls, squares, and other preferred shapes. People also add nuts and chocolates as a topping. You will find this sweet dish all over the city. If you want to try the Premier Sandesh, visit the best restaurants or hotels in Kolkata.

Raj Bhog

Another classic Bengali sweet made with chana and kesar. Raj Blog will give you a classy feel and is very similar to Rosogolla with similar ingredients. This sweet dish is famous during festivals, social events, and weddings. When you eat at a Bengali restaurant, you can enjoy the real authentic flavour. It is uncommon not to see Raj bhog on the menu of Bengali hotels.

Sita Bhog

Contrary to its name, there is no connection between this sweet and Sita. The special dish is named due to the special ingredients. It contains sweet vermicelli rice with gulab jamun. The origin of this sweet is in the Bardhaman region. This sweet has historical significance. Late Ketranath invented a special sitabhog and Migirdanain Bardhaman during the reign of Maharaja, the late Mahatabchand Bahadur. A century later, Sitahog has become one of the most popular sweets in the city. It is made with cottage cheese, rice flour, and sugar and looks very similar to polao.


It is the authentic sweet dish of Rosogolla. In Bengali homes, rosogolla is often served on the plates served to guests. Both neighbouring states of India, Bengal and Orissa, claim to be the birthplace of this sweet. Although it may not be of Bengali origin, rosogolla has been integrated into the cultural fabric of Bengali society.

Mishti Doi

Mishti doi is one of the unique highlights of traditional Bengali cuisine. It is a typical Bengali sweet served at any social or celebratory occasion. It is widely available in the Kolkata region. Moreover, Mishti Doi is consumed as a sweet dish throughout the year in every household.

Final Thoughts

All the above catalogue of sweets is available in the city in almost every region. The Bengalis love these sweets, and on every special occasion or in daily meals, these sweets are served after a meal. On your Kolkata trip, you must try all these tasty desserts. There are also other sweet treats to explore in Kolkata. So, book your flight and affordable hotel stays today online and plan your trip to enjoy a memorable vacation.

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