Importance of Graphics Improvement at Online Slots

September 21, 2020

Online slots are the most popular of games on the internet. They are exciting, keep the attention of players and a lot of them have impressively high jackpots available for anyone to be able to win. But the most loved thing by many of the players is that of the graphics. Not only do online slots games such as Bonanza have some incredible themes, storylines and characters roaming around the screens, the ways in which these are portrayed are second to none.

With technology ever advancing, the way in which the graphics appear on our screens every day is constantly changing and just gets better and better. But this has not always been the case. Noticeably, as the graphics are increasing in their finery, the popularity of slots games has increased too. Of course, this has been advantageous to the games developers and to the online casinos, but it has also meant that gamers are getting a much better experience as they play online slots.

Original Slots Graphics

Well, to put this quite plainly, the original slots games didn’t really have any specific type of graphics. It was the 1980s that saw this change, where slots games suddenly had graphics and these games were a lot more about the general experience than just a way of trying to make a little cash.

Original slots machines were cumbersome machines. Their aesthetics were not really something that anyone paid particular interest in and they certainly could not be played anywhere except inside a bricks and mortar casino. This was limiting but as they were so expensive to purchase, there were very few people who could afford to buy them. They were in the same gambling bracket as Poker and Roulette and it was something you had to make a specific time to go and do if you wanted to play slots.

Exciting Eighties

The 1980s saw the first video slots come in to play and this was a large turning point for the gaming and gambling world. With graphics suddenly becoming one of the main deciding factors as to whether someone chose to play that specific slots game or not, special attention was paid to make these video slots games as aesthetically pleasing as possible so as to entice as many players as possible.

Not only did the slots games of the 1980s have graphics but they also had bonus features which were another clever way of increasing the amount of time that players spent playing, meaning they spent more money playing and also encouraged them to return to play that same slots game again.

But the reason for the slots games being able to develop so much at this time was something that we still use today and could not have moved forward without. The RNG.

Random Number Generator

This is the clever code that creates a unique number every single time a player spins the reel of a slots game. It pays absolutely no attention to who you are, how long you have been playing or how much money you have entered into the slots machine. It uses a unique code to generate a potential win.

This was a real turning point in the slots game world because it meant that slots games could not be cheated and the RNG is the system used in online slots today. This is the reason that slots games have been able to go digital today and are safe spaces for players to play without being hacked, cheated or threatened in any way as they do so. If the RNG and the video slots had not been created in the 1980s then we would not have the impressive graphics of our online slots games today.

Marvelous Millennium

At around the time of the Millennium, the first online slots game was released. This meant that these popular games were much more accessible to their players and there was no time restrained in place. All of the big games developers released their online slots games which quickly became the most popular way to play slots. But there was something everyone was unhappy about. The quality of the graphics!

With such impressive graphics in traditional casinos, players wanted online graphics to be just as good if not better. But with the internet in its early life, this was not particularly easy for the developers. It did not take long, however, for HTML5 to be developed so that slots games online could overtake the aesthetic beauty of their predecessors.

Why Aesthetics are So Important

The quality of slots games aesthetics is very important for players because they need to have their attention kept for substantial periods of time. They use slots games as a way to unwind and relax and want to do so looking at as something that is aesthetically pleasing, not something that is grainy and jumping around the screen.

We all live busy lives and we want slots games online to work quickly and move at the same speed we do. As we need to take them with us so that we can multitask, we need them to be high functioning. But what we really want is to be drawn in and distracted from the daily grind! It is the theme of the slots game of choice that sets it apart from all the others and the graphics are the key to its success. If it doesn’t look good, we don’t want to play it for long periods of time, despite the fact that it might have lots of bonus features, free spins or mini-games for us to play as well.

We want to be transported into a different world, away from the daily grind, the monotony or the boring routine. We use our eyes to take us to places we could only ever dream of, and with time being such a scarce commodity, we use slots games to take us to other places altogether. Whether this is the planes of Africa or the beaches of a long lost island, anywhere is a great distraction when you’re playing slots but commuting on the tube!

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