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February 16, 2020

How many times do you go to a restaurant, and after taking your meal, you write your feedback? I bet no one time, or maybe once when their services were so bad, you couldn’t hold it anymore. Feedback is essential in business, as that’s the only way to know whether they are running the company in the right direction or not.

Bruegger’s started BrueggersSurvey so they can get information from the customers on how they feel about what the restaurant offers. The survey is free, and you do not need any experience to take part. All you need is to remember your last visit to the stores and you are good to go. With the information, Bruegger’s will be able to improve their services and give their customers exactly what they want.

In this article, you will get to know what you need to join the site, the process to take, and how you go about answering BrueggersSurvey questions. With the information, it will be easy to decide whether to take the survey. The process will also be more straightforward for you if you choose to take it.


Name: BrueggersSurvey

Description: Bruegger's started as a bakery in 1983. The founders are Mike Dressel and Nord Brue. Thirty-three years later, the Bruegger's has 300 stores in 26 states. Its menu has also changed and includes meals like breakfast and lunch. The restaurant is known for its traditionally-made Bagels. It also has deliciously prepared items like sandwiches, desserts, paninis, soups, bread, specially prepared drinks, coffee, and many more.

BrueggersSurvey Summary

Bruegger’s Bagels started customer feedback surveys, where customers air their opinions after visiting the stores. The customers also give recommendations on what they would love to have improved in the stores. With the information, the company will be able to provide the customers with what they want, and in return, they will make more money.

With BrueggersSurvey, they will also foster a relationship with their customers as they will interact in the survey. The interaction will help the customers feel valued, and that will help get loyal customers. The customers, on the other hand, will get a chance to express how they feel about the services in the stores and the food they take.

BrueggersSurvey Eligibility Criteria

  • You need to be 18years and over for you to take part in the survey.
  • You will need a smart device to access the survey as the survey is online. The device could either be a laptop, PC, or smartphone.
  • You will need a strong connection to the internet so that you can access the survey site easily and fast.
  • You need to understand English and Spanish as the survey is in those languages.
  •  A recent receipt from the stores is also needed to access the survey.
  • For you to take part in the survey, you need to be a resident of the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.
  • You need to remember your experience in the store from your last visit.
  • For you to get the validation code that you redeem to get the discount, you need to complete the survey to the last point. The receipt you get from the survey remains valid for three days. After that, you can’t use the receipt to access the survey.
  • One receipt will enter the survey once. After you register, ensure you complete the survey to the end.
  • Employees of the Bruegger’s, their spouse, and close friends should not take the survey. By this, they make sure the opinions they get are fair.

Make sure the answers you write in the survey are honest, as your opinions will help in decision making. Ensure you go through the rules and policies on their site to check whether you agree with everything. Taking the survey is a sign you agree with the rules. After you get the validation code, make sure you write it down as you will use the code to get the discount.

While taking the survey, make sure you follow all the rules put in place to avoid disqualification. The whole process is simple and takes only a few minutes.

How to Take BrueggersSurvey Step by Step

Step 1

Visit the official BrueggersSurvey site. Make sure you have the right site to avoid wasting time and giving personal details to a website that is a scam.

Step 2

Read all the rules, regulations, and policies put in place by the survey to make sure you agree with everything and to confirm that the data you are about to give will be secure.

Step 3

Choose the language you intend to use between English and Spanish.

Step 4

Enter the 13 digit code to access the survey. Make sure you enter the digits carefully as a simple error can deny you access to the survey site.

Step 5

Click the “START “button to continue with the survey.

Step 6

Enter the date and time you visited the store

Step 7

Rate your experience in the store from the food, cleanliness, and everything else from either satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Step 8

Choose your dining option, whether it was a take out or a dine-in.

Step 9

Write what you ordered in the store, food, drinks, snacks, and anything else.

Step 10

What was your main dish on the visit? How many of the main dishes did you take? Tell them

Step 11

Rate the attitude of the staff. Did they welcome you when you arrived? Did they understand your order? How clear were they with the information they gave you?

Step 12

How was the food? How was the temperature? How did it taste? How was the portioning? Did you like the pricing, or was it high?

Step 13

How was the restaurant in general, cleanliness, lighting, decoration, and anything else?

Step 14

What would you recommend? Briefly write what you would recommend to the restaurant that will help improve the restaurant and provide the best to the customers.

Step 15

Answer any other question asked in the survey.

Step 16

Check the survey to see whether everything is as you had intended, submit the survey.

Once you finish the survey, you will get a validation code. Write on the receipt and also take a screenshot. Make sure you don’t lose the code as it is what you will use to redeem your discount on your next visit to the store.

BrueggersSurvey Rewards

People need more motivation to take the survey hence the need for a reward system. With a reward, more people will take part in the survey with the hopes of winning something. That is why the Bruegger’s are offering a validation code at the end of the survey that customers can redeem at any store to get a discount.

The discount you get will vary with the store. Some stores will offer a free Bagel while others will give a $2 discount. The discount will be on the receipt you will use to access the survey.

Why the Survey is Essential to Bruegger’s?

The survey will help Bruegger’s management to collect quality and quantity data, which they will use to help them come up with changes that will help them make more profits and give their customers what they want. The survey provides a platform where they communicate with their customers and know how satisfied they are with the services and the food.

With the survey, the company will be able to monitor other stores in different locations. From the reviews, they can tell if all the stores adhere to the company’s regulations. If there is a store not making enough profits, they will be able to determine where the problem lies.

Why the BrueggersSurvey is Important to the Customers?

Customers will be able to express what they feel about the services and the food in the stores. The employees will not read the reviews you write, so you don’t have to fear being victimized by the employees or hurting their feelings.

The customers get a chance to be part of the decision making process. They feel they are not just customers but also a part of the restaurant team. The best part, customers get validation code that they redeem to a free meal or a discount of $2 in the meal they take on their next visit to the store.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Bruegger’s collects information quality in a short time.
  • The survey provides a platform in which customers and the management get to interact.
  • The customers get a discount which helps them to save some cash on their next visit to the restaurant.
  • Customers can participate in decision making.


  • The receipt expires in three days.
  • Some people are not honest while taking the survey.
  • The survey is online, and so it is possible for the system supporting the survey to get hacked, and the information can land on the wrong people’s hands.
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BrueggersSurvey Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code3 days
Prize Expiry7 days
Purchase Yes

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Do I need to purchase to take part in BrueggersSurvey?

Yes, for you to access BrueggersSurvey, you need a 13 digits code that you get after you make a purchase. By doing so, they make sure every person who takes part in the survey is a customer, and what they write is out of the experience and not guessing or asking from friends. They don't have an offline way to take the survey as they believe the online method is the fastest, and also it is more reliable compared to the mail method.

Why are the employees & their families not allowed to take BrueggersSurvey?

The employees are likely to give biased reviews. Especially on questions asking about the staff, they can never say there was an issue as they are the staff. To avoid that and to collect fair and exact details, they get restricted from taking part in the survey.

How long does it take to complete BrueggersSurvey?

BrueggersSurvey is simple. The questions in the survey are all on the experience in the store. There is nothing to think about. With a good network connection and a good typing speed, the survey should take at most five minutes.

How do I know I have the right BrueggersSurveysite?

The way to make sure you have the right site is using the link on the official website to join the survey site. Also, you can confirm using the logo, confirm whether the brand logo on the survey site is similar to the one on the official website. Taking BrueggersSurvey on the wrong site can cost you. Your details may land on the wrong people's hands, and they may use the details to commit crimes.

What can result in the disqualification of a participant in BrueggersSurvey?

Several reasons can make you get disqualified from BrueggersSurvey. Failure to follow the survey rules warrants a disqualification. The other reason that can make you get disqualified is if the information you give in the survey is not honest.

In case they suspect you have manipulated the system for any reason, you can get disqualified from the survey and also be charged in court and be punished according to the United States law as it is a crime to manipulate a survey system.

What do I do if I am having trouble joining BrueggersSurvey?

If, by any case, you are having trouble joining BrueggersSurvey, first try and enter the 13 digits on the receipt again and carefully. If you still can't access the website, contact Bruegger's customer care and explain to them the trouble you are having.

Customer service number:1-888-822-5379

Corporate number:1-802-660-4020


Expressing your opinion is very important, especially if your feedback is going to help improve something. The best part is that the information you give will be anonymous. Feel free to write the survey and be honest.

By taking the survey, you not only help a restaurant make more profits but also become a part of decision making. Your opinion gets to the right people, and they do something about what you say. Your favorite restaurant improves to your liking, and the best part is you get a discount. What other reason do you need to take part in the survey?

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