VIP Voice Review — Is It Worth Or A Waste Of Time?

October 28, 2019

The online platform has hundreds of survey sites with a lot of things to work on. Different companies run these sites with specific objectives in mind. That’s why every platform offers various rewards for the projects you undertake. Some companies will pay you in cash, while others will reward you points that are redeemable for certain rewards.

VIP VoiceAll these depend on the type of tasks you undertake. Your company of choice will mean that you are satisfied with what you get for your opinion or service you give. Since you have hundreds of survey sites at your disposal, you can still find opportunities to make some good income as a side hustle.

We do not promise you that all these sites are legit and will make you rich. However, you have to risk and try out your lack. In most of the companies, we have participants who give feedback based on their experiences with the platforms. This could offer you some guidance as far as your choice is concerned.

In this review, we take a look at the VIP Voice Platform. Is it worth your time? At the end of the review, you will gauge and see whether it’s a platform that you can use to make extra income in terms of cash or gifts. More so, we shall find out the legitness of the platform as well as the advantages and the disadvantages of the VIP Voice Platform.

With all this information, we hope you will make the right decision when signing up for the task. Moreover, you will still expand your knowledge through access to surveys as well as products and services online.

VIP Voice Review
VIP Voice

Name: VIP Voice

Description: VIP Voice is a website that allows you to participate in giving opinions in the form of surveys to help improve services and products around the world. This is part of the NDP Group, which has operated for many years. In some various researches, we learn that the company started back in 1967 and still running with improvements here and there in place. It has majored in providing market information as well as advisory services. This is why the surveys by VIP Voice matter a lot.

What is VIP Voice? Is it legit?

Once you complete the surveys at the VIP Voice, you get rewarded VIP points, which you can use in auctions as well as entering sweepstakes. By helping companies to make better decisions, the VIP platform conducts 12 million surveys every year, and this runs through different industries. As long as you live in the USA or Canada, you are eligible for this survey.

VIP Voice comes up with reports concerning your opinion and shares them with the specific companies as feedback.

When it comes to the legitness of this platform, I would say yes, it’s legit. First, the platform is under the NPD group, which is known for its consumer feedback and information analysis for different products. The company has been around since 1967.

We also check on the customer’s reviews, and it shows that payments have been made so far. As much as they reward you through points, it is still a legit way to earn. Moreso, there are no directions to other links. Once you sign up for this platform, you will always log to this platform. Unlike other platforms that pop up links for other sites in need of traffic, you will find out that this doesn’t focus on links promotion.

Finally, the demographic location shows that the citizens in America and Canada can participate fully. This mapping also indicates their area of interest, which is very specific.

Who are the beneficiaries of VIP Voice?

When it comes to who benefits from VIP Voice, it’s a two-way traffic system where the business, as well as the members, both benefit. For instance, if you are tasked to do a survey, the business is assured that you are true to your opinion, and that feedback will help them improve in delivering the best products.

All the surveys you work on depend entirely on the profile you give. Therefore, for the business to have accurate data, there is a need to provide the correct information. This will see the reliable outcome every time you do a survey.

After you have completed the survey, it’s now your turn to benefit. You will get points. The points depend on the task you complete. Although they are not disclosed, by the end of the day, you will know how much you have made from the surveys you took through the day. With the points you earn, you can convert them to vouchers or use them at sweepstakes as well as auction centers. The higher your points are, the greater the chances of winning.

How Does VIP Voice Work?

When it comes to the functionality of the platform, it’s a bit different from the rest. First, you have to register by providing the data that matches you with different surveys. You will also need to be a resident of Canada or the USA.

The platform has levels that you need to go through for better rewards. The higher the scale, the easier it becomes for you to redeem your rewards. For every survey you do, you get your points stored for you. When you are ready to redeem the points, it’s unfortunate that you can’t convert to cash or gifts. This is where the whole difference comes in when compared to the competitors. Therefore, you will convert your points into participating in sweepstakes as well as auctions.

This has discouraged many people who prefer authority over their invested time. This platform will still work for you if you are a patient person as you need to accumulate points and bid with other bidders in the game.

If you thought VIP Voice would pay you in cash, then it’s not that way, you will have to accumulate points from the only source; surveys, until you get the maximum for you to participate in sweepstakes and auctions.

When your survey doesn’t match, you will still receive the rewards in terms of points. That’s positive about this platform.


  • For you to participate, you must meet the following conditions
  • You must be a citizen living in the USA or Canada
  • In the USA, you should be 13 years and above while Canada requires 18 years and above
  • Should have an active email
  • Should have stable internet and a computer or phone for the surveys

How To Register And Start Earning

Just like other survey sites, you need your login information for the VIP Voice. This will require you to register and get the login details to start. Well, the process is easy and quick.

Once you register, you can jump straight to the surveys and start accumulating the points. If you have enough time, then your rate of accumulating the points will be high.

Before you decide to be part of this platform, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages. Well, our goal is to give you as much information as possible, such that when you decide to be part of this platform, then it’s an informed decision.



  • The site is free, easy to register and navigate. It takes less time to put your information and start the process of earning your points. You are advantaged if you are a citizen of Canada or the USA.
  • The reward system is clear that you see your points increase each time you take a survey. The platform has a lot of surveys for you; hence, how much time you have determines how many points you’ll get.
  • You will also like the fact that even if you don’t complete the survey, you will still get the points awarded. This means that your efforts get rewarded.
  • You benefit from high rewards when you reach the top levels. This means that you will get more opportunities to participate in surveys, and also you will be considered first in case the surveys are scarce.
  • Your points convert for use in auctions and sweepstakes. This means that your efforts will still pay off. You can be lucky to win a trip or electronic gadgets. Many participants love sweepstakes so much. Maybe they always get lucky.
  • As a member, you can get the Special Opportunities and Contests. With this, you can win cash prizes in the Pigskin Pick-em. It happens weekly during the football season.
  • Whenever you qualify to survey or not, you will still earn points. This is unique when compared to competitors that can even disqualify you for taking on a survey. Therefore, the flexibility with this platform makes it attractive.
  • When you are part of VIP Voice, you get exclusive discounts and special offers by different businesses that are partners to VIP voice. All these do not require you to have points built as long as you are a member, then you are entitled to such opportunities.
  • The fact that you are not spammed with ads is a great plus for this site. When you are doing your work, know that you will have some peace of mind, and this is what you need to move up the different levels on this platform.
  • It’s all about points, and therefore, you won’t get stressed with entering credit card information as other sites do. This will keep you relaxed, knowing that your credit card is safe.
  • The communication channel is also clear, and all your questions will get address within the required time.
  • The age limit is also not that restrictive to adults. Even 13-year-olds from the USA will still participate in the surveys.
  • You will also get access to daily surveys, and this boosts the number of points you target per day.


  • No money. With the platform, you only get points. These points are not redeemable for gift cards or money. You can only use them for sweepstakes and auctions. When you use them for auctions, you can be disadvantaged when your competitor has higher points. Therefore, if your motivation is cash or rewards for gift cards and vouchers, then this site won’t help you.
  • It’s limited to those living in Canada and the USA. If you are out of these two regions, then you don’t qualify for the surveys or even the registration.
  • Based on your profile information, you can easily miss on surveys as the allocation solely depends on the data you provided.
  • The surveys are not that rewarding. This means that you will be wasting your time if you wanted an opportunity that guarantees you a high pay. You won’t be able to pay your bills with this platform. Worse off, the surveys are exhausting, but the pints are fewer.
  • Getting up the ladder to top levels isn’t easy. You have to work for months, some users have had years of working on getting to the top. Sadly, you can work for those years only to redeem a reward for a trip. It’s not worth the effort.
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Can I convert my points to cash?

No, points are either used as sweepstakes or for auction purposes. This platform doesn’t offer the cash or gift option.

How do I qualify to the highest level?

You need to go through the levels starting from zero. You will qualify to the next level, depending on the points that you have. If you want to qualify quickly, then refer your friends. You will earn more.

Are surveys worldwide?

No, only for the USA and Canada residents

How much time can a survey take?

This depends on the length of the surveys given. It can be longer if the survey requires more details. However, the surveys are usually short and straightforward.

How legit is this site?

People are earning points and converting them for auctions. Again, the NPD group that runs the platform has been in the business for a long time.

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn points that can help you to participate in auctions and sweepstakes, then this is your deal. Once you have your profile ready, then you can go ahead and start earning.

For those who want a variety of earning sections on a single platform, you will find this platform a bit unreliable. Take time to turdy the platform and see if it meets your online survey expectations. If yes, then register and start accumulating points.

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