Five Things You Can Do at Timezone Flagship Store

November 27, 2021

Arcade games bring so many memories to those who were born in the 90s. Even today, these games are still thriving and popular.

Now, hanging with your friends at an arcade can seem old school. But, wait until you visit Timezone’s flagship VivoCity store.

Measuring 12,000sqft, this is the biggest arcade in Singapore. With this space, the store accommodates many games, including unique titles that you’ll not easily find in other arcades.

If you’re wondering what things you can do at the Timezone flagship store, here are five you can try.

1. Drive around in Exhilarating Bumper Cars

Seeing a full-sized bumper car ring an indoor arcade can be surprising to many. However, this is present in this outlet. The pulsing neon lights make the game more thrilling. The bumper cars circle the ring, and there are mini spotlights attached to the floor that makes the arena more attractive.

Players have four minutes to defeat their enemies at full speed. Using the car controls isn’t hard, even for beginners. You only push forward to charge and retreat by pulling backward.

There is also a bouncy cushion surrounding all cars. Therefore, in case of a crash, the car will rebound safely.

The price is $8 per pax.

2. Go Bowling to the Mini Bowling Station

Many arcades don’t have this in their stores. However, bowling can be very entertaining for families. The mini bowling area in this store has incredible things that your kids can enjoy. These include birthdays, bubblegum, etc.

Bowling balls here are lighter than regular ones. So even beginners and kids can easily score. If you’re confident that you will score in this mini version, make things more fun by requiring the loser to increase the whole group’s credit.

But note that you will pay $6 per pax.

3. Explore the World of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade

If you are a Minecraft fan, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. VivoCity offers Minecraft Dungeons Arcade that’s the first in SEA and Singapore. As you fight the mob, you have a chance to explore different worlds.

The difference between this Minecraft Dungeons and the one on PC is that the arcade machine shows which cards are available to collect when playing, skins, weapons, spanning armor, and pets.

You can play it solo. But if you’re in a competitive mood, invite some friends to enjoy this four-player game on Timezone’s 65” HD screen

Plus, you don’t have to dent your pocket as it only costs $3.50 per pax.

4. Bring Back Old Memories with Arcade Classics

There are many new games nowadays. However, the arcade classics are not yet forgotten. Basketball or ol’ racing are some classics you can find here.

The playing arena features a neon theme with the “car seats” decked with neon lights. The basketball station has LED lights on the frames.

Although they are still the same traditional games, they have undergone some modernization. These classics are priced at $2.50 per pax.

5. Host Your Party at the Monster Themed Party Room

Next time you have a party, you don’t need to stress about venue ideas. Instead, make things different by holding it at this monster-themed party room. It can accommodate up to 30 guests, giving them great views of cable cars and the Sentosa Boardwalk.

However, because of the pandemic, the number of guests allowed is slightly lower. Call Timezone to know how many people you can have, whether they are open for reservation, and the amount you’ll pay.

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