October 29, 2019

HarrisPoll Online Review — Online Paid Surveys Legit or Scam?

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Surveys keep us informed and improve the quality of services offered by companies. As much as the survey will earn you some cash, it also adds up as a way to get the best quality products because your opinion matters. Most of the manufacturers rely on your opinion.

HarrisPoll OnlineWe have numerous sites offering opportunities in the survey with an exchange of a reward. In most cases, these rewards come in cash, while others are in the form of points. It doesn’t matter whichever option is available as long as the site is legit and can compensate for the time spent.

Surveys won’t make you rich but will supplement your daily earnings. More so, the same surveys won’t take much of your time as they are simple and take a few minutes. You can, therefore, attempt them when during your free time.

In this review, the focus will be on the HarrisPoll Review. It’s a popular site and has had some excellent experience in compiling user options. As a result, the companies and other entities that rely on their feedback find it easy to improve their products for you.

Before you decide to take on a survey project, always remember that your opinion represents hundreds of users. Therefore, please make it as honest as possible. In this writeup, we will try to help you learn more about this site in terms of registration, legitness, eligibility, advantages, and disadvantages as well as the modes of rewards.

In the end, you will decide whether its a good site for you to join and share your opinion or not. Let’s check through and find what the site has for you.

HarrisPoll Online Review

HarrisPoll Online

Name: HarrisPoll Online

Description: If you have done a lot of surveys, then HarrisPoll is familiar to you. It is one of the top popular sites that value your opinion word by word. The site has over six million users, well-spread over eighty countries. Therefore, being part of the platform means a lot to the whole world population.



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What is HarrisPoll?

As a new person on this platform, you could be skeptical as to whether this is a site that will fulfill your survey dream or waste your time by spamming you with ads. But before we look into that, let’s find out the key details about this company.


The HarrisPoll platform is a project run by Harris Interactive. This company is in the United States, specifically NewYork. The company has been in the market for an extended time dealing with market research and exploitation. Since 1975, the company has been operating and delivering results. With this in mind, we can be confident in what they are doing.

With these years in the market, HarrisPoll has had the best reviews from top marketers. It has been recognized all over the world, and the growth is tremendous. Major firms in Europe and the USA have acknowledged the consistency of HarrisPoll in delivering outstanding outcomes.

It is currently working with companies and industrial segments to give the best analysis from their market research based on people’s opinions.

Is the platform legit or scam?

If you have done surveys, then you understand the frustrations that come with scam sites. You could spend your precious time working on a project only to find out that it was a scam site. The most painful thing is about your time, as well as the information you give up when signing up to join the platform. Therefore, getting a legit site needs you to be keen and read a lot of reviews from users.

For the HarrisPoll Platform, we have a lot that proves it’s a legit site. A glimpse at their website says it all. It’s among the best-organized websites for survey platforms. A company that invests in its platform is a sure way that you are dealing with individuals who value your feedback.

Secondly, this is a company that has been in business for over 20 years. With this experience, it has been able to gain trust from top brands in the USA and Europe. Furthermore, the company has spread worldwide to over 70 countries. Who would doubt this expansion?

Lastly, when it comes to grading in the Better Business Bureau in the HarrisPoll rating, you will be impressed. It has an A+ grade from an F to A+ range. Achieving this rank isn’t easy. Therefore, a company must have had consistency and fairness to both partners in business. This information indicates that you are dealing with a serious company and not a scam that spams your inbox frequently.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you start doing any survey, it’s good to look at the terms and conditions for participation. We have surveys that allow individuals to participate based on their location. Such selective platforms won’t be able to benefit people worldwide. We also have those with lenient terms such that people worldwide participate freely. We have the ones with the best terms that allow even children to participate. All of them have a common goal in mind; to get the best results afterward.

Same to this Harrispoll Review, you will still need to meet some conditions for you to start working. However, the conditions are not as harsh as the ones on other platforms.

  • Age limit is 13 and above for Americans and 14 years and above for other countries
  • First, you need to register and have an account
  • You need a reliable internet connection for you to work swiftly
  • You need a smartphone or a computer
  • One member per household

As mentioned earlier, this platform has lenient terms for joining. Look at the age limit; you will realize that teens and young people are eligible and encouraged to participate.

How To Register And Start Earning

When it comes to the registration process, it’s similar to other sites. The registration is also free. First, create an account on a form provided by Harrispoll Review. After you fill in the details, you will be provided with a random password by the platform. Some people find this difficult when it comes to remembering.

  • You will need to access your email so that you confirm your registration
  • At this point, you have your login details and ready to start your surveys
  • Log in to Harris Poll and locate your survey
  • You have the freedom to choose the survey you prefer from those available online. This keeps you happy and interested.
  • A survey takes roughly 5-25 minutes depending on the length
  • The site also has a particular focus group, telephone-based surveys, email-based surveys, which are exceptional, and you can decide to take them.

How to Earn and the Rewards

Different sites offer a variety of ways in which you can earn. Some will gift you cash for your time; others will reward you with redeemable points while others will give you opportunities to access your favorite joints.

For this Harrispoll platform, you take surveys, and after completion, you are awarded points in your account. All these points are redeemable in gift cards. Note that 1250 points are equivalent to $10. However, there is no cash option available, and hence, all these come as gift cards where you can shop at your favorite platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, ESPN, and Walmart, among others.

For every month, you will receive at least 3-5 surveys, which are very few. If you start a survey and you get disqualified in the middle, then you are awarded fifteen points, which is still fair for your time.

Note that the points accumulate to 1250, and after that, you can redeem them for your e-vouchers or gift cards.


  • Free registration – Did you know some sites are scams that always require you to register so that you can up those ranks? Well, this is a legit site with a smooth registration process.
  • Fair age limit – This platform allows 13 and above ages and hence suitable for teens in all the participating countries.
  • Worldwide participation – We have survey platforms that allow US citizens only. However, this one is unique as more countries are eligible, and the citizens will still receive the surveys after registration. This will enable you to earn by taking part in these surveys.
  • Simple questions – The language used in drafting the survey questions are straightforward, which makes earning easy. It takes roughly 5-25 minutes per survey.
  • Pays in terms of points – Points are getting popular with survey sites. They are not the best, as many people prefer cash payments. However, as long as you are getting paid, then it’s worth your time.
  • Compensate for disqualification – This is one of the best advantages. When in the middle of a survey and you get disqualified, you still earn 15 points to compensate for your time. Other sites won’t give you this advantage.
  • Doesn’t ask for the phone number and other sensitive information – We have some personal information, such as our phone numbers. This platform isn’t interested in that; you just sign up and begin your surveys. This keeps you safe from ads and promotions. Additionally, you won’t provide your PayPal account information which is personal.
  • Site is fantastic and easy to navigate – The website is well organized and has a great user experience. It is easy to navigate.
  • Gives at least four surveys per month – Some sites will give a single survey per month; others will get you the first task after weeks. But for this platform, you will have at least three to five surveys monthly. With the consistency in place, you will still reach the redeemable points.
  • Payments are quick – When your points are already in your account, it takes a few days to get the gift cards or e-vouchers. At least ten days for processing the payment is enough.
  • The vouchers and gift cards are used in well-known market places – You are familiar with Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Starbucks, and ESPN, among others. Here is where your vouchers are accepted after you redeem the points.
  • Sweepstakes every quarter for you to enroll and try your luck – Every quarter, the company allows you to participate in sweepstakes. If you are a lucky winner, then you will walk away with a good amount of cash.


  • No cash – If you want cash payments, then this isn’t your platform. They only pay in terms of points that are redeemable.
  • Password randomly suggested by the site – When registering, you don’t select your password, it’s chosen for you. Therefore, remembering the password sometimes isn’t easy.
  • No referrals – Other platforms offer referrals, but for this site, no referrals. Remember, referrals usually earn massive points.
NameHarrisPoll Online
PayoutGift or e-Cards
Minimum Payout$10
Payment MethodGift or e-Cards
Points Expiry12 months
Sign UpOnline

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How many surveys can I take per month?

The site offers at least three to five surveys per month. Some people find this inadequate.

Is the platform offering opportunities worldwide?

Well, the platform operates in over 80 countries, and this is a great number for worldwide registration.

What are the minimum redeemable points?

Once you hit 1250 points, you can redeem them for your gift and e-cards. The points are equivalent to $10.

Can children participate?

This is an excellent site for teenagers, as well. They must be 13 years for Americans and 14 years for other countries.

What is the registration fee?

No registration fee. Just complete the form and register, then log into the platform and start earning.

When you want to supplement your daily job with something exciting, then a survey is a great option. You can visit this site and take surveys for rewards. The surveys are fun and range between 5-25 minutes. You get rewarded in redeemable points.

This is a unique site with many advantages when you compare it with other platforms. Even though you get a few surveys per month, you still earn your points. I recommend it to those who are looking for an extra avenue to make income.


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