Cinemark Survey – Official Cinemark Customer Survey [Movies for a Year]

October 2, 2019

Watching a movie is relaxing. Getting time to watch the film in a serene environment with everything you need is even better. Cinemark is one kind of place where you will enjoy your movies at affordable rates. If you are planning to have a weekend getaway, then the best stopping place is at Cinemark. You will meet excellent customer service as you watch your movie.

Cinemark Survey - Cinemark Guest Experience SurveyCinemark is a movie theater with branches in every state in the USA. It has also expanded internationally, and in countries like Brazil, Cinemark is the leading movie theatre. Many people find their way to Cinemark because they value their customers and are continuously improving their services to meet the customer’s new demands.

Having better services at Cinemax can only happen with your feedback on your overall experience while you enjoy the movie. This feedback not only grants you the best services but can also get you a free year of watching movies at Cinemark. Your movie ticket or anything you purchase within Cinemark increases your chances of winning free movies from Cinemark for a year. So, next time you make that purchase, remember that your ticket could be a fortune.

Because Cinemark values your feedback so much, they are having a survey and the rewards are tremendous. For instance, you will be able to watch free movies for the rest of the year! Isn’t that fantastic? Therefore, this write-up will help you in the journey to understand more about Cinemark and how to take the survey as you move closer to winning the free movies for the year. We will focus on the mode of participating, general rules and pros and cons as well as the comprehensive picture of Cinemark.

Cinemark Survey

Name: Cinemark Survey

Description: Cinemark is an entertainment joint that helps you relax as you grab an entertaining movie. On the USA soil, the cinema has over 500 centers, and this means that watching a movie won’t be a hustle. With more than 20,000 workers, you are assured of excellent customer care services. Do not hesitate to consult the employees if you have a question.

About Cinemark Survey

Cinemark has had tremendous growth to the extent of buying other movie theatres to improve services across the United States as well as internationally. The theater has a survey to ensure the services given are excellent. By taking part in this survey, you might be lucky to win free movies for the whole year. That’s great for saving. You only need your tickets or receipts to participate.

General rules for participating in the Cinemark survey

Here are a few rules for you to follow before you take on the survey

  1. Must be residing in the USA. This applies to the 50 states of the U.S. and the District of Columbia. You won’t be eligible if you are not a legal citizen of the USA.
  2. You must have attained the age of eighteen years. Children and adolescents are not entitled to participate. The company is, therefore, striving to get the logical feedback from parents and those above 18 years.
  3. You must not be a staff or family member to Cinemark’s employees (No affiliations to Cinemark). This is supposed to be free and fair participation and hence the restrictions.
  4. Your entries are limited to one person once per month. This can either be done via mail or the Cinemark website. If you exceed the required entries, then you get an automatic disqualification.
  5. You must be knowledgeable in either English or Spanish. This will help you answer the questions correctly and help in the feedback assessment process
  6. Internet and computers are vital in helping you get access to the survey site ( Make sure your internet is stable so that the process won’t get hampered.
  7. Methods of entry. Note that we have two types of entries. You can take the guest experience online survey at or customer satisfaction survey via mail. All these methods guarantee you a fair selection.

How to Take Part in This Survey

Just after reading the rules and regulations, you can now proceed to the nest stage on how to take the survey for successful entries. Taking this survey is straightforward. You need to purchase your ticket and keep the receipt for this survey. You can also buy anything inside the Cinemark and have the receipt with you. This gives you additional ways of participating in the survey other than having a Movie ticket.

The receipt has vital information that will be ideal when taking the survey. The access code that is on the lower side of the receipt, time, and date when you made the transaction or when you saw the movie. Once you have these details in front of your computer, visit

Taking the Cinemark Survey Online

The survey homepage has red and black colors. You will get a welcoming message to take part in the survey.

  • Get started by selecting your language either English or Spanish
  • Enter the state, city, and the location of the Cinemark you are getting services from.
  • Enter the receipt details, i.e., Theater ID, Access Code, Date of the Visit, and Time of Visit. All this information is on your receipt.

Once you are done with the entries, press the start button to complete the survey questions. In the survey section, you give your honest opinion as it is a way to share your feelings and also suggestions to improve services at Cinemark theaters.

Finally, you can submit the survey and will receive a congratulatory message upon successful completion.

The Cinemark Survey by Mail

If you don’t have access to the internet, then there is an alternative way where you can send the survey via mail. Here is the guideline.

Make sure you write your name, your address, phone numbers, your email, and birth dates on paper. Ensure all this information is correct as it will be used in giving you feedback.

Enter your survey, mail the paper to: “Free Movies for a Year Sweepstakes,” c/o Hello World, Inc., P.O. Box 5006, Department 833244, Kalamazoo, MI 49003.

Once you are done, sit back and wait for your lucky time. Note that the selection process is fair and will see you become the lucky person for the movies and other rewards.

Note that the company will make the draw sweepstakes at the end of the sweepstakes period. This will give the winners a chance to start the New Year with free movies all year round. On the other side, you can win popcorn on your movie days as freebies.

Easy Ways to Find Cinemark’s Around You

You don’t have to miss a movie simply because you don’t know how to get there. Cinemark has a way out. Its excellent website offers you a guideline on how you can locate the movie theaters in different states in the comfort of your seat. This is how you can identify the movie theater in your area. By getting a theater that is closer to you means that you will save on traveling expenses and also grab the latest shows even faster.

  • Visit the website

Key in the Cinemark website at On the page, you will find the Cinemark Near Me menu. Enter your location and see the theaters pop up. Still, on this website, you will always get first-hand information on the new releases and promos available. Once you have your city entered, then the directions will pop us so that you don’t have a hard time locating the theater.

  • Google maps

This is another easy way of locating your nearest Cinemark Theater. Just open maps and type in “Cinemark Near Me.”

The locations will be tracked, and the pointers on Google Maps will give you the distance and location so that you find it easy to move.

Make sure your internet is also steady for live location.

  • Download the app

Google play will help you get the app quickly. Just search “Cinemark Theaters.” Click on install the app and start using it to track the services and guidelines on whichever Cinemark theater you wish to visit.

You can also feel free to make a call to the customer care who will guide you on the various branches around the world. At this point, you will have enough for your movie expectations.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  • The free and fair selection process allows everyone in the USA to participate and win
  • The questions are geared towards improving services
  • The branches are many in the U.S. and hence easy to watch a movie and take a survey
  • Free popcorn for taking surveys as long as you have a coupon code
  • The website is secure and straightforward
  • Customer Care is prompt
  • It provides two survey channels via online or by mail.


  • Only US citizens in the 50 states are allowed to participate
  • Takes time to announce winners
  • Age limitation as those below 18 are restricted
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About Cinemark

Cinemark stated in 1984 with its first center at Texarkana, Texas. As of now, Cinemax boasts of 525 branches across the U.S., with over 20,000 employees. This company has grown tremendously such that it’s the top cinema theatre on the USA soil. The company secret of growth significantly comes from the survey they take as their continued improvement in services is the best.


How can I find Cinemark on social media?

Cinemark is on the top social media sites, and the following are links to interacting with the Cinemark’s content.

Other than the free all year movies from Cinemark, what else can I win?

Just after registering and giving your opinion, you can get your coupon and note it down. With this code, feel free to interact with show max staff for free popcorn as you watch the movies. You can also redeem the coupons as points for other prizes.

How long does the competition take?

The survey runs all year round. At this point, the survey will be open to participation for all the USA citizens living in the USA. The competition starts in January and ends in December.

How do I know if I am successful?

You will be contacted through your information to be notified about the success. Note that all the selection if free and fair and in most cases, those who fill my mail will pass through random selection, and that is how fair the exercise is.

My Cinemark’s survey page is not working?

You will find the page slow or not responding at all sometimes. Do not panic as this is normal during peak time as many people are filling and submitting the surveys. Just continue trying and be assured that at the end of the day, your input will be received.

At times, your access point might be denied in case it is not the official Cinemark’s website. Regarding this, you are advised to always key in the correct site for the survey. Also, ensure you have a stable internet connection for easy access.

How can I get more information on the Cinemark Surveys?

You can read the customer satisfaction reviews as they help you in deciding whether to take part in the survey or not. At the same time, these reviews guide the questions you will be expecting in the survey.

You can also get in touch with the customers care at various social media platforms, emails as well as a phone call.

In conclusion, Cinemark’s cinema relies on you for better services. Taking the survey at is one way towards getting the best services the next time you visit Cinemark. The fact that watching a movie relaxes the mind requires you to get the best outcome at Cinemark. If you have questions, suggestions, and consultation with Cinemark, then feel free to reach them through. or call directly Cinemark telephone number 1 800 264 3627.

Finally, you can reach them through their active social media accounts.

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