CabelasFeedback — Official Cabela’s® Customer Survey [$20 – $150]

November 8, 2019

Cabela’s is an American specialty retailer which provides outdoor recreational merchandise. The product departments offered by the store include hunting, fishing, and gun library, etc. Cabela’s was founded as an independent company in 1961 by Richard N. Cabela and Jim Cabela. In 2017, it was acquired by Bass Pro shops and currently functions as one of its subsidiaries.

CabelasFeedback - Cabela's Outfitter SurveyCabela’s is highly appreciative of the efforts made by its customers. It is the customers’ unwavering loyalty, which has helped the store to grow into a giant organization. Thus, to show acknowledgment, Cabela’s management offers discount coupons and gift cards to its loyal shoppers. One such method to avail discount coupons is by entering its customer feedback survey hosted online called the Cabela’s survey.

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CabelasFeedback - Cabela's Outfitter Survey

Name: CabelasFeedback

Description: Cabela’s Survey is a customer satisfaction survey organized online by Cabela’s store's management. The main purpose of hosting this survey is to find out the details of customers’ experiences at their last visit to the Cabela’s Stores outlets. This helps the management in taking steps to ensure that customers have a good time on their next shopping visit to the store.

About Cabela’s Survey

The Cabela’s management, in recognition of its customers’ loyalty and their support, offers them discount cards as rewards of participating in this survey. All legal residents of 50 states of the United States of America and Canada are allowed to participate in this survey. However, participants must have reached the age of 18 years or older to be eligible to enter this survey. Canadian participants have their website to enter the survey mentioned in the details below.

A valid purchase receipt is needed to enter the survey, and participants are advised to enter within seven days of their last purchase. Not all of Cabela’s stores are participating in the survey program. It is the participant’s responsibility to find out whether the store they are headed to is participating in this program or not.

How to Enter Cabela’s Survey?

There is only one method to enter the Cabela’s survey which is by going online on the website: A valid purchase receipt is required to participate in the Cabela’s Survey since it carries the alphanumeric code needed to enter the survey. This code is printed right under the bar code on the receipt and begins with an ‘x’. The participants are required to omit the asterisk/star when entering the code. Once done, click on the ‘Next’ tab and proceed into the survey.

For Canadian participants, the survey entry link is Canadian participants have a choice to select from any of the two languages they find themselves proficient in; English or French.

After this, they are redirected to a second webpage.

On this webpage, they are asked to enter the same alphanumeric printed under the bar code on customers’ copies of the receipts. After this, Canadian customers are also granted access to survey questions.

The survey questions cover a variety of topics and ask customers to rate them on a scale of 5 variables. These include the store’s customer service, range of products available in different departments such as Fly Hunting, women and men’s clothing, etc., overall treatment by the staff, their product knowledge, their availability in times of need, and friendliness.

Other questions include statements asking the customers if they had any difficulty in finding everything that they had on their shopping list or not. In addition to this, the survey also includes questions that ask for customers’ feedback on the quality and freshness of products in the store. In other questions, the store asks customers whether or not they found any new cutting edge products in the store’s product lines and if they would like to give any open-ended suggestions or register complaints.

In the end, the survey asks customers to rate store’s environment, proper installation of its signage, hygiene of the store, ease of locating the merchandise they were looking to shop, the pricing of the products and the value received against it, friendliness and cooperation of the cashier and ease of checking out process.

Once done with that, customers are presented with some additional ending questions related to their purpose and frequency of visits, whether or not they would recommend the Cabela Stores to any friends and family and their preferred mode of purchase from the Cabela’s store. This means that they are asked to select whether they prefer to make in-store purchases, shop via Cabela’s mobile app, or shop via the online website or make purchases via catalog or call center. Participants are also encouraged to enter the name of a specific employee or person in store they found helpful and want to appreciate.

Last but not the least, the survey asks for participants to enter their details such as age, gender, income levels, marital status, email address, 5- digit zip code for American participants, 6-7 digit postal codes for Canadian residents, and first and last name. After that, the participants are asked to click on the ‘Finish’ button.

Multiple entries are allowed. However, no specified limit can be quoted. Additionally, one receipt can be used to enter one survey online.


The prizes of participating in the Cabela’s online survey program include a discount coupon worth $20 and one discount coupon worth $150. Participants are given a choice to select which one they want to avail of. These discount coupons can be used by the winners in the Cabela’s stores on their next purchase. However, these discount coupons are valid for 30 days.

Participants are encouraged to write down the coupon code they have been provided on their receipts and present it to the concerned persons at their next purchase at any of the Cabela’s participating stores. Also, the discount coupons could be used one time only. They cannot be redeemed on multiple consequent visits.

Rules and Eligibility Criteria

  1. Participants must be legal residents of 50 states of the United States of America and Canada.
  2. Participants must be 18 years of age or older when entering the online survey.
  3. A valid purchase receipt is needed to enter the survey online.
  4. The receipt validity period is 7 days only.
  5. There are no other methods to enter the Cabela’s Survey.
  6. For the United States’ participants, the survey can be attempted in the English language only.
  7. For Canadian participants, the survey can be attempted in both French and English languages.
  8. The limit to entering the survey is one entry per receipt.
  9. Multiple entries are allowed but no given limit.
  10. Multiple entries cannot be made on the same receipt and the same email address.
  11. Prizes are awarded as it is, and they cannot be traded for other prizes of the same or greater value. Additionally, they are non-transferable and in-exchangeable and cannot be substituted for cash.
  12. Prizes must be redeemed within 30 days of issuance in any of the participating Cabela’s stores.
  13. Prizes can only be used once and not multiple times.
  14. Participants must verify whether the Cabela’s store they intend to make a purchase at for entering the online survey is taking part in the customer feedback program or not to save themselves from the resulting inconvenience.
  15. Employees, their immediate families, household inmates, affiliates, and people bearing any kind of association to the Cabela’s stores and its management are forbidden to enter this survey program.
  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • Huge selection of outdoor equipment
  • Good customer service
  • Fair prices


  • Limited location in the US
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Prize$50 - $120 Coupon
Winner(s)Every Participant
Validation Code30 days
Prize Expiry30 days
Purchase Yes
LocationUSA, Canada
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, French

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Why must I take part in Cabela’s Store Survey?

You must take part in the Cabela’s online survey program because it helps them improve their customers’ future shopping experiences at the store which also includes you. Additionally, you get a prize in return for rendering your feedback.

Is there any way I can escape the survey completion part and still get the discount coupons?

No, Cabela’s management is very particular in improving their services and thus it is mandatory to submit a completed survey online to get access to discount coupons offered as a reward.

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