MySoapBox Review — Is it Legit or Scam Paid Surveys?

November 12, 2019

Nothing is as powerful as data. Data gives you facts that you use to make sober and factual decisions. Data refers to information that is collected concerning a particular product or service. The data tells a company about how their customers feel about a product and the improvements they would wish to have. There are many ways that companies and other businesses have been using to collect data. Some of the methods are very expensive and time-consuming. With the rise of the internet, it is now possible to research a particular product within a short time and at a minimal cost.

MySoapBoxOrganizations can now collect data from their perceived customers and get an in-depth illustration of things the customer would wish were done differently. The data that the company receives is then useful in influencing decisions about the particular product.

On the other hand, apart from having their opinions being used in shaping decisions, the consumers also stand a chance to get a reward in the form of cash or gift cards for participating in the data collection. The internet is today full of surveys that purport to pay their users for giving their opinions. The sites may not make you rich, but it is an intelligent way of adding some extra cash to your pocket. The fact that you can take the survey at home makes it even more attractive.

The users should be careful and make sure that what they are dealing with is legitimate. MySoapBox is one of such online survey sites. We, therefore, want to find out if it is legit, and if you can earn a good amount from it.

About SoapBox

Soap Box Sample is the mother company that operates the MySoapBox survey. The company has been there since 1982. It is also a member of the Interview Services of America (ISA), which is a market research group of companies.

The site offers you an opportunity to take part in the surveys, and you get a reward in return. You will give your opinion about products and services, and the feedback you provide will help make crucial decisions.

You need to reside in the US for you to participate. You must also be at least 13 years and above. Note that MySoapBox does not offer cash rewards. You will only get your rewards in the form of gift cards and e-vouchers. This is not your site if you want to take part in surveys for money.

MySoapBox Review

Name: MySoapBox

Description: MySoapBox is a well-known market research company. It is a subsidiary of the Interviewing Service of America (ISA), which is a legitimate group of reputable market research companies that provide services to different organizations across various industries. This is a site that helps you have your opinion heard and with a financial gain to it. You give your honest opinion about the products that you use, and you get paid for participation.

You will earn points depending on the number of surveys and the length of the surveys you take. These points will keep on accumulating over time. You redeem the points for gift cards in different restaurants, retailers, and other premises. The rewards are quite useful as they can help you get valuables that you need for your every day us.

Eligibility criteria

For you to join MySoapBox, you need to be at least 18 years. You can also participate if you are 13 years, but you will require parental consent to do that.

You also need to be a resident of the United States. Unlike many survey sites, households are allowed to have multiple accounts and use the same IP address.

How to sign up

The process of signing up for the site is free, simple, and effortless. First, you will have to log in to their official website at Go to their signup page and enter a valid email address. After you verify your email, enter your basic information that will include your name. Then give your demographic data that includes your date of birth, gender, and ethnicity. This demographic data will be essential in matching you to the surveys that you qualify for. Create and confirm your password, and you will be ready to start taking part in the survey.

How MysoapBox works

The main idea of the site is to offer you an opportunity to air your opinion about products and services. In return, you will get a reward in the form of points that you can redeem later.

Once you are done signing up to the survey site, you will start receiving invitations to participate in surveys through your email address. It is for this reason that you should make sure you provide a valid email address. You can access your account and search for the surveys that could be available.

Usually, the surveys are easy to understand and answer, and they will take you a short time to complete. Before you start any survey, you are going to see a notification of the estimated reward and the amount of time you will spend to complete it. Every survey you complete, you will get points as a reward. Most of the surveys will take 10 to 15 minutes, and you will get about 600 to 1000 points. There is no limit, and so this number can be higher or lower depending on the length of the survey and its complexity. One thousand points are equal to $1.

You will get invitations according to your demographics. If your profile is in demand, you can be sure to get at least an invitation per day. The flow of surveys on MySoapBox is above those of many other survey sites.

Each invitation does not result in survey completion. Before you start taking any survey, you will have to answer some qualifying questions. In that process, you can receive a disqualification from the survey, or you will be allowed to continue and take the survey. It will be annoying and a waste of time if you will get a disqualification. If you get disqualified, MySoapBox will give you 10 points as a consolation prize.


There are a variety of rewards on this site, which, unfortunately, do not include cash rewards. If you are seeking to make some pocket money by taking online surveys, this is not your site.

You can redeem your points for gift cards and e-vouchers. You can choose gift cards from Amazon, Tango, Starbucks, Walmart, and so on. You can decide to donate your points to charity as well.

There is a 25,000 points threshold that you need to attain before you can redeem your first payout. This threshold is pretty high, and it may take you quite some time to reach this number of points. Things get easier after your first payout, and you can redeem as low as 1000 points depending on the gift card you choose.

Regarding bonuses, you will get a $2 bonus when you sign up. You will also receive 250 points when you refer a friend.

How to earn on MySoapBox

Taking surveys

The primary way of earning on MySoapBox is by taking surveys. You will receive invitations to participate in surveys using the email you provide during registration. The surveys you qualify to take will depend on the demographic information you provide. Surveys will take a short time to fill, and you will earn points depending on their length and complexity.

Getting an invitation to participate does not qualify you to take a survey. You will have to fill in qualifying questions to decide if you should continue taking the survey or not. If it is your first time signing up, then you must hit the 25,000 points threshold for you to request your first payout.

Referral program

This is one unique feature of the MySoapBox survey that is not there in many other survey sites. Here, you refer to your friend or family member to join the survey. For every friend you refer, you get 250 points. This is an excellent way of passively accumulating more points.

Is it legit?

This is the most critical question you should ask before joining any survey site. And yes, MySoapBox survey is a legit site. One way of deciding whether a site is legit or not is to check if it has a known mother company. Soap Box Sample is the mother company that owns and operates MySoapBox. It is also a member of the Interview Service of America (ISA), which is a group of reputable market research companies.

It is also free to join the survey site, and it pays its users their rewards.



  • Signing up to the site is free of charge. You should never have to pay to join any site
  • The payout rate for this company is higher than for other survey sites in the market
  • When you complete registration, you will receive a $2 bonus as a way of the company thanking you for signing up.
  • There is only one minimum threshold to meet when you first sign up. After that, you can redeem your points from as low as 1,000 depending on the gift card you choose.
  • The surveys on this site are interesting and fun. As the companies will not pay you a lot, it is only fair that the surveys should be smooth and make sense.
  • The feedback you provide is going towards helping companies and other organizations to improve their products and services.
  • The rewards are awarded within two days.
  • Their customer service is reliable and satisfactory.


  • There is no cash reward. This is probably the most significant undoing. Gift cards are okay, but the lack of a cash reward is a significant shortcoming.
  • High payout threshold. $25 is a high threshold to achieve, especially for a beginner. It can be discouraging if you take too long to get your first reward.
  • Disqualifications. It can be frustrating and a waste of time if you are consistently not qualifying for a survey.
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Is the site legit?

Yes, it is. For you to know if a site is legit, you need to look out for the parent company that operates it. You also need to check if the company asks you to pay any payment so that you can join and if it pays its rewards.

MySoapBox has a renowned mother company, it is free to join, and it is known to pay.

How do I earn on this site?

There is one primary method of earning on this survey site, and that is by taking the surveys. The surveys are easy and will take 5 to 10 minutes. For every survey you complete, you will earn yourself some points. The points will depend on how long a survey is and how complex it is.

You can also earn by referring to your friend or family member. For every friend you refer and they sign up, you will get 250 points. You will also earn yourself $2 as bonus points when you register, which is a way of the company thanking you for signing up.

If you get disqualified in a survey, you will receive 10 points as a consolation prize.

How will I get paid?

There will be no cash reward on this site. You will receive your rewards as gift cards or e-vouchers. You can choose a gift card from Amazon, Starbucks, Tango, and so on. `

If you are a beginner, you will have to accumulate your points up to 25,000, which is equivalent to $25 for you to request a payout. After that, you can ask for a payout for as little as 1,000 points depending on the gift card that you will choose.


Companies value feedback from their customers about their products and how they can make them better. Online surveys offer an easy, quick, and less expensive method of getting feedback. In return, the users get a reward for their opinion. MySoapBox is one such online survey site. It offers you a reward for participating in their surveys. The rewards include gift cards and e-vouchers that you can redeem from different retailers. The site is a legit way of earning online.

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