December 4, 2021

9 Different Ways To Generate Leads For Small Businesses

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As a small business, its growth and customer base expansion should be your key goals. Although these are often difficult long-term goals, one of the most common approaches to achieving them is through lead generation.

A lead may be defined as a person or company that shows a vested interest in the product or service that a business offers. In short, it is the art of capturing the attention of your consumer base and convincing them to stay. Check out to see how well it has captured the essence of lead generation.

This article will delve into a myriad of ways to help your small business generate a steady stream of sales leads. It also aims to help keep you at the competitive forefront of whatever industry you are in.

1. Target Market Identification

This is an essential first step. How do you expect to reach your ideal consumers if you don’t know who they are? Make sure you do prior research into who you are planning to offer your product or service to. With this, you can understand how to capture their interest and generate successful leads from them in the most effective way.

2. Social Media Engagement

It is important to understand the social media channels your customers prefer to use. It would be redundant to post snippets of your product on an unrelated site. Once their social media preferences have been identified, create profiles on the relevant sites.

Begin to share high-quality content on these sites frequently. Engage with inquiries made actively and quickly. As you do so, begin to follow influential individuals in your specific industry and network.

Once you have laid this groundwork, start looking into paid advertising. Facebook ads have proven to be a very effective way to generate leads. To ensure the success of your Facebook ads and steer you in the right direction, consider setting up a consultation with Douglas James Marketing.

Other social media sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, have different online advertising services to offer. Make sure to explore all these avenues as you try to reach your lead generation goals.

 3. Sales Funnel

As soon as you have identified your target audience and successfully engaged with them, the next step is to collect their information. You need to funnel them toward what is known as a ‘landing page.’ This page will encourage the consumer to leave their contact information. This is done by offering an incentive in the form of a discount or a free sample.

Ensure you have a working customer relationship management system in place to properly utilize the information gathered

4. Local SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) should be done across all your websites pages. All your title tags should be appropriately descriptive. The meta descriptions embedded in the site and your pictures have to be interesting and compelling enough for consumers to click through.

Leave a section on your site for customers to post reviews about your business. It’s reassuring to know that consumers who have used your product or service were satisfied with what they got.

Make sure to list your business in the local online listings and business directories. Google provides a free Business Profile (formerly ‘Google My Business’ or ‘Google Places’) directory listing. You can optimize these listings by attaching local links and addresses in your meta descriptions to improve your local online visibility.

5. Blogging

Many small businesses have jumped on board with blogging. It isn’t enough to just offer a product or service anymore. A business needs to go into more detail on how a product can be used and a service utilized in everyday life. Customers should be given detailed perspectives.

A blog post will consist of articles, short videos, galleries, and podcasts. All of these should have answers to questions that consumers may have and answers to questions they didn’t know needed to be asked.

6. Guest Posting On Similar Sites

Guest posting is where you offer your expertise and opinion on sites within the same industry or in the affiliate industry. This is done in the form of writing a blog post or article on a particular subject where your product or service is required.

In this post, wherever possible, you must include links to useful resources on your site. This strategy can be applied to print publications as well. You’ll be surprised how a simple mention of your website can do wonders, particularly if you take time to vet all your guest posting opportunities and write topics targeting your specific audience.

Moreover, invite influential individuals and respected authorities to do guest posting on your site as well. This will generate traffic to your website, especially if they have many followers and a steady fan base.

7. Event Hosting

Host online events via Zoom Meetings, Facebook Live, or Instagram Live. Get your company invited to speak at affiliated conferences and local events. This will help increase the visibility of your business.

8. Email Marketing

In email marketing, individuals clicking on your site will get a pop-up notification on their screen, asking if they wish to subscribe to a weekly newsletter or receive frequent updates on promotions and discounts offered by the business. However, not all consumers like being disturbed and would view this as harassment. Some businesses have opted out of pop-up notifications. However, you can still have a section at the bottom of the site or a particular article, giving the viewer the chance to decide whether to sign up or not.

9. Referral Partnerships

Partnering with other small businesses in a more official capacity is also an option. Referral partnerships are where you receive a certain percentage of revenue from the referrals you send to other businesses. The other businesses will do the same with you.

When taking this route, have your legal team create contracts and paperwork to ensure transparency in the process. The information included in such a contract may include the following:


Lead generation for small businesses is a robust topic. Hopefully, the tips and ideas listed here will prove beneficial to your small business as you continue to grow in the industry.

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