SliceThePie Review — Paid Surveys & Opinion Legit or a Scam?

December 7, 2019

Imagine a platform where you can tell a musician or designer what you think? You may not be an expert, but you are a consumer, and your view may be representing the views of many more consumers. You are also in a better position to see something when it’s not right, as you are not the one who created it.

Well, there is such a platform. SliceThePie or Slice The Pie is a site where people review music and fashion designs and get paid. This means your views will help someone. The best part is that you get paid for doing that. You enjoy doing what you love. You get to help someone or a company and earn some cash. How much better can it get?

In this article, you will get to see and learn all about SliceThePie. With this information, you can join the site and have a chance to listen to music and rate fashion designs and earn some extra cash.

SliceThePie Review

Name: SliceThePie

Description: SliceThePie is a site that reviews new songs from new artists before the songs are signed. It helps the artist to know at what level they are in terms of their music. The site also reviews TV shows. Members receive a trailer of a TV show before it starts airing so they can tell how the show is and what would make it even better. The site also reviews fashion design where members comment on the designs, and they rate it from one to ten.

SliceThePie Summary

Members of the site who take part in the reviews earn according to the reviews. If the report was detailed, that means a better payment. The site started by reviewing music only but later grew to critique TV shows, advertisements, and fashion.

SliceThePie started in 2007 as a site where new artists upload their music, and members of the site could review the songs and rate them. The songs with a high rating get an opportunity to showcase the song.

In 2015 they added TV commercial advertisements and fashion. With the added things, they review them and answer questionnaires in some and rate them out of ten. It helps in improving the ads and styles and making sure they come up with the best.


Just like any other site, SliceThePie has its requirements and rules. Before you sign in, it’s good to first go through the terms and conditions to make sure it’s something you agree with.

For you to take part in the review, you will need a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, since the report is online.

You will also need access to the internet. You need to listen to the music for at least 90secends for you to send a review.

The website does not operate like other similar sites. Members pass through different levels depending on their reviews. Those with the highest-rated music pass to the next level.

When doing the reviews, be sure to be detailed and truthful. You risk having your account suspended if your considerations are not good enough.

Signing up

For you to become a member, you have to click the link on their site for joining. You will then need to fill in your details, such as your name, gender, age, and the email address that you use on PayPal.

SliceThePie will then send a confirmation link to the email address you provided for you to activate your account.


After you are a member, you will go to the next part of reviewing. You will choose what you are interested in reviewing.

  • Music

For those interested in reviewing the music, you will choose the genre of music you are interested in. After you select the genre, there is no changing that later. To be on the safer side, choose as many types as possible to make sure you always have music to review.

The platform is to help upcoming musicians with their music. Each musician gets a chance to submit three tracks. The tracks are reviewed without disclosing the singer or the name of the music. By this, they make sure the review is fair.

After the music is uploaded, the members of the site give a detailed review of the music. They have to listen to the song for 90seconds to provide the report. Members can comment on the composition of the music, the arrangement, rhythm, and production quality. After commenting on these areas, members rate the music from one to ten. The music with the highest rating gets a chance to showcase and even an offer to produce an album. The members, in return, earn a certain amount of cash on every song they review. The amount you receive depends on the rating of the members.

  • The TV commercials and ads review

In TV commercials review, you get a trailer to watch. If you like it, you are supposed to slide it toward the smiley face, and if you don’t, you push it to the sad face on the user interface. If you do not do that, SliceThePie will keep reminding you and playing the same video.

After you have watched the video, you can comment on how it was and what would have made it better. You then rate the video on a scale of one to ten. The more detailed the review is, the more payments you receive.


SliceThePie pays in cash, unlike other sites that award the participants points which you change into money. For you to withdraw the money you have earned, you will need a minimum amount of $10. Once you get to the minimum amount, the platform sends the cash into your PayPal account. The whole payment process will take around five days.

With SliceThePie, every participant is paid differently. They have a system where they pay the participants depending on the rating. The higher the score, the more you earn. The rank falls between one and five. The following is the rating system and what you can make from it.

-One star equals to$ 0.03

-Two stars equal to $0.06

-Three stars equal to $0.09

-Four stars equal to $0.12

-Five stars equal to $0.15 per song


The number of stars participants have depends on the quality of the review you give. The more detailed the report is, the more the stars and the more the earning.

Apart from reviewing, participants can earn by referring their friends to the site. After the friends have joined, you get some cash, and after the friends have started making money, you get a specific percent of what the friends earn. By referring, you can earn some money even without reviewing.



  • Payment is in cash

SliceThePie uses cash form to pay its members. It is a better method of paying, unlike in other sites where they use points. The problem with points is that the sites award many points, but after you convert them to cash, they end up being very little. They also use PayPal to pay. Paypal is almost worldwide. So everyone can access it.

  • Exciting review process

The reviewing process is fascinating. You get to listen to music and earn. It is an activity you can do even without expecting payments. You also get to learn new music and TV shows before they are released.

  • Be part of others’ success

With the review you give, you help people make improvements in their music and get chances they could not have gotten before. The report will either encourage the person to do more of what they are doing or improve what they are doing.

  • Effortless earning

You get to earn extra cash without much effort and investing a lot. It’s like earning from doing what you love. Even the signing up process is simple. They don’t ask for any personal details or even many questions.


  • Low payment

They pay less. In one review, you earn $0.03cents. You will need to do a lot of reviews to get to the minimum amount required to withdraw. The idea of listening to music and earning is exciting, but you don’t get much from it. Unless you are doing it for fun and not the cash, you will be disappointed.

  • Strict guidelines

The site is stringent. If your review is not detailed or well explained, you will get nothing. The fact that SliceThePie pays depending on how comprehensive the review is tells it all. To some point, they suspend the account if all your reviews are not good enough.

  • Takes long to receive payment

It takes a lot of time to pay the participants. If you are impatient, this site will frustrate you. It takes a while before paying. It is because the review on a particular music or show has to over before they process the payment.

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SliceThePie Survey Center

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Payment MethodPayPal
Points ExpiryNA
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Is SliceThePie a scam?

The site may sound too good to be accurate, but the fact is that the site is legit. There are reviews of people confirming their payments. There may be many complaints about the delayed payment and the disqualified reviews, but the site pays those who give quality reviews.

How much can I earn with SliceThePie?

The amount you earn on the site depends on how many reviews you do. Also, the quality of the survey will determine how much you make. A more detailed report will earn more as you will get more ratings. You can also earn by referring friends. Referring more people will increase earnings.

Is there a maximum number I should review in a certain period?

Yes. When you log into your account, you will notice that there is a bar. When the bar is empty, it indicates that you have reached the maximum you can review. After that, you have to wait for the bar to be full again so you can resume reviewing.

How many reviews do I need to do to get a star in the rating?

The number of stars you get is determined by how you review. When the review is well detailed and clear to understand gets a star. If the report is complicated, you don’t get a star, and you don’t earn. If all your reviews are cumbersome and don’t explain well, your account may get suspended.

Does joining the site require any qualifications?

No, anyone can join the site and take part in the rating and reviewing process. All you need is to fill your details while joining. They do not require many features and do not ask a lot of questions like other sites. Also, entering the site free.


Final Verdict on SliceThePie

I wonder if there is anyone who hates music. Not a specific genre but music in general. So a significant percentage would enjoy working with SliceThePie. Imagine listening to music, which you already do, and criticizing it (which you already do) and then get paid? It’s as simple as that.

By reviewing the music, you help new artists improve their songs. Apart from that, you also consider fashion designs. You may even come across a fashion you are interested in. It’s a fun job to do, and the fact that you also get paid is more motivation to join the site. At the end of it all, every party is benefiting from it.

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