ForthRight Surveys Review — Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

October 29, 2019

Welcome to our Forthright Surveys review. Many companies online claim to value your opinion a lot. So much that they are willing to pay you to air out your views. The opinions help them make crucial decisions concerning their businesses and how they can improve their products and services.

ForthrightThe sad fact of the matter is that not all of these sites live up to their claim. Some do this by design, while others do not carry enough surveys to keep their users happy. We all want to make money online, and these paid surveys offer one avenue of making some extra cash. But, it will not cost you much to do your research to find out about any site you want to join. This might save you from falling into the hands of frauds.

For that reason, we want to help you delve into one of these sites. We want to look into Forthright surveys and find out if it is really what it claims it is. Do they pay you for your opinion? How do you join and participate? You will also get its ins and outs as well as how much you can earn in the survey. Follow us through and allow us to help you make the right decision.

Forthright Review

Name: Forthright

Description: Since 2016, Forthright Surveys has been able to build a large fan base of loyal survey takers. Their most significant strength is that they have made it exceptionally easy to take their surveys. As such, they have a very user-friendly website with some exciting features. The Forthright survey claims to pay you for your opinion.

About Forthright Surveys

Forthright is a survey site at The survey panel pays you for giving your opinion about a particular product or service. Companies approach the Forthright survey site and contract it to conduct surveys on their behalf. They use the feedback they get in making decisions.

Forthright Surveys has been operational since 2016, and it prides itself as the survey site that gives its users the easiest way to participate. It is based in the US and has no age restrictions in joining. All the same, some of the surveys will require you to be 18 years or older to participate.

The survey site pays you instantly after completing a survey. You can get your rewards as cash or as a gift card.

The site was previously known as Innopoll, but it is now Forthright, and its website is If you look up in the dictionary, Forthright means being outspoken, direct, and frank. This name marries well with the company’s claim that it will pay you for giving your opinion in a frank and straightforward manner.

Forthright Surveys is known to provide its customers with the most transparent and fairest earning opportunities. They allow people from all over the world to join them and answer survey questions about various products and services. The feedback you provide helps to influence future decisions regarding the quality of services and products in the market. And the best thing is that you will get a cash reward for giving out your opinion.

How does the site work?

Forthright has a website that looks great and is simple to use. In that case, you will not experience any problems navigating around. The site also works well on your phones and tablets, which allows you to participate in the survey while on the go.

On many survey sites, you will have to set up an account which you will be using to log in and taking part in the surveys. This is not the case for Forthright. As much as you will need to set up an account, you do not have to use it. Once your email has undergone verification, you may never login to your account. You will be receiving your invitations to the surveys through email.

Each invitation by email will clearly state the amount that you will receive upon completion of the survey. Once you complete the survey, you will receive your payments automatically. You can also decide to bank the money or choose to receive payments later. This kind of personalization of the process is not there in other survey sites.

The surveys are not long. It will take you an average of 20 minutes for you to complete the survey. You will get around $1 to $5 for that. The payments can be paid through:

  • Bitcoins
  • Amazon and Tango certificates
  • Donations to charity
  • A cash transfer to your PayPal account

The site offers you a decent amount of surveys. This does not mean that you will get a survey every day. Also, take note that even if the surveys are there, you may not qualify to receive them. How many surveys you are eligible will depend on your demographic profile and what they are looking for. Therefore, sometimes, you may have many surveys that you qualify for while other times, you may have none.

Eligibility criteria

Forthright is mostly available to residents of the United States. It is also open to residents of other countries.

There is no age restriction for you to join the site, but most of the surveys are open to people who are 18 years or older.

How to sign up

Signing up to the survey site is free. You can sign up from anywhere, and there are no professional skills that you require to participate. You only need a computer, a phone, or a tablet with a reliable internet connection to create your account.

To register, visit their website at and head to the signup page.

Once you are in, enter your email address, your country of residence, and your year of birth. After registering, you will verify your email address and phone number. You will then create your profile by providing your demographic data that will include your gender, work experience, and so on. All the information you provide is going to be vital in matching you up and qualify you for surveys.

Forthright Surveys rewards

To decide whether Forthright is something you want to spend your time on, you need to know how you will get paid. There are different ways that you can get your rewards. These include cash payment through PayPal, an Amazon gift card, Bitcoin, or Tango card.

There is no minimum payout threshold in this site. This is so unlike many other survey sites. In that case, you can decide to get your reward as soon as you complete the survey, or you can wait until you have a significant amount. There is no point system in this site, and the rewards are instant. You can, therefore, get your reward immediately you are through with a survey.

How much can you make on Forthright Surveys?

Surveys on this site take around 5 to 30 minutes to complete. On average, they will pay about $1 to $5. This will depend on the length of the survey and how complex it is.

Forthright also offers you a loyalty bonus. Once you complete three proprietary surveys, you will get bonus credit.

How much you can earn on the survey site will depend on how many surveys you qualify for and how many you complete. The earnings are good here but do not resign from your job yet. The monies here would not make anything better than pocket money. It is unlikely you are going to pay rent using earnings from the site.

How to earn on Forthright Surveys?

Forthright is a survey site. Companies approach Forthright to offer surveys to their members. Forthright will then pay their members, mostly a specific demographic group, to give their opinions about a particular product or service from the company. The company will then use the feedback to make better decisions.

There are different ways that you can earn on Forthright. These include:

  • Proprietary surveys: these are the surveys that Forthright provides itself
  • Partner surveys: these are surveys that third party companies offer. The companies pay Forthright to carry out the surveys on their behalf and give them feedback. You will require to answer some questions to decide whether you qualify for the survey. This is done to ensure that you meet the survey’s target demographic. You can only take three surveys per day. The surveys will take you around 5 to 30 minutes to complete.

Sometimes, you can get a disqualification while you are in the middle of taking a survey. This could happen because the site has attained its target answers for that survey, or they have decided that depending on your responses so far, you are not the survey’s target demographic. Forthright pay you a nominal fee when you get disqualified, which means no wasted time.

Participate in Product testing: you can also earn on this site by receiving some products and testing them.

The biggest miss in this survey site is the referral program. This is a program where you get paid for referring your family and friends to the site. The program is available on many other survey sites, and, surprisingly, it is not available here. Also, there are no other alternative earning methods, like watching videos, reading emails, etc.



  • The website has an appealing look. It is also simple and easy for you to navigate as you sign up and take the surveys.
  • Forthright does not require you to maintain your account. You don’t need to log in to the account to take the surveys. You will receive invitations to surveys through your verified email address.
  • The site also offers you multiple payment methods. You can decide to get a cash payment through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or you can donate your reward as a charity.
  • You will receive a loyalty bonus every time you complete three proprietary surveys.
  • In case you get disqualified from a survey for whatever reason, you will get a nominal fee as compensation for your time.
  • There is no point system or minimum payout threshold in their payments. You receive your payment immediately you are through with a survey.
  • There is a wide range of survey types. As such, it is difficult for you not to find a survey that you can take.
  • You have the option of completing the survey on your computer or using your mobile device. This is because the website can also be available on your phone or tablet.
  • It is free to join the survey site.


  • The payments are low
  • It has a little bureaucratic process of signing up
  • There are limited earning opportunities on the site
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Is Forthright Surveys legit?

Yes, it is. Mostly, if you want to find out if a site is legit, check if it is free to join and if it pays. Forthright Surveys meets this criterion. It is free to sign up, and you receive your payments instantly.

How do I sign up?

You will have to log in to their website and go to the signup homepage. You will then provide your email address, plus other details that you will need to fill. After that, they will require you to verify your email, which will take you a short time to verify. You will then give your demographic data that will be vital in matching you to available surveys.

How much can I earn?

How much you earn on the survey site will depend on how many surveys you qualify for and if you spend time and take them. The surveys will vary in length. Most will be between 5 to 30 minutes, and you will get around $1 to $5. The payment will depend on the length of the survey and its complexity.

How do I get paid?

There are a variety of ways you can be paid on Forthright. You can get a cash payment to your PayPal account, Amazon gift cards, donate your reward for charity, etc.


Forthright Surveys is a legit survey site that you can join and make money. The website does not charge you to join, and it offers instant payment. You may not make a lot on the site, and so you should think twice before leaving your job. The money is an okay amount considering you don’t have to work hard for it.

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