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Good customer experience is what has kept KFC at the helm of the restaurant biz. By seeking candid feedback from their customers, they have revolutionized the way franchises operate. Through MyKFCExperience, they continuously collect customer experience to understand their perspective about their work. These surveys aren’t for free! They give amazing rewards to their customers.

They value genuine feedback relating to customer service and customer satisfaction. No wonder KFC has lived the test of time. With an organized customer feedback system like MyKFCExperience, customers spend less time sharing their opinions.


Name: MyKFCExperience

Description: Globally, KFC trades under the umbrella of the parent company, Yum! Brands. To maintain high standards, KFC listens to its customers. That is the reason why they introduced a survey portal, commonly known as MyKFCExperience.MyKFCExperience is a system that collects feedback from customers on a real-time basis. Customers don’t do it for free; they get fantastic rewards in return. It is a win-win scenario for the company and the customer too.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time
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MyKFCExperience Summary

With the survey portal, MyKFCExperience, the restaurant has soared its revenue. They racked up $1.1 billion in 2018, and its growth prospects look great.

Their latest strategy is expanding its presence in Africa. Already, it is the only American food chain deeply rooted in the continent. They plan to open 70 branches in Africa, according to their current plans.

MyKFCExperience Eligibility and Rules

To qualify for MyKFCExperience surveys, you need to understand the binding rules and the criteria for eligibility. Below are a few points to put in mind before taking the surveys.

  • The top eligibility issue is that you must be a resident of the US with legal residency in any ten states.
  • They allow each customer to answer one survey per week
  • You should have the ability to understand English or Spanish
  • The validity of the receipts takes one week, so you must answer a survey for that receipt within that period.
  • All employees, together with their family members, are not allowed to participate in the surveys. That measure enables them to check on bias and conflict of interest.
  • You must have attained the age of 18 to participate
  • You require a device like a smartphone, tablet or computer to complete the survey
  • The validity of the coupon is one month
  • You cannot participate freely without a validation code
  • If you are busy, always keep the receipt if you intend to do the survey later
  • Do not use external links in accessing the survey portal. Sometimes scammers pose as KFC intending to steal your information, so beware.


How to participate in MyKFCExperience

Participating in KFC surveys is simple and precise. The instructions are spot on, and it should not take anyone more than 5 minutes to complete a survey.

Follow these steps, and you will be on your way to grabbing your reward.

Step 1: Navigate to the MyKFCExperience portal by following the following link: On the landing page, you will see a welcome message and a sample receipt highlighting the position of where the required details are located.

In this case, they highlight the time and survey code.

Step 2:Now enter the time and survey code on the boxes mentioned in step 1. Ensure that the digits are accurate as captured on the receipt, or else you will have to repeat the process.

Step 3: Step three is the actual questionnaire. Answer the entire questionnaire with utmost honesty. Remember, your feedback is critical in improving service and enhancing the overall environment of the restaurant.

Also, make sure that while you are answering the questionnaire, the internet you are using is very stable. Any drop in internet connection may take you back to square one.

Step 4: This step requires you to submit your answers. Simply hit the submit button to proceed.

Step 5: They will request you to enter your contact information. The info is necessary for them to reach you while communicating the reward.

MyKFCExperience Rewards

KFC distributes unlimited rewards to its customers. The loyal customer is the ultimate winner in the MyKFCExperience reward system.

The main reward on offer is the famous KFC Go Cup. For those who don’t know much about KFC, don’t be fooled that the KFC Go Cup is a drink. Far from that! It is a cup filled with delicious fries. That is enlightening, isn’t it?

For food lovers, you will be spoilt for choice if KFC surveys become your friend. Lots of fried chicken are up for grabs all day long. If fries aren’t your thing, then you can go for whoppers. Alternatively, you can go with free sandwiches.

KFC coupon reward is the best thing that ever happened to KFC. Apart from whoppers, you may use the coupon to redeem free hot wings, soft drinks popcorn nuggets, Wraps, Chicken Littles, or Spicy Tenders.

Another amazing win is the $1,000 sweepstake that is drawn regularly. The more coupons you redeem, the higher the chances of smashing the sweepstake.

They also have crazy discounts for customers who complete surveys. The discounts are a way of treating their customers.

Redeeming Your Rewards

For you to redeem your rewards, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: In your subsequent visit, take the receipt with the coupon printed on it to your nearby KFC restaurant.

Step 2: Proceed to purchase as you usually do.

Step 3: Check for offers that match your code and enjoy your free food.

Tip: Do not take long before using the code as it is subject to expiry. Also, let Google be your friend in locating the nearest KFC. All KFC locations are available on Google Maps.

There are other methods of redeeming coupons for food at KFC, as outlined in the following bullet points.

  • Redeeming through walk-ins to the nearest branch and showing the receipt to the staff
  • Make a claim during special events hosted by the restaurant, most of them being promotions.
  • Use the KFC App; download it on your phone.
  • Check newspapers for info on other ways to redeem your freebies
  • Keep checking your email for coupon codes


  • MyKFCExperience is reliable. You get your rewards as long as you have met the requirements laid down in the eligibility criteria and as soon as you complete your survey.
  • KFC takes each feedback with the seriousness it deserves; therefore, customers always get the best service since complaints are dealt with on the spot.
  • Surveys are short, no worry about time wastage.
  • They have multiple options for rewards; the choice is all yours. You can choose KFC Go Cups, chicken littles, spicy tenders, whooper, and many more.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of times you can enter; you can do it every week.
  • For convenience, you can redeem your rewards from more than 22,000 locations
  • The validity of coupons is extended to allow you to redeem your rewards
  • KFC staff are friendly
  • KFC have flexible working hours


  • The rewards are restricted to American citizens
  • You can only redeem a coupon in the next visit, so if you are far from KFC, then you may miss your reward.

MyKFCExperience Center

WinnerEvery Participant
Validation Code7 days
Prize ExpiryNA
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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Is my privacy assured when I share my information with MyKFCExperience?

Your data is treated with the utmost privacy at KFC. It is never shared with third parties. The info collected is solely used to realign the business in terms of customer service, cleanliness, restaurant design, and other aspects.

Also, the company that hosts the portal is trusted in the US. SMG is an insights company with expertise in building platforms that monitor customer, patient, and employee experiences.

What areas do MyKFCExperience questionnaires cover?

The survey covers a few areas that touch on:

  • Responsibility and behavior of staff when serving customers
  • The state of security and location of the restaurant
  • General cleanliness of the restaurant
  • Competitors
  • Customer views on prices
  • Taste of food
  • Personal opinions

How can I contact MyKFCExperience?

There are several ways to convey your message that include:

  • Sending a mail to this address 800 Virginia Ave, Fort Pierce, FL 34982, USA
  • Make a call to 800-225-5532 or 1 (800) 225-5532
  • Fill a contact form on by following this link:

Where should I begin if I want to get a reward from KFC?

To summarize what you need to do, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit a KFC near you, buy food and acquire a receipt
  2. Log in to the MyKFCExperience on
  3. Give candid feedback
  4. Provide personal information as required
  5. Submit

No one can deny that KFC is a dominant player in the fast-food industry. Through MyKFCExperience, they have continued to improve service delivery to their customers. Listening to customer feedback is a bold step they took, which puts them ahead of the pack. Any foody person should try MyKFCExperience, and you will not regret it. Hopefully, this write up was enlightening.