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May 11, 2020

Brookshire’s is a chain of stores encircling the areas from Sweetwater to Delhi town. The stores contain various things. Their products range from food supplies, drinks, dairy products, and various general merchandise. A visit to the store sorts almost all your needs. The management came up with survey criteria to get customers’ feedback. The survey is found at It contains simple descriptive questions that enable you to get by faster. Follow through to know more about the survey.

Brookshire’s Food And Pharmacy Survey


Description: Brookshire’s is a chain of stores encircling the areas from Sweetwater to Delhi town. The stores contain various things. Their products range from food supplies, drinks, dairy products, and various general merchandise. Summary

Brookshire’s knows the importance of surveys and their roles in competition. This survey’s target is to know more about your latest visit. How staff from various departments that you visited treated and handled your concerns. How the staff helped you get by in fulfilling your needs in the stores.

The survey contains easy to go by questions. With simplicity, the questions are also detailed. This is to make it easy for you to answer. You stand a chance to win in taking part in this survey.

To take this survey, you need to have a receipt from your recent visit to one of the stores. The receipt contains the entry information needed in the survey.

Why take part in this survey?

Surveys play a big part in the business. The management would love to know what you feel about your experience in the stores. Experiences are either positive or negative. This would help in creating a better experience for your next visit.

Another reason is that you represent a batch of customers. With the many stores, we have a lot of customers who may not give their feedback. So your information will have an impact on all other consumers.

Also, your participation would not cost you much of your time. The survey takes approximately 8 minutes. You have the freedom to take part in this survey from anywhere as long as you have a steady internet connection.

In taking part in this survey you stand a chance to win.

Eligibility criteria

Not anybody can take part in this survey. This criterion validates all those who can take part in the survey. There are various guidelines you need to follow to be eligible for the survey. This is to prevent any unnecessary information. Information that may reach the management of Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy.

As said earlier you must have a receipt from your recent visit to the store. For you to be eligible;

  • You need to be over 18.
  • You must have good command in English or Spanish since the survey comes in either of the languages.
  • You must have a device that connects to an internet connection since the survey is done online.
  • You must be able to remember your latest experience from the store.
  • You must not have a relationship with Brookshire’s Food and pharmacy in any way. Relationships ranging from family, friend, employee, supplier, or associate.
  • You must be willing to take some five minutes of your time for the survey.
  • You must be willing to share your personal information like your contact information.

Survey restrictions

  • Any rewards offered remain under the command of the rewarded only. You cannot transfer the reward to any other person.
  • All given information should be in an honest way. Dishonest information calls for legal action. Whereby Brookshire’s takes action with immediate effect. And you can no longer take part in the survey.
  • Buying more goods from the store does not make you have the right to win the rewards.
  • Any attempt to make changes in the site’s information is a criminal offense.
  • Only the customer from the store does the survey.
  • Any attempt to change another person’s opinion is not allowed
  • Any person related to Brookshire’s food and pharmacy is not allowed to take the survey
  • Failing to abide by the rules of the survey call for termination

How to take part?

Before you begin and complete the survey, make sure that you have met the requirements.

Step 1: Take your device, connect to the internet and open the Brookshires survey site

Step 2:Choose your preferred language(English or Spanish)

Step 3:Read the requirements needed for the customer to proceed with the survey.

Step 4:Fill the 3 required digits. That is store number, operator number, the date you visited the store. And the time you visited. (All the information is in the receipt.)

Step 5:Choose the department you went to when you visited the store.

Step 6:Give your satisfaction rating about various things according to your experience.

Step 7:Tell your likelihood to visit again and to recommend to another person.

Step 8:Give a comment of three or more sentences. You have a limit of 1200 words here.

Step 9:Answer a few more questions on the approach of the staff you interacted with during your visit.

Step 10:Answer a question about the satisfaction of your requirements.

Step 11:Give information about what inspired your visit to the store.

Step 12:Give Information about the number of times you have visited the store.

Step 13:Choose whether to take part in the sweepstake or not.

Step 14: If yes, give your contact information.

Step 15:After responding to all queries, submit them. Later Brookshire’s will contact the sweepstake winners(1-10)


After completing the survey Brookshire does not leave you at that. Brookshire’s appreciates that time you took to give your opinion.

There are various rewards that you may get after enrolling for the sweepstake. You could win a grand prize of $50 Brookshire’s, Super 1 food, FRESH by Brookshire’s, or Spring Market gift cards.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The questions are simple and enable you to give straight forward answers.
  • Your feedback will improve customer care and support.
  • It takes approximately 8 minutes to complete the survey.
  • Personal information is safe under legal restrictions and terms of service.
  • The survey is done through the internet hence it’s not restrictive.
  • The sweepstake awarding is fair thus decisions are not biased.


  • You must have purchased something to take part.
  • Purchasing more items does not guarantee you a reward.
  • The sweepstake is open for residents of the United States of America in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
  • The survey is only available in English and Spanish.
  • There is no prize warranty.
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BrookshiresFeedback Center
Prize$500 Gift Card
Validation Code5 days
Prize Expiry7 days
EntriesMail - Unlimited
Online - One per code
Purchase No
EnterOnline, Mail
LanguageEnglish, Spanish

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What is the largest number of surveys that a particular person can take?

Each person is entitled to only one entry. This is also applicable even if you have access to the same survey over and over again. Even if you open the survey from different sites. And just to clarify the number of surveys taken do not matter in the rewarding

How many products do I have to purchase to earn a reward?

As stated earlier the number of purchases taken does not increase your chances of winning. The winner is picked randomly.

How are rewards offered to those who have qualified?

Brookshires will contact those who have qualified within one week of the draw by phone, mail, or text message. In case the attempted call made to the winner does not go through, Brookshire’s will forfeit the prize to another eligible winner.

All winners who win a prize valued at $600 or more will be issued an IRS form 1099 to report prize winnings.

What are the terms and conditions for participation?

By participating you accept to abide by the official rules and all decisions of Brookshire’s. No substitution or transfer to a third party of the prize is permitted. If a prize cannot be awarded to a certain winner, Brookshire’s retains the permission to either terminate the prize or transfer it to another winner.

What are some of the limitations of the survey?

Neither Brookshire or any releasee handles any:

  • Lost,late,damaged,incomplete,illegible,stubborn,misdirected postage due mail,shipping or email.
  • Unauthorized access, tampering, hacking, theft or destruction
  • Other technical or human error in the receipt or process of entries, game piece requests, or other submissions or otherwise related to production, promotion, administration or execution of the sweepstakes.

Is there a price warranty?

Without limiting any foregoing, all prices are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either to express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

In case of a dispute what next?

The laws of the state of Texas govern the laws for the sweepstakes. In case of a dispute, discussions should take place. This is to avoid final binding arbitration with an experienced arbitrator. The arbitrator should be licensed for Texas.

The remedy for any claims will be subject to limitations and releases set forth in these rules.

What if someone tampers with anything?

Brookshires will disqualify any person it believes to have tampered with any of the sweepstakes entry. Or acting in violation of the official rules.

At Brookshire’s Customer Satisfaction Program, customers’ needs come first. The survey strives to provide the best products to consumers in the United States of America. Products come in wide ranges. They deal with various products like dairy products, regular and alcoholic drinks. They also have a deli in their stores. Despite Brookshire’s ability to meet needs in the retail market, they aim at providing the best services in the United States.

Taking the Brookshire’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you are allowing them to cater to your needs. Feedback collected from customers helps the Brookshires identify loopholes in customer satisfaction. Improving their services generally leads to better experiences for their customers. Also, Brookshire’s gives you a chance to win a grand prize of $500.

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