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If you are looking for details on how to participate in TellCapriottis, then follow through this guide. We have shared the information you require to complete the survey flawlessly. The feedback you provide to this company is valued since it aids the management in making significant decisions about their services.

TellCapriottis features simple questions from your previous visit experiences. Always remember that your purchase receipt features your entry code into the survey, so keep it safe. Well, to save on time, let’s jump straight into the survey details so that you can get it right and win plenty of rewards from the company.

Name: TellCapriottis

Description: Capriotti’s restaurant runs TellCapriottis. This company is famous for its delicious sandwich and rewards the customers who share feedback concerning their visits. Lois and Alan Margolet established the food store in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1976. It has around 108 restaurants across the USA. This is among the restaurants that employ hundreds of people for smooth service delivery.

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TellCapriottis Summary

Once you purchase at one of the restaurants in the USA, you are an eligible participant in this survey at The chain of restaurants provides delicious food to thousands of customers daily. When you visit the restaurant and make a purchase, you get a receipt. This receipt is critical when it comes to entry into the survey.

Why take part in TellCapriottis?

If you have recently visited one of the Capriotti’s restaurants in the USA, then you have a chance to participate in this survey and win. The company provides straightforward questions so that you can share your honest feedback and help the company grow.

When you take part in TellCapriottis, you will help improve service delivery. The key thing is sharing honest feedback with the company. This allows you to voice your concerns for the company to initiate the required changes. Note that the company wants to retain you as a loyal customer. At the same time, it wants to attract new customers and expand.

Once you complete the survey, you get a chance to win plenty of rewards, including a discount coupon for your next shopping.

Additionally, you must participate in this survey since it has simplified questions that take fewer minutes. Besides, you can take the survey anywhere since it’s an online survey.

TellCapriottis Eligibility Criteria & Rules

Every company has the requirements for participating in their survey. The aim is to come up with quality feedback that helps the company to grow. Therefore, you must meet all the eligibility criteria and also abide by the set rules. This makes the entire process stress-free for you. We have sampled some of the critical areas so that you can find out if you are eligible for this survey. Read below and understand the rules for this survey.

· Must be a US resident since the branches are in the US

· You must have a basic knowledge of English and Spanish

· Be able to recall your previous visits experiences since this is where the questions come from

· You must have 18 years and above

· Be prepared to provide honest feedback

· If you are associated with the company in any way as an employee, family member or supplier, then you are not eligible for the survey

· Willingness to share your contact details for communication and clarification about the survey

· Since it’s an online survey, you need a purchase receipt with an entry code to the survey

· The receipt should be a recent one and not more than three days

· You also require a laptop or phone that has a good browser so gain access to the survey site

· Stable internet is vital so that you can have a smooth time when attempting the survey

· Have some few minutes to take the survey uninterrupted


TellCapriottis Restrictions

· Do not take the survey on behalf of the actual visitor

· Expired receipts are not valid

· The price should be redeemed within 30 days

· The information on the survey site should not be tampered with

· Forgery will lead to disqualification

· If state laws nullify the survey then you cannot proceed with it

· Failure to meet the eligibility criteria automatically disqualifies you


Some of TellCapriottis Questions

Every industry comes up with questions to help them grow and improve services for the customers. That’s why the questions are always tailored to the services provided. For those Capriotti’s restaurant, the questions come from the experiences you had at the resultant. That’s why it is fun to participate and takes a shorter time.

Some of the questions to expect:

· Your overall satisfaction concerning the restaurant you visited

· The completeness of the menu at the restaurant

· Quality of food offered and the prices

· The attitude and behavior of staff towards you

· The speed at which your order arrived

· The cleanliness of the restaurant and the environment around

· Your suggestions and recommendations to the management

As seen above, the questions come from the experiences you had while purchasing at the restaurant. Therefore, the company requires honest information as possible for quality responses.


TellCapriottis Rewards

Every company has a reward system. Some will offer you cash; others will give you plenty of gift cards while some will share coupon codes so that you can redeem on your upcoming visit. Regardless of the reward, as long as you are winning something, then it’s incredible.

The companies compensate you for the time and effort you took to give your feedback. The fantastic thing is that your feedback is an asset to the company, and they read it in detail so that you can get the adjustments you requested during your upcoming visit.

Once you take part in TellCapriottis, you share your contact details so that the communication can be more accessible.

Winners will get the TellCapriottis Coupons valid for Free 9″ Sub w/. The code is redeemable during your next visit to the same restaurant. Some of the offers you can redeem include; Free 9″ Sub Sandwich, Free Kids Meal, BOGO Offer, Gift Cards, Birthday Perks, Get Discount.

Additionally, you get notifications about the offers and discounts earlier than other visitors. This allows you to plan and make the purchase while the stock lasts.


How to participate and win in TellCapriottis?

The following steps offer you a guide on how to participate and win. Ensure that you have met the required criteria and also the rules. After that, you can get ready with your recent receipt and enter the survey. Follow these steps correctly so that you can eliminate unnecessary mistakes when taking the survey.

Step 1: Access the survey site at

Step 2: You can also search your browser for Tellcapriottis Guest Satisfaction Survey

Step 3: Choose your preferred language between English and Spanish

Step 4: Enter the 15 digit code and click the start button

Step 5: This will lead you to the survey questions

Step 6: Answer the questions honestly

Step 7: At this point, you must remember details about your previous visit

Provide your recommendations and suggestions to the company for the improvement

Step 8: Share your contact details, including email ID, phone contacts, and mailing address. The details make communication of the reward much easier

Step 9: Once you complete the above steps, click submit

You will receive your code on your email. Use this coupon code during your next visit. Just present it at the counter and wait for the reward.


  • The company has over 108 branches in the USA hence a legit survey
  • Immediately you complete the survey, you get a free coupon for your next visit
  • The survey is an online type and can be completed anywhere
  • You need a few minutes to complete the survey
  • The survey questions are fun and straightforward to participate
  • The survey site is also easy to navigate and saves time
  • The customer care desk is always ready to help you through


  • The coupon code can only be redeemed at the restaurant you previously visited.
  • Both the receipt and the coupon code have an expiry date. The receipt is valid for 3 days only while the code is useful within 30days.
  • You cannot exchange, share or transfer the reward
  • The survey is reserved for the American residents only

TellCapriottis Center

Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation CodeNA
Prize ExpiryNA
Purchase Yes

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Does Capriottis provide an alternative method other than TellCapriottis?

No, the company only has TellCapriottis. The online survey is a suitable way since it compiles accurate feedback, and during tallying, the outcomes are even faster. Additionally, the company services hundreds of customers daily, and a good number participate in the survey. It’s therefore easy to have an online survey so that the concerns can be addressed even faster.

Can I redeem my prize in any of the branches around the US?

Unfortunately, you cannot redeem the prize in any other branch other than the one you previously purchased from. Therefore, ensure your code is within the needed days so that you can redeem it. Other companies allow you to redeem in any branch, but for this company, it’s one of the downsides buyers have to put up with.

Is there a privacy policy to guard the contacts I share with TellCapriottis?

Yes, click on the policy for you to have more details about it. Furthermore, the company values its customers, and that is why the contacts shared will remain private between you and the company. The contacts will serve during communication on reward winning and inquiries when the company needs clarification. If third parties such as supports want access to your information, then the company must receive consent from you. Therefore, the company protects your contact details.

Who uses TellCapriottis feedback?

The feedback you share is an asset to the company. It’s useful since the company works on your concerns to improve service delivery. Additionally, the contact utilizes the feedback as an expansion strategy. The better they deliver services, the more customers they get, and that’s how the company expands. As of now, the company has over 108 branches in the US courtesy of your input. As you speak in the survey, the company listens and responds. Additionally, the feedback allows you to win rewards.

When having issues with TellCapriottis, how can I address them?

If you experience login problems, find out issues with cookies, your browser, the issues with the internet, and also the link to the site. If these are resolved, but the problem continues, then use the contacts below for further assistance.

Are there contacts to share concerns with TellCapriottis?

Yes, the company provides contacts ranging from phone numbers, email ID, mailing address, and social media sites so that you can choose the suitable one for your needs. We have shared the contacts below. Pick the one you think will suit your requirements and solve the issues.

Capriotti’s Mail Address: Capriotti’s Corporate Office, 6056 S. Durango, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV, 89113

Capriotti’s Phone No.: (847) 945-1300

Email Address:



Finally, the guideline comes to an end, and we hope you have enough information to tackle TellCapriottis with ease. Additionally, the questions have been simplified so that you take the shortest time to go through and share your responses. Winning a reward is a must. Once you submit the survey, write on the coupon code you receive on your email ID. This code will help on your next visit to the same restaurant you made your order from.

If you have questions about the survey, kindly leave a reply below. We are always available to guide you further. Alternatively, we have shared contact details for the company so that you can share anything you have concerning the Tellcapriottis Guest Satisfaction Survey.