October 25, 2019

CashCrate Review — Does New CashCrate Offer Paid Surveys?

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People have realized there is no need to work hard while you can work smart and still get to enjoy your time and money. Production and manufacturing industries have upped their game. They know they have to understand what the customers want so that they can give the customers just that. With this, they use websites like CashCrate to do the survey and know what their customers think about their products and what they would wish improved.

CashCrateIn the end, the manufacturers and the producers can get the customers the perfect product, and you can make cash at the comfort of your home.

What happens is, you get to give your opinion about a product, and the company uses the information you provide them to make their products better.

CashCrate Review


Name: CashCrate

Description: CashCrate is a website where you earn money using multiple ways. It was started in 2006 and has over 10 million members. So far, it has given out cash worth millions to people who have taken part. It has over 25000 followers on Facebook. Joining the website is free, and you do not need to pay anything to withdraw the money you earn.



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New CashCrate

It’s good to note there are other scam websites on the internet calling themselves CashCrate, but the original CashCrate has a list of other legitimate sites that have paid surveys. Be careful; make sure you have the right site.

Over the years, it has changed ownership leading to change in some terms, but it has improved and become even better.

Requirements and rules

  • A laptop or a smartphone since the survey and the other ways to get cash is online
  • Access to the internet so that you can access the website
  • You must be 13years and above to take part in the survey.
  • After you open the account, if it remains dormant for 90days, the account is closed
  • One can only open one account
  • The cheque mailed after the survey is limited and expires after some days

How to sign in to CashCrate

  • Visit their website and click on the sign-in label
  • Enter your email address and create a password that you can easily remember but a strong one.
  • Once you have signed in, a dialogue will appear asking your details like

-Full names


-Address of where you live

The address will be used to send the first check. Make sure you answer all the details correctly, and you complete all the questions asked. In case something is not clear, consult CashCrate on the address provided in their emails. Your details are safe, so you don’t have to worry. It’s advisable to create a new email to use on your cash crate account.

How do you make money with CashCrate?

CashCrate has different ways to make money because various companies use it. The method you choose to make money depends on what works for you.

1. Confirming your email and profile survey

As simple as it sounds, validating your email will earn you money in cash crate. Establishing your email earns you $1. A profiling survey will also help you earn some points. With a profile survey, all you need is to fill in your details, and you earn $0.50.

2. Take survey

It is the primary way of making money with CashCrate. All you do is take a survey and answer questions and get to earn points. The only problem with the survey is that it requires to know your location. Sometimes you may be locked out to take part in a particular survey as some companies will need people from specific locations.

With a survey, you are likely to earn 0.25-2.00 dollars per survey, which takes you about 5 minutes. There are those surveys which you can earn even more and spend more or less time. Different companies have different surveys.

3. Complete offers

You can also earn by signing up to an email link where you create a new account on another website. Free trials that need credit card details pay the best around 10$, but that is risky as you are supposed to give details about your credit card account. Where you risk identity theft incase the information lands on the wrong hands.

4. Watching videos

Do you love watching videos? This is also another way of earning money. Imagine getting paid to do what you love? It may not be much money, but at least it’s something that requires less effort.

5. Shop and get paid

In this case, they give a list of shops where you are supposed to go and shop, and you get paid. After shopping, you are given a discount as a form of payment. An example is when you shop on the website, something worth $5.75. You are paid $5 for shopping on the site, so at long last, you pay $0.75 for the item, which is a good deal.

6. Games

What is better than playing games and being paid for playing? With CashCrate, you earn points by playing games on their website. The good part about it is you get to socialize with other people taking part in the game and still get paid. Apart from getting paid, you get a chance to join a contest where you can win more prizes. It’s a win-win situation.

7. Paid to check-in

The other form of earning is clicking on survey links daily. The good thing is you do not have to complete the survey to get paid. All you need is to click on the link that leads to the survey, and you earn the points.

8. Refer others to cash crate.

Most people use this method to earn cash. It is the easiest way and will earn you more points, but the problem with it is that it may take a longer time before you get to earn a large amount of cash.

Any time you refer someone, you get some points for referring them. When the person you referred starts earning, you get 20% of what they earn. When the person you referred refers to someone else, you earn more points, and you get 10% of what the referred person makes.

Those are the first stages of referring. After a while, you get to bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and elite levels. In these stages, you have more advantages and earn more cash from the people you refer to.

Paying methods

Unlike other survey websites, CashCrates has two paying methods. They have a point system where they pay in point form. You can use those points to play games in CashCrate and get to win awards, but winning is not assured. Those points are redeemable in specific places in the form of prizes. Such places include Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes gift cards.

The other method of paying is by the use of PayPal, where you change your points to US dollars and withdraw in your account. The problem with the cash method is the least amount of money you can withdraw is 20$.

The first payment they pay through cheque, which they send and it takes 3-4weeks, and for proof of payment, you can visit their website and see messages and cheques sent to people who had taken part in the survey.

How much can you earn in CashCrate?

There is no limit on how much a person can earn in CashCrate. It’s possible to earn as much as $500. There is proof of people earning such amounts. For starters, it is possible to make around $50 per day. The only limitation they have is that you can only withdraw a minimum of $20. How much you earn depends on your effort and which method you choose to earn.


  • The survey is free. No money is required to sign in or withdraw
  • Earning is easy and does not need much
  • The survey is not limited to the United States
  • There are different ways of earning


  • The $20 limitation is very high
  • In most cases, people get disqualified from better-earning surveys due to their location
  • After signing on the website, they send many spam messages and emails.

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Cash crate is a GPT that started many years ago. It involves several ways of earning. Unlike other survey websites, the surveys in CashCrate involve many different companies. It’s a legit website, and there is proof that people who have taken part and reached the amount needed to withdraw have received their payment.


Is CashCrate Legit?

CashCrate is legit, and those who take part and reach the required minimum amount get their money. There is proof of people who’ve been paid by CashCrate.

How do they go about their payments?

They have two methods of payment; one is by using the points acquired that are redeemable to get prizes from specific shops or use the points to play games and win an award.

The other payment is through your PayPal account. But the first earning is mailed to the participant using the address they provide in the form of a cheque.

How much does one need to pay to join the survey?

Signing up is free. No cash needed for registration, and also you do not need to pay any amount of money so you can withdraw what you earn.

Is there a limit to how much one can earn in Cashcrate?

No. One can earn as much as possible, depending on your effort and the method you use to earn. The only limitation in place is how much one can withdraw, which is 20$.

Who can one contact if they are having an issue signing in or any other problem?

You can contact Cashcrate on their website; you can write your query there or even better contact them on their email provided on the site. The CashCrate team responds quickly.

On what occasion do they ban members from their site?

CashCrate does not ban members from taking part in surveys. The only way a member can be banned is by specific surveys if they gave false information or did not follow the instructions.

CashCrate is an easy way to make money online. It has very few requirements and rules such that anyone can take part. The good thing with CashCrate, unlike other, get paid to (GPT) websites is that people outside the United States can take part in the surveys.

It gives people a chance to make money with less effort and also take part in giving feedback that will help in improving other companies. These companies improve their products and services by using the information they get from the surveys. Apart from the information, new and old companies get a chance to market themselves indirectly and thus improve their sales.

With CashCrate, you may not get rich through the money you make, but you get to complement your other income. It’s something you can do comfortably in your house during your free time with no pressure. And you get to know new companies that you may need their help in the future.

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