PointClub Review — Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam? [Must Read!]

October 28, 2019

A part-time job that is well rewarding is worth considering. In most cases, surveys fit well as side hustles since you can do them when relaxing after your daily job. The flexibility that comes with surveys makes the entire earning stress-free and fun. Apart from earning from the surveys, you will still expand knowledge to what you already know.

PointClubThis is also a great way to share your honest opinion with service providers and manufacturers intending to help them improve in different areas. You will have helped hundreds of people access excellent services from providers. That’s why it is encouraged that you give honest opinions in exchange for the points. In this review, we will focus on PointClub Survey as one channel through which you can earn points and convert them to cash or gifts.

While guiding you through this site, we shall look at the ways you can earn the points, the legitness of the platform, how to participate, and the qualifications. Additionally, we will find out the advantages that come with this site as well as the negatives. If you realize that this survey is in line with what you have been looking for, then never hesitate to sign up and start earning.

PointClub Review

Name: PointClub

Description: Perhaps you are here because you are looking for a side-hustle that can earn you some cash without straining. With this in mind, the PointClub Survey is probably new to you. You might be wondering whether it’s legit or some scam that asks you to signup and continually brings links to spam your inbox. Well, all these questions have answers, and that’s why we will get you the most we know about this platform.

About PointClub

PointClub Survey is a new platform launched in 2015. It offers you the opportunity to take surveys and share your opinions with service providers. In return, you are awarded points for participating. It has a proven record of world-class research with its management, consisting of people who have had prior experience in market research. It doesn’t matter the short time it has operated, what’s important is the quality of results and the mode of payments that make it legit. More so, the experienced owners have been in the industry with other companies, and their combined knowledge breeds a platform that works well for you.

When you become a member at PointClub, you will get rewarded through surveys, offers, promotions, and contests. All these will get you points that are redeemable for cash and other gift offers. The company is run by Innovate Vindale Research, which also owns iPoll. This keeps the platform real and easy to use as it combines the best technology for easy sign-in process.

How PointClub works

This is a US-based company that allows members to take surveys and in return, get rewards. It requires you to sign up and start the surveys. Once you have started earning, you will still receive rewards in terms of points. The more you take the surveys, the more the points. After that, you will redeem the points for cash via PayPal or as gift vouchers.

The site provides multiple ways of earning points other than surveys. You will participate in offers, promotions, videos, games, and sweepstakes, among other opportunities. This is why you will find it easy to meet your daily point targets. Apart from this, you will still love the uniqueness of this platform. It works in a way that when you take part in a survey, even if you get disqualified, you will still earn points. Other companies won’t give you such benefits.

As much as this company gives priority to US citizens, it also allows other countries to register. However, you won’t access as many opportunities as those in the USA. This is because most of the consumers live in the region proposed. For other areas, you will be lucky to get extra opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you decide to sign up, you need to know the criteria used when accepting members. Luckily, this platform allows registration worldwide. For this reason, you get the opportunity to participate in surveys and other sections as you earn points.

Other requirements for you to take part in the surveys include;

You need to be 18 years and above. This ensures that you have the legal documents to claim your rewards. This is a legal age for participating.

You need to have an active email address as well as a reliable internet connection. This will help you in the running through the surveys quickly.

You need a smartphone or a laptop. When you have these devices, you will be ready to take on the surveys and earn points.

A PayPal account is required if you plan to convert your points into cash. Otherwise, you can still use the gift vouchers with your points.

The Registration process

You may have come across sites that require you to pay some fee to be a member. All these sometimes varnish and leave you a frustrated person. A better option is PointClub, which is exclusively free. No subscription fee or registration fee. Above all, the registration process is so smooth that you will enjoy doing the surveys with confidence.

Ensure you have all your gadgets ready. This could be your smartphone or computer. Click on PointClub to access the site.

We have three ways of registering; first, you can choose to register with facebook. At this point, you will give PointClub permission to pick the required information from your facebook profile. Your names and date of birth are required hence easily selected when using facebook.

You can also use your google account where you log in with your account and set up your profile. Using email is still comfortable, and it’s the traditional way of registering. The only thing you need is the confirmation and activation of the link sent to your inbox.

Just before we conclude on the registration process, note that once your membership is accepted, you will get 2,000 free points credited directly to your account. Apart from this, you will receive 500 free points for joining, 1,000 points ($1.00) when you confirm your email, and lastly, 500 points for completing the profile questionnaire, which earns you a total of 2,000 points.

The signup process doesn’t take much of your time. Once you have the required details, then it’s speedy.

Accumulating the Points and the Reward System

Now you have the account and ready to start accumulating the points. Right now, the question would be the number of points earned per survey. Well, this depends on the length of the study. A survey can earn you between 200 points to 5000 points. Each survey lasts between 5-30 minutes. After you complete the survey, you will have to wait for four weeks when the survey closes for you to get your points in your account.

All these points are redeemable either to gift vouchers or cash. If PayPal is your mode of payment, then remember that for every 1000 points, you can convert it to $1. Surprisingly, when you redeem the points, it only takes one or two days, and your deposit is made.

If you choose to get the gift cards, then PointClub has over 70 gift cards. You can request a gift card with as low as 25000 points. These will allow you to pick the options that you want for shopping. Some will see you access applications and download from Google Play.

Additional ways you can gain points on PointClub

As said earlier, this is a unique platform that allows you to get points from different sources, not like others, that only depend on surveys. With PointClub, you will earn additional points by completing and confirming your registration.

Another way is through participating in daily points giveaways. Just like the PointClub Facebook page and participate in the sweepstakes. Each day has a 10,000 points ($10) giveaways you can win. Unortuirantely, this option is designed for a few countries such as Canada, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Japan, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

You can also earn points through offers, games, promotions, videos, sweepstakes, and weekly contests. All these boost your points and give you better chances of having more significant rewards.

Why would you choose PointClub over other survey platforms?

Previously, we noted that there are hundreds of survey platforms all over the world. You have the freedom to choose whatever option that pleases you. Probably you have things that excite you.



  • The site offers opportunities worldwide. We haven’t come across restrictions on this site, especially with the location. This sets the site above the rest as it gives opportunities to everybody. Once you complete your registration and provide the right information, then you can be checking your account for activities.
  • The other advantage is you can redeem the points for cash via PayPal, or you can opt for gift vouchers. It all depends on your preference. What stands out is the mode of payment that comes in the form of points that easily convert to other useful entities.
  • Not only surveys. You can still take part in challenges, watch movies, videos, and other tasks for additional points. This is great as your points keep on increasing and meeting your daily targets becomes easier.
  • It is free. The site is free, and no registration fee is required. Only your details, and after that, you are ready to start earning. Above all, you can choose your preferred registration style. For instance, if you want to use Facebook, Google account, or email address, then it’s up to you.
  • Even if you are screened out, you will still earn points as your effort to try to take the survey matters a lot. This is a sign of commitment and motivation from your side that shows you are a dedicated person.


  • As much as this site is superb, we also found the negatives that will still add to your knowledge. Once you complete the survey, you have to wait until the survey window closes for you to get the points in your account. It’s approximately four weeks, which could be a long time for people.
  • For those who live outside the USA, your opportunities are limited. We have some additionals that will only favor those in the USA, such as sweepstakes and contests.
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How will I be notified about the surveys?

Most of the surveys are notified via your email. This is the email you used when registering. You can still be on the lookout by logging in to your account and checking through the available opportunities.

What are the minimum points for me to redeem cash?

For redeeming cash, you can use as low as 25000 points, which is equivalent to $ 25. This redeems to your PayPal account.

How long does it take for my points to convert to cash?

Unlike other sites that take weeks and weeks, this platform takes less than three days, and your account will have the cash.

Are kids eligible?

The eligibility age is 18 years and above, which means children will not participate.

How secure is my information with this site?

When it comes to information security, the PointClub survey maintains confidentiality. All your information won’t reach any third party. It’s between you and the platform.

If you are looking for a new way to earn cash, then we recommend PointClub Survey. This is a free and simple site where you register and start earning points. It also features other opportunities that you can utilize to boost your points. Luckily, it’s available worldwide and accepts individual over 18years old.

I liked the fact that you can still earn your points even if you attempt to take on a survey, and it gets rejected. This is a real reason as to why you need to be part of the PointClub. Other than the few negatives, I would still invest my time here. Feel free to join via PointClub.

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