TalkToSonic Customer Survey For A Free Drink

September 5, 2022

TalkToSonic is a customer satisfaction survey that rewards customers for completing surveys at TalkToSonic Restaurant. The restaurant values its customers and seeks feedback that helps them improve their experiences. They offer incredible rewards for customers who take their surveys. You should join this survey site because it offers free drinks and meals for sharing your opinions. The process of taking surveys is effortless; it takes a few minutes, and you are done. Next time you visit TalkToSonic, do not forget to give feedback.


Name: TalkToSonic

Description: To maintain very high standards of customer service, Sonic designed TalkToSonic. Sonic started TalkToSonic to learn about their customers' experiences. Being a franchise network, they need reliable feedback to maintain the set standards.

TalkToSonic Summary

Over the years, TalkToSonic has collected feedback through customer experience surveys. These surveys don’t take up much of your time. And you get incredible rewards for completing surveys; the more you respond to the surveys, the more rewards you get.

In giving you feedback, you help the restaurant make improvements to the business. In the end, you and other customers benefit from quality service.

So next time you visit the restaurant, take a moment to answer their surveys. You have up to 14 days to take the surveys from the time of purchase.

Eligibility and Rules

Any survey panel has a guide of rules and defined eligibility criteria. For you to qualify for TalkToSonic, you must understand their guide, which includes the following:

  • You must have attained the age of 18 to participate
  • Surveys are open to US residents only
  • Previous customers are eligible to give feedback
  • To enter, you must have a valid receipt together with an ID number
  • You can only take surveys within two weeks of visiting the restaurant
  • You must understand either English or Spanish
  • A coupon code provided is only valid for 60 days, after which it is deactivated
  • Employees are not allowed to participate in surveys
  • You must own a device that could be a smartphone, a PC, or a tablet
  • A stable internet connection is a prerequisite
  • They limit survey entry to one every seven days
  • Customers do not redeem cash


Talk to Sonic offers multiple rewards for completing their customer experience surveys. All the rewards come as a surprise to the customer. They also have coupons up for grabs to their customers. These coupons are active for up to 60 days, and you can redeem them at any of the 3,600 locations.

Apart from coupons, you get lots of treats from the restaurant. Among them are free slushes, Sonic 44 drinks, frozen drinks, burgers, sodas, and limeades. The favorite for customers is the Sonic 44 drink.

Point to Note: Each receipt automatically qualifies you for a free drink.

How to Participate

Participating in TalkToSonic surveys is a straightforward exercise. Follow the steps outlined herein, and you will be on your way to winning an offer.

Step 1: Visit TalkToSonic restaurant and make your purchase. Retain the receipt for use in filling out the customer survey. You can fill it in if you have time as you enjoy your meal or drink. Remember, you need to do it within 14 days, while coupons stay active for up to 60 days.

Once you have your receipt, connect your device to stable internet. Proceed to their website through the link

Step 2: Enter a 14-digit identification number printed on the receipt. Also, enter the code provided. Hit the blue button to continue. If you prefer Spanish, change your language preference.

Step3: Now, answer the survey questions listed. It takes about 5 minutes to complete. Since they value candid feedback, be honest in all your answers.

The format for answering the surveys is multiple choice. It should be easy for each customer to present their opinions.

Note: They will ask questions related to the restaurant environment and staff. The questions cover waiter behavior, food quality, location, and restaurant cleanliness.

Step 4: Type personal recommendations in the text box provided. Be precise and hit the nail on the head. That way, the team at Talk to Sonic can quickly synthesize the information.

Step 5: Get Sonic validation codes by entering the sweepstake. As mentioned earlier, the code qualifies you for a free sonic 44 drink or iced tea.

Step 6: To redeem your reward, show the receipt to staff in any Sonic 24 restaurant. Enjoy the free drink, but don’t forget to go back.

Note: Sometimes, customers cheat to get rewards from TalktoSonic. It is not a fair practice for the company, but customers still do it. They do so by altering the MAC and IP addresses to benefit from a single receipt. Since the customer survey panel identifies unique addresses, changing internet protocols and MAC addresses is a sure way to trick the system.

  • Customer Service
  • Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • TalkToSonic surveys provide instant feedback for immediate action.
  • The company benefits from improved customer service for repeat customers.
  • Taking surveys doesn’t eat up much of your time; within 5 minutes, you are done.
  • The menu variety injects diversity into the meals.
  • They serve customers speedily.
  • The parking area is super clean.
  • Staff rapport is unrivaled by competitors.
  • They serve food at the proper temperatures.
  • The taste and quality of food keep you coming back.
  • Ordering and service are exceptional; they serve you as you sit or from your car.
  • Table arrangement and decor in the restaurant are appealing.


  • Some customers complain of the glitchiness of the site.
  • There are a few reported inconsistencies in drink quality.
  • Shrewd customers have a way of cheating the system by altering internet connections and mac addresses.
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TalkToSonic Center

WinnerEvery Participant
Validation Code14 days
Prize Expiry60 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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Why am I having problems accessing TalkToSonic?

The chances are that the server is down. When that happens, the link goes down. Besides, the site could be undergoing maintenance, and it won’t take long before it is restored.

When experiencing problems reaching the survey site, do not hesitate to reach out to the team through social media platforms. Alternatively, you can contact the Service Management Group SMG, which hosts the site.

What areas do TalktoSonic cover?

These surveys focus on various aspects of the Sonic Restaurant. As a customer, you should expect questions touching on:

  • The speed of service after ordering food.
  • They will ask about your previous experience at the restaurant.
  • The state of facilities within the store could be about the washrooms or other facilities.
  • The location of the restaurant and its convenience.
  • Your favorite food items or drinks and the quality too.
  • The staff noted the behavior.
  • Your opinion on prices.
  • Overall rating on satisfaction.
  • Frequency of visits to the store.
  • Your recommendation attitude.

Remember, the questions keep changing depending on the areas in which the restaurant wishes to improve.

Does TalkToSonic protect my privacy?

TalkToSonic takes matters of privacy seriously. Your privacy is a priority. None of your information, like address, telephone number, or name, is shared with third parties. The data captured is solely used for improving the organization and not for marketing.

For more info concerning privacy, be sure to read the Privacy Policy

Apart from social media, what other ways can I reach TalkToSonic?

You may reach TalkToSonic through the following ways:

Fax to: 405 280 7696

Telephone the CEO: 405 225 5000

Call support on 1-866-657-6642

Check the Official Website:

Drop an email through

Access Survey Website through

Send mail through the post to 300 Johny Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

What is TalkToSonic all about?

TalkToSonic is a survey panel that collects customer feedback for Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. Using the panel, customers share their opinions based on past or current experiences in the restaurant. The team analyzes the information gathered and uses it to make necessary changes to the business.

How many times can I participate in TalkToSonic?

There are unlimited chances to participate in TalkToSonic surveys. However, there is a binding restriction. You can only enter once in 7 days.

What are the critical aspects of your terms and conditions?

You get a free Sonic 44 drink when you redeem your reward after taking a survey on TalkToSonic. That must happen within 14 days.

A complimentary drink is redeemable within 60 days, regardless of whether you make a purchase or not. Note that the days are counted from the date printed on the receipt.

They limit coupon rewards to a single drink for each receipt. However, as hinted before, you will incur an extra cost if you need add-ins.


In 1953, the idea of TalkToSonic was by Troy Noel Smith. In those years, there were no drive-in restaurants in the entire America. Owners of motor vehicles had serious challenges accessing parking spaces in congested city environments.

By innovating the way of doing business, Troy revolutionized the restaurant business concept. He provided ample parking spaces where customers sit in or eat and drink inside their cars; an unseen model elsewhere-he was destined for success.

The restaurant offers a varied list of food and drinks on its menu. On the menu, they have Toaster Sandwich, Pretzels, Hamburgers, Ice Teas, Onion Rings, and Shakes, among many other foods.

Initially, the restaurant chain was called Top Hat, but with significant rebranding, it became TalkToSonic. You will quickly notice them with their sparkling yellow and red colors.

From a humble beginning, they now serve 3 million customers daily across 45 states.

You can find the restaurant in more than 3,600 locations. The magnitude of their operations calls for severe managerial expertise. As you know, restaurants thrive on feedback, which is an area that TalkToSonic never takes for granted.

The Headquarters of the restaurant are in Oklahoma, USA. In 2018, they made revenue amounting to $423.59 million. They employ more than 9500 employees, 400 overseeing and handling corporate issues within the company.


TalkToSonic is an innovative survey panel that guarantees you free food and drinks. Why go anywhere else, and you can go to Sonic Drive-In and get more for less? Within 5 minutes of completing a survey, you are assured of a coupon reward during your next visit to the restaurant.

And if you love roller skating, this is another reason you should be a lover of this food chain. Do not forget the food diversity on offer at the eatery. See you there, people; let us connect and play!

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