6 Tips on How to Stop Unknown Phone Calls

Is answering calls from new numbers becoming a pain in the neck because of a relentless crash of spam calls?

Calls with hidden or unknown numbers are agonizing, especially if your mind is buried deep into something else. Everyone can relate to the annoyance caused by these.

Unless a call by a new number is made frequently, making it look urgent, very few people will pick up the phone right away. Research has shown that only 19% of the American population is likely to answer calls from unknown people. This leaves out a whole 81% of the population that does not do that for various reasons.

In case you’re worried about missing an important message, you can try to check who the caller is. You can use Nuwber for a reverse phone number lookup – just enter the number in the search bar and the site will show who it belongs to. You can also try the old way – Googling the number.

In case you can’t be bothered by who’s calling you and are ready to stop receiving unexpected messages, we have put together a few ways to avoid unknown phone calls completely.

Screen Unknown Numbers Using Google Voice Tools

Google Voice app is compatible with Android devices and helps anyone with difficulty maneuvering their touch screen gadgets. Most importantly, you can also use this account to spam phone calls. The basic settings on your Google Voice account include the ability to forward calls to voicemail. This could be useful if you are looking to sort through a backlog of voice messages or return calls. If you decide to permanently block a caller, click “more” on the call log of your Google Voice account. Then choose “call blocker” from the menu. Once you successfully block a caller, they can’t reach you through your Google Voice line.

You can restore a caller’s accessibility using this feature from Google Voice by reverting these settings from the same menu.

Use Truecaller

Truecaller is an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Its main function is to screen phone calls and text messages from numbers not in your contact list. Truecaller provides an identity to every unfamiliar number to enable you to identify the person at the other end of the call.

It also automatically blocks calls from any number that is spam.  In addition, there are settings on this app that help to block any calls, which are not necessarily only from telemarketers. Truecaller has a premium version that comes with the following functionalities:

  • Advanced spam screening and blocking.
  • Showing a caller’s identity.
  • Incognito mode.

Blocking a number on Truecaller is a simple process. Tap “settings”  on the phone app, then “spam or block”. Select the number you wish to bar and then click “block”.  Let this app be the dam to that flood of unknown callers.

Use the Mobile Phone’s Dialer to Blacklist Unknown Numbers

Are calls from unknown numbers pushing you to the extreme of wanting to get rid of your phone? Well, even without any caller app on your phone, you can successfully flag or block them. The steps used in the blocking settings are almost similar on most devices.

The first display screen on your device allows you to select the number you would like to block from the call history or the phone book. Some devices can screen unknown numbers with just one click of the ‘block’ button. If a single caller keeps calling using different numbers, you might need to block each one separately.

Diverting Calls from Unknown Numbers to Voicemail

Dealing with nonsensical, annoying calls from unknown numbers is easier to deal with using voicemail. The voicemail feature is only available on some mobile devices and is pre-installed. When a call is sent to voicemail, it will automatically be rejected and will be saved in a digital mailbox.

It works similar to the traditional answering machine, only that this time, selected calls will be directed to voicemail. If properly structured, voicemail is a positive way for unknown callers to express themselves without directly communicating with the person on the other end. Voicemail is a basic phone feature and should not cost any money to use.

Installing the Mr. Number App to screen Unknown numbers

Mr. Number is a mobile caller app that helps to block new numbers and malicious callers. It also identifies and spams fraud numbers. By blocking a number on Mr. Number, the next call made from it will automatically not go through. However, the app lets you check if anyone from your spam list called and at what particular time. Mr. Number enables you to do the following:

  • Screening calls from specific numbers, a state, or an area code.
  • Screening a number directly from the call log history.
  • Blocking spammers from calling.
  • Diverting selected calls to voicemail.

Mr. Number provides a wide array of features to stop unknown calls and is, therefore, is an amazing app for getting rid of nagging callers. It is free to download and install the app.

Register Your number on the National Do Not Call List

This national list gives everyone a choice of whether or not to receive calls from telemarketers. Registering on this government site is free. Sites and contacts differ per state.

The Federal Government’s Do Not Call List is a free method to reduce or stop altogether telemarketing calls. One thing to note is that registering your number will only stop sales calls – it will not get rid of surveys, debt collectors, or political groups.


Spamming unwanted numbers is a healthy way to keep yourself from emotional torture caused by fraudsters. It gives you solace and allows you to lead your life peacefully. It is also a safe way to keep off potential scams. Remember, blocking a number does not mean that you cannot initiate a conversation from your end. It is only one way unless the other caller blocks you in return.