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December 5, 2019

Picture this, you are in a new country, state or town and you need a car to facilitate your movement. What if you were promised a great car, great customer service and a chance to complete a survey on your experience and earn a reward?

This is exactly what the Hertz company does for you. They have a survey after you rent a car from them. Once you complete the survey you win promotion coupons that you can use during your next rental. Although it’s not a source of income it ensures that you get to save some money on your traveling expenses.

Hertz Survey

Name: Hertz Survey

Description: Hertz is a company that provides cars for renting. The company was founded in 1918 in Chicago by Walter L Jacobs. The reason why its called Hertz and not Jacobs is because he sold it to John Hertz 5 years after he created it. Within ten years, Hertz and Jacobs had transformed rent-a-ford, as Jacobs had named the fleet of 12 cars, into a vast company worth millions of dollars.

Hertz Survey Summary

The company has always been concerned about customers’ needs and specifications. When making changes, they consider customer’s opinions in the Hertz survey.

As early as 1925, they listened to customer feedback and set up a wide-reaching network so that renters could quickly and conveniently pick up and drop off cars.

Being a company that cares about the satisfaction of its customers, the company came up with the Hertz survey.

By doing so, they get to do their research, and the customers enjoy a small reward by merely filling a short survey about their experience.

So you get to win a promo coupon while determining how Hertz will serve you better in the future.

The good thing is that you can find a Hertz support desk in almost every international airport so you can seek guidance if you have questions.

Their telephone number is also on display on their website so you can call if you have any questions

Hertz Survey Website

The homepage is simple and easy to navigate.

All the fields that you should fill are indicated clearly. All you have to do is fill your answers.

Hertz Survey Questions

Unlike general survey sites and consumer panels, which give different surveys and on various topics, Hertz Survey has a specific format of questions to get your feedback on your experience with them.

These are the questions you should expect:

  • What procedure you use for vehicle reservation
  • The level of customer service during the vehicle pick up and drop off
  • Based on your expectations how did you find the car
  • Which rental procedure you followed
  • The overall impression of the company from your rental
  • Based on what criteria do you choose a car rental company, is it cost, reservation procedure customer service or reliability?
  • Lastly, any additional comments you may have.

Eligibility Criteria

You must know English because this is the official language the site uses for the survey. You must also be 18 years or older

You’ll fill the survey online, and therefore, you must have an internet-accessible device such as a mobile phone.

Of course, it is mandatory that you first rent a car from Hertz to participate in the survey.

When signing up on the site, you will need to provide a valid email address. You will receive your promotional code through this address. The promotional code is only available for legal residents of the USA.

How to Earn Rewards

The only way to earn rewards is through giving your complaints and feedback through the survey. So, ensure that each time you need a car, rent it from Hertz Limited and get a discount for the next time you travel with them.

Instructions for Carrying out Hertz Survey

  • Rent a car

You first have to consume their services before participating in the review for two reasons.

The first reason is that the codes you need to start the survey are on the receipt you get after renting a car.

Secondly, the survey is about user experience. Therefore, you must have used their services to be able to answer the questions comfortably.

  • Save the receipt

Unless you can memorize the codes you need to begin the survey, it is wise to ensure your receipt is safe and unstained till you complete the survey.

Go online to their website at www.hertzsurvey.com

To complete the survey you should visit the company’s official website

  • Input the codes

You will see the fields indicated to input the nine-digit rental record number and the 5-7 digit access code.

  • Answer all questions

Ensure you answer all the questions as failure to do so means you will not get any reward. Give correct details to all answers.

  • Click the link sent to your email

Upon completion of the survey, they will send you a link in your email. Click the link, and you get the promo code. Save this code and present it the next time you rent from them.

Rules for the Survey

1. Purchase

Unlike other survey sites that don’t necessarily require you to purchase the products, the Hertz survey requires you to buy their services. That is through renting their cars before you can participate in the polls.

To ensure you make the purchase, all the codes you need are in the receipt issued after purchase.

2. Receipt

You should hold on to your receipt till completion of the survey, memorize the codes or save them somewhere.

3. Answer all questions

Unless you answer all the questions presented to you, you will not receive your reward.



  • Saves you money on car rentals

When you present your promo code on your next rental, you will be given a discount, therefore, saving your money.

  • It’s mainly about your experiences

The survey you fill is about your experience after you use hertz cars. Therefore it is hard for you to get bored.

  • You have the chance of influencing decision making

By airing your views through submitting your feedback, you influence their decision-making process on issues such as customer service.

  • No registration process

Registration processes on other sites usually take time and require your details. All Hertz survey needs is your email address and a contact number.

  • A short and simple survey

The survey you are required to fill is straightforward and will take less than 10 minutes of your time.

You don’t have to worry about losing your earnings. Once you complete your survey, you receive a promo code that will enable you to get discounts on your next rental.


  • Only in the USA

Only legal citizens of the USA can use the promo code. People from all over the world who may be interested in participating don’t have the chance.

  • Only one way of earning

Unlike other survey sites and consumer panels that offer you several ways of earning such as through referring people to the site, you can only gain through filling a survey each time you rent a car from them.

  • Purchase

Most survey sites don’t care whether you have purchased and used the products you are reviewing, as long as you have general information about them.

This is not the case with Hertz Survey as you must purchase to get the codes to start the survey.

As we mentioned above, all the codes you need to fill the surveys are on the receipt issued. So, if you misplace it or it gets spoilt, you cannot participate in the polls.

  • Unless you present your promo code, you cannot get your reward

Once you get your promo code, you keep it until the next time you use their rental services. If you forget the code, you won’t get your reward.

You cannot redeem your promotion code for money or even gift cards, so if your interest is money, this site isn’t for you.

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Hertz Survey Center

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Prize Expiry30 days
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LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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Is Hertz Survey legit?

Hertz Survey is a legit site that allows you to save money when renting cars.

How do I earn through Hertz Survey?

You earn by completing surveys and are awarded a promotion code. You can then use this code to get discounts on your next rental.

Can I redeem the earnings for money?

You cannot redeem your earnings for money. You can only use them to get discounts on your next rental.

What happens if I don’t use Hertz to rent a car again?

If this happens, your promotion code is of no use as you cannot use it elsewhere.


Hertz Limited is a good company that offers highly rated rental services. So, if you want a rental car, it’s an excellent place to look.

However, Hertz survey doesn’t offer a lot of rewards or money. Nevertheless, if you rent cars often, it can save you money in the long run as you will be given discounts after every survey.

Besides, it will take less than 10 minutes of your time. So, if you rent cars for any reason, make sure you rent from Hertz limited and don’t forget to fill the survey on your experience.

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