BigLotsSurvey — Official Big Lots® Survey [$1,000]

If you live in the United States of America, there is no chance that you have never shopped at Big Lots. Big Lots is one of the most notable retail companies in the country that is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

The first-ever Big Lots store opened in the year 1967 by Sol Shenk after the Consolidated Stores Corporation was established. Starting from one store, Big Lots, today spreads all around the country. There are more than 1400 stores that spread in 47 different states.

Furniture, food, décor, or clothes, whatever you need, Big Lots has it for you. This chain of American retail stores promises its customers the top-quality service and affordable solutions to all their retail problems.

BigLotsSurvey - Big Lots Customer Satisfaction SurveyThe company focuses on providing its customers with an out-of-this-world shopping experience. In an attempt to gather honest customer feedback, they have prepared an online survey form. It is this customer satisfaction survey “BigLotsSurvey” that lets the customers share their experiences, either good or bad.

Have you recently shopped at Big Lots? How was your experience? Use the platform of the BigLotsSurvey and let the company know how well are they doing and thinking about why do you need to fill it? Well, it is not at all mandatory, but in return for filling the survey, the participants get a chance to win a Big Lots gift card worth $1000. Now, that is something worth taking some time out for, isn’t it?


Name: BigLotsSurvey

Description: The BigLotsSurvey is a questionnaire that the customers are required to fill in with their honest answers. As the world we live in today is highly competitive, every company is striving to win the competition by providing the customers with the best services and products. This is exactly what Big Lots aims to do with their survey.

By gathering both the bad and the good feedbacks, the company will know exactly where they are lagging and what their strong areas are. They will then use the feedback to address the weaker areas of their service and provide their customers with an enhanced and top-quality shopping experience.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time
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BigLotsSurvey Summary

It is a 10-minute long survey that covers the following areas;

  • The product quality
  • The product availability
  • Staff behavior and attitude
  • Quality of customer service
  • The price of the products
  • The cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the stores

In addition to these areas of interest. The survey allows the participants to enter additional comments in the text box that is provided at the end of the survey. You can add any bad experiences, complaints, suggestions, or thank the store for their exceptional service.

Now, coming to the rewards and the sweepstakes of the BigLotsSurvey. Of course, the company understands that time is important. The company values your feedback, reviews, and suggestions. All the views are important. The company considers all customers as its family, and the feedback and suggestions of family members are invaluable. To thank its customers for providing their honest feedback and for taking out their precious time to fill the survey, the company offers amazing rewards.

By filling the survey, all the participants get a chance to enter the sweepstakes. Through a lucky draw, a winner will win a gift card worth $1000.

BigLotsSurvey Eligibility Criteria & Rules

Like any other survey you enter online, the BigLotsSurvey has some eligibility conditions that the company expects each of the survey’s participants to follow. Make sure you fulfill all the eligibility conditions before you start filling the questionnaire of the survey.

  • To enter the BigLotsSurvey, each participant is expected to be 18 years or older
  • The survey is only available online on its official website that is, therefore, to enter the survey, the participant must have a stable internet connection
  • The participants must be legal and permanent residents of the United States of America or the District of Columbia
  • All participants must provide a valid e-mail address as the winners of the sweepstakes will only be contacted via e-mail
  • The survey is only for the customers of Big Lots. The entry of any employee or any individual associated with the employee’s family is strictly prohibited
  • The participant must use a smartphone, laptop, PC, or a tablet to enter the survey
  • Furthermore, there are some restrictions for entering the BigLots Survey that all participants must fully understand and abide by while filling the survey questionnaire.
  • Any damage made to the official website of the survey will be considered a violation of criminal and civil laws
  • All participants must provide valid and authentic personal information
  • Providing false feedback is highly discouraged, honest opinions and feedbacks are encouraged
  • The survey is not applicable outside the United States of America
  • The survey is only available in two languages; English and Spanish, to fill the survey the participants must be proficient in any of these two languages
  • There is only one entry allowed per person, per month, per e-mail address

Entering the BigLotsSurvey

Once you have thoroughly gone through the restrictions and the eligibility criteria, it is time that you enter the BigLotsSurvey. You do not have to follow a lengthy or extensive procedure to enter the survey. Just follow these simple steps, become a participant of the survey, and enter the sweepstakes to win a $1000 gift card.

Entering with a purchase

Step 1: Make a Purchase

The first step to enter BigLotsSurvey is to head to a Big Lots store in any of the 1400 locations. Make a purchase and safely keep the purchase receipt with you. You will need the survey code printed on the receipt to enter.

Step 2: Navigate to the Website

The BigLotsSurvey is available on its official website that is Make sure you have a stable internet connection when navigating to the website. It is on this website where you will be able to fill all the questions of the survey.

Step 3: Select the Language

The survey is available in two languages that are English and Spanish. The moment you head to the landing page of the survey, you will be asked to choose the language you wish to fill the questionnaire in. Make sure you choose a language that you are most proficient in to be able to efficiently answer the questions of the survey.

Step 4: Enter Survey Code

After you have chosen the desired language, the next step is to enter the details printed on the purchase receipt. Enter the store number, register number, transaction number, and date of visit. All of this information is printed on the purchase receipt.

Step 5: Start the Questionnaire

The step of entering the survey code is followed by clicking the start button to proceed with the survey. After you click on the “start” button, you will be taken straight to the questions. Try to answer all the questions with complete honesty as in the end; it will be you who will get a chance to experience exceptional shopping experience.

Step 6: Fill the Comment Box

At the end of the survey, you will be provided with an empty text box. It is for any other experiences, suggestions, or feedback you want to share with the company.

Step 7: Enter Personal Information

After completing the survey along with the comments, you will be asked for your personal information, including your full name, contact number, e-mail address, and postal address. It is advised that you provide genuine information as the winner of the sweepstakes will be contacted via e-mail or a phone call.

By completing these simple steps, you can become a participant of the survey, hence part of the survey’s sweepstakes.

Entering Without a Purchase

Step 1: Take a 3X5” Piece of Paper

Take a 3X5” paper and write down the following information on it;

  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Contact details (phone number and e-mail address)
  • Date of Birth

Step 2: Post it to Big Lots

After you have carefully written your personal information on the piece of paper, you must secure it an envelope and post it to the following address;

Big Lots! Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry

625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100,

Rochester, NY 14625-2437


  • Entering the survey does not necessarily require a purchase
  • Participation in the survey is free-of-cost and very easy
  • Successfully filling the questionnaire will get you an entry in the sweepstakes
  • The winner gets a $1000 gift card for Big Lots


  • There is only one winner of the sweepstakes
  • Only one entry per month

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BigLotsSurvey Center

PrizePancakes or Drink
Receipt Expiry3 days
Prize Expiry30 days
EntriesOnce a Month
Purchase Yes
EnterOnline or Phone
LanguageEnglish, Español & Français


What is the BigLotsSurvey?

In such a competitive environment, the companies need to make all efforts to stay at the top. With the BigLots Survey, the company aims to stay at the top of the competition by gathering honest feedback from their loyal customers. As a thank you, the company provides the participants with a chance to enter the sweepstakes.

What type of questions am I required to answer on BigLotsSurvey?

The BigLotsSurvey contains questions covering the following areas;

  • The product quality
  • The product availability
  • Staff behavior and attitude
  • Quality of customer service
  • The price of the products
  • The cleanliness and hygienic conditions of the stores

Do I need a purchase receipt to enter the BigLotsSurvey?

There are two methods you can enter the BigLotsSurvey. The first one is through a purchase receipt where you navigate to the survey’s official website that is, enter the details from the receipt, and fill the questionnaire.

The second method does not require a participant to make a purchase. They just have to enter their details and post it to the following address;

Big Lots! Guest Experience Survey Sweepstakes Entry

625 Panorama Trail, Suite 2100,

Rochester, NY 14625-2437