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Where do you go when you are in a mood to buy top-quality used stuff such as jewelry, clothes, or furniture? If you live in the United States of America, Canada, or Australia, we know your answer. Anyone who lives in any of these three countries, Savers is their one-stop-shop for the highest quality used stuff.

With its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, the first Savers’ store opened in the year 1954 in San Francisco, California. It has been serving its customers with an amazing range of used products. From jewelry, clothes, to classy furniture, you can find anything at the Savers store. - Savers Listens SurveyOperating for 65 years in the USA, Canada, and Australia, Savers has spread to over 300 locations in these three countries. The used-item retail store currently employs more than 22,000 employees. What makes this used-stuff store the best option for shopping is the fact that it donates all the money it makes to non-profit organizations. It is, to date, the largest non-profit making stores in the United States of America.

Have you recently shopped at Savers? If yes, wouldn’t you like sharing your experience with the company? Yes, you can now share your experiences, be it good or bad, with the Savers stores through the SaversListens Survey. It is a customer feedback survey that allows you to share your experiences and feedback, in the result of which you will earn amazing offers and discounts!



Description: Confused about the SaversListens Survey? Well, with the SaversListens Survey, which is available on its official website,, is a platform where you can fill the customer satisfaction survey.

Like all other retail stores in the country, Savers is making attempts to address its competition with the help of its loyal customers and thinking about how the company can stay at the top of the competition with a survey? The key is honest customer feedback. The company aims to use the feedback provided by its customers through the survey to address the weaker areas of its service. Play a part in helping the company improve on its weaker areas by identifying the downsides of their service.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time
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All about the SaversListens Survey

The company attaches high value to the opinions and feedback of its customers. For Savers, all its customers are one big family. Your feedback, opinions, and suggestions matter the most to the company. You just have to spare less than 15 minutes to fill the questionnaire. The survey questions cover the following areas;

  • The quality of products
  • The availability of the products
  • Cleanliness of the stores
  • Behavior and attitude of the staff
  • Quality of customer service

It is advised that you answer these questions with complete honesty. The reason behind it is the fact that the company will use your feedback and answers from the survey to identify its weak spots. In the end, you will be the ones that will be able to enjoy an improved shopping experience at Savers.

You are pondering upon the reasons why you should take out the time to enter the survey?

Firstly, the company will use your feedback to improve the quality of the services. It will be you who will get to experience the best kind of shopping in the stores of Savers. As you are helping the company identify the weak spots, you will get a chance to see the company address all the problems. Secondly, the company is grateful to its customers for taking out the time to fill the survey. At Savers, they know that time is the essence. To thank its customers for participating in the survey, the company gives them a $2 discount on the purchase of every item worth $5.

Checking the Eligibility Criteria

Want to start filling the survey? Here are all the conditions that all participants need to fulfill to be eligible to enter the survey. In case a customer does not entirely fulfill the eligibility criteria will be unable to participate in the survey and provide their feedback.

  • The minimum age to be eligible for the entry in the survey is 18 years old
  • The SaversListens Survey is available online on its official website, To be able to enter the survey, the customers must have a stable internet connection along with any of the following devices;
    1. Smartphone
    2. Tablet
    3. Laptop
    4. PC
  • Customers must have a valid purchase receipt from any of the 315 stores of Savers that is not older than seven days
  • The survey is available in only two languages that are English and Spanish. To be able to effectively fill the survey questionnaire, the participants must be proficient in any of these two languages

Restrictions of the SaversListens Survey

Like any other survey available online, even the SaversListens Survey has some restrictions, rules, and regulations. The participants are requested to abide by all the rules and regulations of the survey.

    • The SaversListens Survey is open for participation for the customers only. The participation of any employees of the store or their family members is strictly prohibited
    • Only one entry is allowed per month per family
    • Only the customers who purchase from the stores or donate money to any of the stores are allowed to participate in the survey
    • The survey is not available for customers who purchased and then returned the item

How to Enter the SaversListens Survey?

Now that you have fulfilled all the conditions of the survey’s eligibility criteria and have understood the rules, regulations, and restrictions, you may start the survey. There is no need to apply in rocket science to enter the survey. All you have to do to enter the survey is to follow these super-simple steps. And yes, entering the survey is free for all!

Step 1: Make a Purchase or Donation

As the fundamental requirement of participation of the survey is to either make a purchase from any of the Savers’ stores or donate money, you need to head to any of the 315 Savers’ stores. You must make a purchase or donate money, in return of which the staff will provide you with a receipt. You must safely keep the receipt because you will need it to enter the survey.

Step 2: Visit the Official Website

The SaversListens Survey is available online only at its official website that is You will be able to answer the questions on this website. You will land on the homepage when you enter the web address, and it will be the point from where you will be able to start the survey.

Step 3: Choose the Language

To be able to effectively answer the questions of the survey, you must be proficient in either English or Spanish because the survey is only available in these two languages. The first option that you will see on the landing page of the survey will be for the language. You will proceed further from the landing page only when you choose the desired language.

Step 4: Enter the Survey Code

You were asked to keep the purchase or donation receipt safely with you as to enter the survey; you will be required to enter the 19-digit survey code. The 19-digit survey code is printed on the purchase receipt along with other details such as store number, date of purchase, amount of purchase, and more. Enter everything that the survey asks you from the purchase receipt. Remember, do not throw the receipt away even after entering the survey code.

Step 5: Answering the Question

After you have entered all the details from the receipt, you will be taken to the main survey forum. It will contain all the survey questions. Make sure you answer all these questions with complete honesty. Remember, you are indirectly contributing to improving the quality of services of the store, which you will be using.

Step 6: Fill the Comment Box

At the end of the survey, you will find an empty comment box. This comment box is for you to add any additional information that you would like the company to know. It can be about an employee or any other experiences that you would like to bring into the knowledge of the company.

After you finish answering all the questions, you will get a validation code. You can use this validation code to get the $2 discount on every $5 purchase. You must note down the validation code on the same receipt you used to enter the survey. To redeem the offer, you need to take the same purchase receipt to any of the Savers stores. The stores will not accept the validation code in any other way. Therefore, make sure you safely keep the purchase receipt.


  • Entering the survey is very simple
  • You get a $2 off $5 coupon which you can get redeemed at any of the Savers stores
  • You have an option to make a purchase or donate to be eligible to enter the survey


  • You need to make a purchase or donate as a necessity for entering the survey
  • The purchase receipt can only be used within seven days of the purchase

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What is SaversListens Survey?

The SaversListens Survey is a customer satisfaction survey form designed by the United States of America’s largest non-profit used-items retailer. The survey is available only on its official website that is By participating in the survey, you get a $2 off $5 purchase coupon that can be redeemed at any of the Savers stores. To be able to effectively fill the survey, all participants are expected to be proficient in either English or Spanish as the survey is available in only these two languages.

Are there any requirements for entering the survey?

Yes, to enter the SaversListens Survey, the participants must have a purchase receipt that is not older than seven days. The customers have two options to get a receipt to enter the survey. They can purchase from any of the 315 Savers stores or donate money. In both cases, the customers will be provided with a receipt which will contain the 19-digit survey code that you will require to enter the survey.

Where can I find a Savers store?

There 315 Savers stores that spread around in the United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

Can I enter the survey more than once?

The company only allows a single entry per month per household.

What type of questions should I expect to find in the SaversListens Survey?

The SaversListens is a 10-minute long customer satisfaction survey that contains questions about the following areas of the store;

  • The quality of products
  • The availability of the products
  • Cleanliness of the stores
  • Behavior and attitude of the staff
  • Quality of customer service