Inspired Opinions Review — Paid Surveys Legit or a Scam?

December 2, 2019

In this review, we will be talking about Inspired Opinions as a platform to help you earn money by sharing opinions on various platforms. I guess this might be a new platform for you, and it is reasonable to have doubts over new platforms. My goal is to help you have as much information about this platform, such that by the time you decide to participate, you take it wholeheartedly. While you participate, you will earn cash rewards through market research.

Inspired Opinions

Name: Inspired Opinions

Description: Inspired Opinions is one of the market research platforms on the market. It’s owned by Schlesinger Associates, which has been in operation for over forty years. Its presence has seen companies and different brands get the right information for decision making and hence improving their final products. This platform has various ways through which one can participate and share their opinions. First, you can do a survey online, on the telephone at the agreed time. You can also do it in person under focus group discussions and interviews. Additionally, you can receive real products for you to test. The best thing is that you get paid for the products you test and you also remain with the products.

Inspired Opinions Summary

Those who can participate in these surveys include; business professionals, consumers, caregivers, patients, and also as a member of the online community. Always remember that this platform is free to join and will reward you for the time spent. This platform rewards you through redeemable points to amazon gift cards for shopping. Apart from that, you have the option of accumulating more points for better rewards.

Is the platform legit or scam?

When you come across a new platform, the probability of doubting it is high. This is because you might have come across scam survey sites that messed up with your time at some point. However, we still have a legit site online that rewards you for the time taken on surveys. Inspired Opinions is a legit company as it’s owned by one of the best market research platforms in the world, Schlesinger Associates. This company has been in the survey and market research game for over 40 years, and this is why Inspired Opinions is trustable since it’s part of Schlesinger Associates.

Another thing to prove that this platform is legit is the payment proof online both from satisfied participants as well as Youtube videos. You will also realize that Schlesinger Associates, which is the parent company for this platform, is featured on the Better Business Bureau website, and this stands for Inspired Opinions as well since it’s a subsidiary entity to this company.

Finally, this Inspired Opinions has well laid out guidelines where you click and read about fraudsters, and this keeps you alert in case you sense a site that tries to scam you. Not many companies give you free access to information that prevents you from fraudulent companies that want to get more out of you with no pay.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you decide to sign up and participate, you have to confirm if you are eligible for participation. Not so many sites give worldwide access to their platform for free registration. They have restrictions that help them work within a targeted geographical area. This is usually a result of the extensive use of targeted products and services in that particular area. We found some of the criteria used for you to take part in these surveys.

  • First, you must be a resident of the US and UK for you to participate
  • You must be a consumer, healthcare provider, caregiver or a patient
  • You also need to be 18 years and above to participate
  • You need to be an honest person as the survey thrives on honest opinions to ensure the clients receive the best information.
  • You will also need to have a stable internet connection if you will be using the online platform
  • Be willing to share information as much as you want in any format and also be ready to receive products for testing.

How to register and participate

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, the remaining process is smooth and straightforward. You need to create an account with Inspired Opinions, and this requires you to have an email address. Note that account creation by signing up is free. You will need to create your profile with essential information for you to qualify. Ensure you are a resident from the US. Note that the registration process is so fast and takes around two minutes.

The demographic information collected is vital as it helps the platform to match you with surveys that suit your profile. You will be required to submit your phone number as well so that the platform can have multiple ways of getting in touch with you in case more surveys are in place.

Once you confirm your registration, you can proceed and login to the site using your login information. You will start taking surveys immediately and begin to accumulate points for yourself.

How does Inspired Opinions work?

Just like other sites, you will be required to take surveys and share your opinion for you to start earning. The platform rewards you redeemable points once you reach the target points, which are 1000points. These points are equivalent to $10 and hence sufficient for helping you settle a few bills. Note that the site won’t make you rich, and that’s why it should always act as a side hustle for you.

There are three outlined ways you can take part in the surveys. First, you can do them online over the internet, in person as the company has 14 locations, and lastly, through a phone call. All these require your time so that you don’t miss opportunities. For instance, you need to set aside a convenient time where you will get a call and share your opinion from the company. If you participate in person, then you need to create more time as you will have an interactive session with others based on specific assignments. The majority of the focus group sessions pay higher. Mostly, you will receive around $100 for 1 or 2 hours of participation.

We have times when the surveys are many. This allows you to earn more. Other times, there might be an overflow of responses that forces the company to close the survey once its maximum number of responses has been reached. Once you start a survey, you cannot cancel it and restart. Also, the responses cannot be edited, and hence first-time responses are crucial. Ensure that you are true to your responses to these questions.

As said earlier, you are given points for every survey you take, depending on the time allocated. Once you accumulate points to the minimum threshold of 1000 points, you can redeem it for an equivalent of $10, which works as an Amazon e-voucher that you can spend on shopping. What’s great about this platform is that the points you earn have no expiry date, and once you request to convert the points, you will never get charged for converting them. Note that your gift card will come in 4-6 weeks.

As a member, you will get invitations to participate in surveys between 4-10 monthly. This will depend on your demographic information as it is precise for the allocation of surveys.

You will also earn more points by keeping your participation active as well as updating your profile. These are free points that come easily and hence the need to utilize the chance for you to earn more for fantastic gift vouchers.



  • The site is under Schlesinger Associates, which has had an impact on market research for over 40 years. This makes the site legit for you to take part in.
  • Registration is free. Just hop to the site and register for an account.
  • You have more than one way of participating. Note that you will take online surveys, phone surveys, or physical focus group discussions.
  • The company has over 14 physical locations all over the US, where you can visit and participate in focus groups. This is among the few platforms with a physical location.
  • It pays well, especially the special surveys such as focus group discussions. For instance, you can get paid $100 for one or two hours of discussion.


  • There is no cash payment. You accumulate points and convert them to an Amazon gift voucher.
  • Its restriction to lockout non-US residents blocks potential people from joining the platform and sharing their opinion. This makes the platform not internationally focused.
  • Apart from the focus group sessions, other surveys do not pay well. They might also limit according to your demographic data.
  • It takes 4-6 weeks for your e-voucher to mature. This is a lengthy time.
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Inspired Opinions Survey Center

NameInspired Opinions
PayoutGift Cards
Minimum Payout$10
Payment MethodAmazon Gift Card
Points ExpiryNever
Sign UpOnline

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How is Inspired Opinions related to Schlesinger Associates?

Inspired Opinions is under Schlesinger Associates, which has over forty years of market research.

Is there a way to update personal information?

Yes, log into your account and click on the section written profile. At that point, you will enter the required personal information.

Will I get rewarded via cash?

Unfortunately, there is no cash option. Once you accumulate enough points, you can convert to Amazon e-voucher.

How many points do I need to make a withdrawal request?

You need to accumulate a minimum of 1000 points for you to convert it to the Amazon e-voucher and use it for your upcoming shopping.

How can I earn more from Inspired Opinions?

By updating your profile and keeping your account active, you will receive bonuses and chances from participating in other focused group forums that pay higher returns.

What are the surveys about?

The information gathered is about consumer behavior, i.e., how you use products and services in and outside your household. It may range from electronics, services, and foodstuffs.

Does the platform operate worldwide?

Unfortunately, you will find this beneficial if you are a resident of the USA. Before you enroll, make sure you read about the eligibility.


If you like the idea of making extra money online, then Inspired Opinions would be the best option. For this platform, you will gather points that convert to Amazon e-voucher. This means that you are limited in terms of your shopping sites. You can only use the voucher on Amazon.

All in all, Inspired Opinions is a legit platform managed by Schlesinger Associates, which has over 40 years in market research. With this experience, we are sure the site performs to the required standards.


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