How Can QR Codes Help You Turn Your Paper-Based Office Into A Paperless Office?

November 29, 2021

Each office has a strong preference for paper. Everything is printed on paper, from simple notes to significant projects. Mainly because paper has always been a part of getting things done efficiently for most offices, it is the simplest tool that does the task done.

However, this does not imply that it has always been present or the best option. Most offices have not tried any alternative to cut down their paper consumption and modernize it. However, going paperless is a much better option for offices to try out today.

Why Should Offices Start to Go Paperless?

Paper can be easily lost, crumpled, thrown, and challenging to store. When you make the switch to digital, you will instantaneously see the advantages.

Everything is readily available, quickly passed from one colleague to the next, and simple to stock and set aside until a specific piece of information needs to be recovered from the records.

With the use of digital tools to realize this office utopia, they can save money on ink and paper.

Office Tools to use in a Paperless-Based Office

By integrating the use of digital tools to turn their paper-based office means into a digital one, here are some of the means you can integrate.

Set up a Phygital bulletin board

One advantage of paper over digital is that there is something that people can physically touch. As a result, it gives a sense of security that it exists, and people know where to find it.

A digital bulletin board is a simple solution to this problem. Everything that enters the digital realm will be posted on a physical bulletin board. This will notify anyone that something is present and where they can obtain it.

QR codes to store Digital Materials

Once your bulletin board is up and running, you will need a tool to store your digital documents.

QR codes should be the answer to that question if it is to be completely effective. They will convert digital materials to an image, which they will display on the bulletin board. Thus, employees needing them will have immediate access by scanning the QR code displayed on their smartphones.

What digital materials can they convert into a QR code?

1. Manuals and Instructions

Manuals and guides on various topics will be available in the office. It could be anything from learning how to use specific office equipment to following standard work procedures. Whatever it is, they can turn it into a machine-readable QR code.

To create one, first, obtain a copy of the manual’s PDF file if one is available. You can immediately use the online best free QR code generator with logo to generate a QR code.

If no PDF file is available, create one yourself. Scan the documents or create a PDF file from an encoded version.

2. Workplace Reports

The paper that populates every table quickly are work-related paperwork. It is difficult to identify the most significant ones when they pile up, and some may even become lost.

Like the first one on this list, the documents at hand can be converted into a PDF file and integrate the use of a PDF QR code to store them. If the report file size is too large, it can be uploaded and save it to their workspace drive. Simply obtain the shareable link and generate a QR code that they can distribute throughout the office.

3. Forms

Forms should not be overlooked. Employees must complete a leave form, a medical absence form, and other forms whenever they need to accomplish something work-related.

As they are vital for company record keepsake, paper-based companies can transform their physical forms into digital ones and reduce the amount of paper used to create one. They can integrate an online form software and get the link to use to attach a QR code.


While the paper is flawed, the paperless alternative is not as well. When you place everything in the digital space, there are some challenges that you will encounter along the way. QR codes, on the other hand, provide alternative solutions to these issues.

What appeared to be a significant inconvenience has now been reduced to insignificance. Going paperless has become more practical than anything else. Integrating a QR code generator with logo online to create a QR code that stores the digital files helps them easily convert their paper-based office into a paperless one.

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