December 7, 2019

Survey Sampling International — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

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Don’t get confused, Survey Sampling International (SSI survey) recently rebranded to Dynata. The new panel offers you high tech solutions in the research field. They run a couple of proprietary panels, many of which are successful. In this review, we dig deeper to bring you the most relevant information about this panel. Read through and be enlightened!

Survey Sampling International

Name: Survey Sampling International

Description: Dynata is a market research company based in Shelton, Connecticut. It manages an array of proprietary panels that include Survey Sampling International, Opinion Outpost, Centro De Opinion OpinionWorld, Opinionology, Opinion Outpost, iPoll, QuickThoughts, Opinion Miles Club, ProOpinion, iPoll, E-Rewards and Survey Spot.



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Survey Sampling International Summary

Survey Sampling International (SSI Survey) has been in operation since 1977, serving more than 5,800 clients globally. To expand their niche, they opened 30 offices across 21 countries and employed 3,500 staff. On its platform, they have 60 million panelists who have 2,700 different attributes.

As of 2018, they had distributed and received feedback of 100 million surveys. Since its inception, they have penetrated their roots in different industries.

They have done projects in Management Consulting, Healthcare, Technology, Financial Services, Retail, Automobile, Media Ads, and Politics. This diversity gives them the experience needed to deliver quality work for their clients.

The panel uses a CATI approach to monitor all agents working for the firm. They have also implemented a predictive dialing technology to help agents give feedback promptly.

With that system in place, Survey Sampling International/Dynata can monitor all users remotely. Any red flags or bugs are detected by the system, making it easy to fix.

Another strength of this system is the enhanced security features. They pay attention to protocol management enabling users to remain secure every time they log in to their platforms.

Since joining in 2012, Chris Fanning, the former CEO, implemented major changes. Key among the new changes included improved hosting and programming, custom reporting, CATI questionnaire design, online reporting, and better data collection strategies.

Besides, Fanning put in place Artificial Intelligence models to enable customization of client needs. The model incorporates a Do It Yourself (DIY) survey experience that makes it dynamic and user-friendly.

Through his prudent management practices, he doubled the firm’s revenue to 300 million dollars. Survey Sampling International/Dynata recently welcomed a new CEO whose first assignment was to ensure a successful merger between Opiniology and SSI.

With more than 30 years of extensive management experience, Gary Laben injects new energies to a now formidable Dynata. He came in at a time when the company needed someone to implement data-driven and tech guided marketing strategies.

He steered the merger, which created a forum that connects consultants, researchers, suppliers, and clients. The essence of the forum is to develop innovative solutions and built a network of game-changers in the research field.

Back in 2014, HGGC acquired a commanding stake in the firm. Other partners boosting their solid capital standing include Providence Equity Partners and Sterling Investment Partners.

The organization’s growth prospects look promising.

Eligibility and Rules

This is what you need to know as far as eligibility is concerned:

  • You must be 18 years or older to use Dynata
  • Only one account is allowed per person
  • You must own a device, either a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • You must have access to the internet
  • Participation in surveys is voluntary

How to participate

To sign up for Survey Sampling International/Dynata as a client, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to their web page link on
  2. Then Click on Login, you will see four options which include A Dimension, Audience Verification, Samplify, and Insights Platform. Contact Dynata before starting the process.
  3. Choose the account you wish to create
  4. Enter all profile data as requested
  5. Verify using a link sent to your email

Note: A-Dimension helps you track the KPI of your campaign while comparing performances. Audience Verification is the dashboard where you check all the audience metrics.

Samplify is where the real action begins. With Samplify, you create surveys, launch projects, and download real-time data. You may access the data in Excel, CSV, and SPSS. The choice is yours!

The Insights Platform takes you straight to your account. There you can adjust the preferences to suit your needs.


Survey Sampling International/Dynata rewards vary depending on the proprietary panel chosen. E-Rewards, for example, offers free magazines worth 10 to 70 dollars. They also give out gift cards worth $25 in exchange for 60 points. You can choose to redeem the gift card from more than 30 retailers.

iPoll offers $25 cash rewards payable through PayPal. If you love to be paid by cash, then iPoll is well integrated with robust payment solutions.

Opinion Outpost pays $10 for every 100 points. With this panel, you can redeem a gift card from a low as $5, which is equivalent to 50 points.

OpinionWorld is less attractive to all Survey Sampling International/Dynata panels. Their 1000 points are equivalent to 10 dollars or 10 Euros.

QuickThoughts allows you to redeem Amazon and iTunes gift codes. The exciting thing about this panel payout is instantaneous.

Opinion Miles Club is another proprietary panel run by Dynata. The panel partners with United Airlines to offer free miles to their customers.


  • Dynata has advanced scripting and programming that works on any device. They also have a mobile app.
  • It assures quality first-party data, which incorporates more than 2,700 unique profile attributes and a standby panel team composed of 60 million diversities.
  • They work with more than 75 affiliates covering comprehensive B2C and B2B profiles.
  • It offers seamless access to Dynata data that matches and onboard your CRM and third-party data sets with ease.
  • Users benefit from versatile service models that allow Do It Together (DIT), Do It For Me (DIFM) and Do It Yourself (DIY).
  • It is built to handle advanced data analytics, customizable reporting, insights, and dashboard management.
  • They have a talented team helping to solve business challenges.
  • They have in place a strong monitoring system that assures quality work to the client.
  • It offers an opportunity for panelists to sharpen their customer service skills.
  • The package comes with a free survey authoring tool that a client can create personalized surveys.
  • Push notifications and alerts allow you to know of running opportunities in real-time
  • They adhere to strict principles of Research as set out by ESOMAR, AAPOR, MRA, MMRA, and MRIA.
  • They have a survey score diagnostic tool that checks the quality of the surveys before they are sent out.
  • SSI sample tool allows efficient targeting of the audience to help get the most relevant survey feedback.
  • Each month Dynata donates $10,000 to American Red Cross.


  • They collect personal information which can be used wrongly by third parties.
  • They have a high payout threshold; to redeem, you must accumulate at least $50.
  • Panelists complain of late-night calls.

Survey Sampling International Center

NameSurvey Sampling International
Minimum Payout$50
Payment MethodPayPal
Points ExpiryNA
Sign UpOnline


What are my rights as a user of Survey Sampling International/Dynata?

Several rights protect you as a user of Dynata. Here are a few:

  • You have a right to opt-out of data collection that you feel will make you insecure, simply log into your account and change the preferences.
  • You have a right to opt-out of automated data collection by Dynata. Usually, this happens when you turn on cookies; to opt-out turn off cookies.
  • You have a right to see all personal information maintained by Dynata and have the opportunity to edit any inaccurate info with anonymity.
  • You can withdraw prior consent relating to the use of your personal information anytime to wish.

Remember, these rights are also subject to the law of your country.

Do you transfer my data across borders or to third parties?

The data that Survey Sampling International/Dynata holds about you can be transferred to other countries where Dynata is located. Often, data may be transferred to the HeadQuarters in the United States.

However, in the process of transferring data, your privacy is still protected as per the Privacy Agreement and the terms and conditions. In Switzerland and the Eurozone, data transfer to third parties is guided by the existing law.

For enhanced protection, you may set your preference using the Do Not Track setting on your browser. That way, your data is not transferred without your consent.

Who can access my data?

Different people and entities may have access to your data. Check some:

  • Affiliates, subsidiaries, and the parent company may access your data as provided for in the privacy policy.
  • Service providers working with Dynata may access your data, which includes fraud tool services, cloud storage partners, but all happens under the company’s instruction.
  • Program partners may be invited to see the data
  • Clients can be provided with the data for market intelligence purposes.
  • Customers may have access if there are claims of intellectual property rights infringement.
  • It may also be shared for other reasons as provided by the policy, for example, if the data is requested by the court.

It is worth mentioning that Dynata adheres to strict Research guidelines. They follow guidelines created by Research Associations like AMA (US), ESOMAR, Insights Association, MRIA-ARIM(Canada), MMRA-Mongolia, ARF, and AAPOR.

What are the core services you offer at Survey Sampling International/Dynata?

Dynata offers a wide range of services to its clients. The whole business is diversified to meet the specific needs of each client.

The firm leads in Advanced Analytics and Research services. They offer data processing and tabulation. They also code survey programs to meet the individual needs of clients.

Additionally, they provide voice services, brand trackers, and advertising services. All these services are usually integrated into one platform that pulls data in an organized manner.

How can you reach Survey Sampling International/Dynata?

Dynata is very reachable through various channels such as those stated below:

  • You can fill an email form on the Dynata web page.
  • On privacy issues, you can contact
  • You can connect with Dynata on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

What is the Insights platform?

This is an end to end platform that insightfully manages all your advertising. It bridges the gap between raw data and action points.

With this platform, the client connects with the ecosystem of respondents who are critical in fulfilling the research needs.

This tool is instrumental in creating targeted campaigns that ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Does Survey Sampling International/Dynata advertise opportunities available for job seekers?

Yes. Dynata has a menu icon for careers which you can easily access from the website. Every time there is an opening, it is posted there.

You can also follow updates on Linkedin. Also, be sure to sign up for more than ten proprietary panels managed by Dynata.


When looking for legit panels to earn a little more bucks, Dynata offers a wide range of options with its proprietary panels. For more than 40 years, they have gained much-needed experience in the field of Research. And they continue to chat the way forward, growing by a double-digit in the last ten years.



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