ClearVoice Surveys Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 7, 2019

In our review today, we have one popular site called ClearVoice Surveys. This is our focus in this writeup as we help you to earn extra income through legitimate survey sites. We will find out the genuineness of the platform, why you need to join, the eligibility, pros, and cons, and lastly, the frequently asked questions. Let’s jump right into the review.

ClearVoice Surveys

Name: ClearVoice Surveys

Description: Clearvoice Surveys is a survey platform designed to reward you for taking part in various surveys online from the popular products you use every day. It’s a platform that was started in 2006 and has continued to reward participants in various ways.

ClearVoice Surveys Summary

What is the ClearVoice Surveys?

I know you have come across hundreds of survey sites. Some are common, while others are new to you. You have a right to understand the survey site in detail before you decide to enroll. This allows you to appreciate the outcome since you made a conscious decision to join due to your previous knowledge about the platform. Let’s find out what ClearVoice Surveys is.

You exchange your opinion for rewards such as amazon gifts and cash once you complete the survey. It is unique since it doesn’t take the point system reward; instead, you get your rewards in cash. The site is free to participate and allows you to add value to the way products and services reach people. In the end, you get rewarded for your time.

This platform collects your details and matches you with surveys according to your interests and demographics. This makes it easy for you to respond honestly to the questions and hence give the market research the details required.

Is it legit or scam?

If you are encountering a site for the first time, then this is a question you need to ask yourself. You are always curious to know if it’s real and get to know reviews by other people. When you search for “making money online,” hundreds of platforms will come up. Some are real, while others come to scam you and collect your information only to get negative feedback. This is usually the low moments in online activities.

You can quickly notice scam sites as they ask you to pay for a registration fee. More so, they take time to process your rewards. Other people have studied scam sites, and they say that they always block you from taking future surveys for no reason.

We recommend this ClearVoice survey as it’s a legit site. It has hundreds of companies depending on its feedback for market research. Note that the platform has been there for over eight years and still going strong. With this existence, we have seen participants confirm to have received amazon gifts and payments through Payoneer. With this system of payment, we can legitimize the platform and say it’s a great way to earn extra income even though it won’t make you rich.

Something else that qualifies this platform as a legit site is the various ways of earning rewards. You will participate in sweepstakes other than the standard surveys. Other times you will get into daily polls to accumulate as much within hours. Referrals are also beneficial, and for every successful referral you make, then earning from them is also easy.

The platform has a clear description of its area of focus, and that is products and services. You won’t find unclear and misleading information as far as the services are concerned. Therefore, participating in the platform is a sure way of doing tasks that are clear and straightforward.

Finally, you don’t have to click links to join. Instead, the platform has an easy to use website that allows you to register using multiple ways. The registration process takes fewer minutes, and you are ready to start earning.

Why you need to join

The ClearVoice survey is a legit platform with the evidence above. It offers you the opportunity to add value to the current market research and after that, improve the services and products on the market. This is where your opinion matters.

You need to be part of this platform, as most of your unutilized time will find value. It’s a better easy to make use of time after work or when you are relaxing. Remember, the questions are simple and easy to comprehend. You won’t struggle like the surveys on medical fields.


Before you enroll in any survey sites, you need to find out whether you are eligible to participate. In other words, you need to save your time from the surveys that won’t work for you. But how do you do this? Well, you need to find out the requirements or the criteria for participating.

Here are the requirements for you to join the ClearVoice surveys successfully.

  • You need to be 13 years and above. This is the right age for children to get into the fun of market research and give their opinion as well.
  • Stable internet connection. This is key since your surveys are online. In addition to this, you need a PC or smartphone. All these make your work easier and more productive.
  • As much as the platform allows anyone to participate worldwide, priority goes to those in the US, Canada, and the UK. The advantage is that you can get rewards in your local currency when you are a resident of the mentioned areas.
  • You must have a facebook account or email for you to register your account.

How to sign-up and start earning

This is a free site, and that’s why it is legit. Once you have confirmed that you are eligible. Go ahead and sign up through ClearVoice surveys. You will realize that the platform is clear and doesn’t have advertisements. This makes the entire process easy for you.

You can register using your Facebook account details or using your email. With facebook, click to allow the ClearVoice surveys to pick your details. After that, you will create a profile with your interests and demographics as the priority. Note that this information will be essential when you are getting the surveys that fit your description. This is why you are advised to give detailed information about you to be considered for any surveys.

When you register with your email, once you click register, you will get a notification in your mail to confirm the registration. If you fail to confirm, then the site won’t allow you to take the surveys.

How ClearVoice Surveys works and rewards

It is satisfying to know how a survey site works so that you can handle it easily. The rewards are the most motivating factor. Some survey sites go with points that are accumulated over time and thereafter redeemed for cash or other gifts. Others reward you in cash. Most participants prefer cash since it gives them the freedom to use the money the way they want.

For this ClearVoice survey, you get rewarded through cash via Payoneer, or you request an Amazon gift once you meet the minimum required threshold. For instance, if you want to withdraw some money, you need a minimum of $10, and for amazon gift cards, you need at least $5 minimum.

The surveys pay between $1-$20, but mostly, you will have the surveys that pay you $1. This won’t make you rich but will supplement the cash you earn for the day. Note that the survey takes 10-15 minutes. When the survey window expires, you get paid immediately. This takes about 4-6 weeks. You can, after that request for an Amazon voucher, cash, or gifts. For the money, you will require a Payoneer account.

We also have other methods through which you can earn more cash. This includes participating in the sweepstakes where you have an equal chance to win $100, $250 or $1000.

You can also get rewards through product testing even though it’s one of the hardest to get. If you are lucky to get a product, then you will get rewarded as well as retain the product.

Lastly, you get $0.5 for each survey that your referral completes successfully.

If you get screened out of any survey, you will get 10 cents as appreciation for the time you took to respond to the questions.

Other than your PC, you can still take the surveys using your smartphone, and this allows you to work remotely.



  • First, you will love the way the website is straightforward and nicely designed for easy navigation.
  • You can also register with Facebook, which is fast and easy. Alternatively, you can use your email and confirm your registration.
  • This platform pays cash and also gifts. This means that you can choose whatever you want and stay happy as you explore.
  • The surveys are simple and take approximately 10-15 minutes. You can complete several in a day.
  • Other than the surveys, you can get huge rewards through sweepstakes.
  • It is legit and offers you the ease of payment and low threshold for getting your rewards. For instance, you get the amazon gift card at a lower threshold of $5 and cash rewards when you hit $10.


  • The platform won’t make you rich as it pays $1 for the surveys, which are sometimes limited depending on your profile.
  • The rewards expire after one year, and this means that you can get locked out if you don’t get enough surveys to meet the target.
  • The platform doesn’t use the popular PayPal, and this makes it difficult to withdraw your rewards.
  • You can get cut out of a continuing survey if you don’t meet the requirements.
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ClearVoice Surveys Center

NameClearVoice Surveys
PayoutCash, Gift Card
Minimum Payout$10, $5
Payment MethodPayPal, Amazon
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline

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Is this a legit platform?

Yes, it’s legit as it has a history of paying the panelists. Additionally, it has been there since 2006.

What are the rewards after completing the survey?

You get Amazon gift cards once you reach $5, or you can wait longer for you to hit $10 and then get the cash via Payoneer.

Can I use PayPal for my withdraws?

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t work with PayPal; instead, they give you the Payoneer option for cash rewards.

What are the rewards or the survey done?

The rewards range between $1-$20, depending on the type of survey you complete. These take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Are children allowed to participate?

Yes, children from 13 years and above can take part in this exercise and earn gifts.

Can I use a smartphone?

You are lucky since the website has the provision for a smartphone. This means that you can work anywhere and make money through your smartphone.


You have the required information to decide on joining ClearVoice surveys. If you are searching for a useful way to utilize your extra time, invest it into this platform. We don’t guarantee you that you will earn and become rich, but at least you will have a few dollars during your free time.

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