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September 27, 2019

Value Village Listens - Value Village Guest Satisfaction SurveyHave you, in recent days, used Value Village customer services? How was your experience? Value Village is an expanding used-clothing & more company. As an entrepreneur, you know that the survey is an effective strategy of gathering information from clients and also marketing. It’s a great tool that gives you invaluable information on what or what not to do. The feedback from clients helps in creating new ideas about improving the business. Value Village survey is the company’s idea to help it boost customer satisfaction. Take a survey and grab a chance of winning $2 discount code.

Value Village Listens

Name: Value Village Listens

Description: Value Village is a global thrift, for-profit retailer that's geared towards providing high-quality, slightly used household goods, clothing, and accessories. The company takes pride in its Rethink Reuse model whereby they purchase, resell, and recycle. This smart strategy allows communities to shop inexpensively. The company, therefore, keeps more than 700 million pounds of used stuff that could have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Value Village also helps several nonprofit organizations by buying stuff donated to them. The purchase gives the nonprofit organization more funds to support their community programs and boost their services.

About Value Village Listens Survey

To boost its services, the company has initiated a survey. By taking a survey, you’ll help Value Village to improve themselves and deliver stellar services. It will enable the company to get a clear idea of the trend in the market. The business dynamics keep on changing, and clients’ preferences keep on changing. It’s for that reason that Value Village cares to listen to your views.

The survey comprises a set of questions based on your most recent visit to the store. You’re required to give your most honest answer. These survey questions help in finding the unnoticed habits by the company and find the best way to improve. More so, it’s through product availability and its quality, convenience, and hospitality that Value Village Listens will enable to boost its services.

The survey is easy, with straightforward questions that take less than six minutes to complete. The best thing is that you’ll get rewarded with a validation or coupon code.

Rules and Requirements for Taking the Survey

Value Village has set some simple rules and requirements that will make you eligible for participating in the said survey. For Rules:

  •   The survey should be taken by individuals who are 18 years old and above. This is the minimum age required by federal law in undertaking various activities in the country.
  •  To take the Value Village Listens survey, you must be a permanent resident of the United States.
  • You will find a survey code on your receipt, in which you must use it within seven days
  • After the survey, you will get rewarded with a coupon code. You’ll have 90 days to redeem the code, after which it will be rendered unserviceable.
  •  Ensure you answer all the provided questions
  • Not redeemable for cash

The survey requirements include;

  •   You need to have a smartphone or a computer with an excellent internet connection
  • You can either donate or purchase at Value Village.
  • Ensure you have basic knowledge of Spanish or English languages.

Steps for Taking Value Village Listens Survey

Taking Value Village Survey is hassle-free and straightforward. The company has provided questionnaires most simply. You, therefore, don’t have an excuse not to take a survey. More so, it will take you less than 10 minutes, probably less than that.

Step 1: 

The first step in participating in this survey is to ensure you have donated or purchased from Value Village. The code on the receipt is the gateway to the survey. Now that you have a receipt visit the official website for the survey,

Step 2: 

The white page will load, and you will be given an option to choose between two types of receipts. If you have received an invitation from the two provided receipts, then select the purchase receipt. Typically, the invitation is through purchase or donation. Donating to Value Village enables you to declutter your home and help the less privileged. It’s a way of minimizing the stuff that ends up in landfills.

Step 3: 

The two receipts bear different digits. The first receipt, which is a purchase or exchange receipt contains 19 figures, while the other receipt which is a donation has a 4-digit code.

Step 4: 

The survey questions are either in English or Spanish. Choose the language you’re most comfortable with. This will help you understand the questions and answer them promptly. However, you choose the language after filling the digital gaps.

Step 5: 

Click the start icon and start your survey. There are several yet simple questions. You must answer all the questions to complete the survey and get your reward. These questions enable you to convey your most honest view of the company. Ensure you’re genuine in answering them. And be assured your review is essential.

You will be eligible to give ratings freely without the fear of providing positive or negative feedback. Ensure you give your comments, complaints, compliments, or valuable suggestions.

Step 6: 

Once you’re done, you will find the “SUBMIT” icon. Click on it and wait for your validation code.

It’s that simple and fast. Ensure you give your genuine answer to enable the company to find the best way to improve on their services. The limit is one survey per person/household per month.

The Reward

In most cases, when you participate in a survey, you either get rewarded or gain entry in sweepstakes. Value Village Listens is no exception.

Value Village values your time, energy, and effort for participating in their survey. And thus, they reward every person who completes their survey with a validation code. You’re eligible for $2 discount on your next $5 purchase at any Value Village store. And remember you have to redeem the code within 90 days.

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time


  •  Participating in the survey is simple and fast. The questions are simple, and it takes a few minutes to complete the survey
  • To participate, you only need a smartphone or PC and excellent internet connection
  •  The survey allows you to convey your opinion, whether positive or negative. This will enable the store to boost its services to attain customer satisfaction
  • You don’t pay a penny to participate in the survey
  • You’ll get a $2 coupon reward after completing the survey
  • You can get invitation either by purchase or through donation


  • The survey is only for the U.S citizens
  •   Clients feel $2 is too little
  • The reward of $2 cannot be exchanged for cash
  • The survey is also limited to one household per month
  • You can only participate in the survey if you donate or purchase from Value Village Listens
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Value Village Listens Survey Center

NameValue Village Listens
WinnerEvery Participant
Validation Code7 days
Prize Expiry90 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Spanish

About Value Village

Value Village is a successful for-profit thrift store across the globe. The store offers softly used clothes, households, and accessories at a low-ball price. This gives excellent shopping experience for people residing in the United States. The company has more than 315 stores across the U.S with more coming up.

Value Village purchase used products and sell them where they use the money to purchase products from profit agency. More so, the store donates a portion of its proceeds to charity organizations. As the store expands, it decided to take a survey to boost the client experience.


What is Value Village Listens?

Value Village Listens is a successful recycler that deals with used clothes, households, and accessories. The brand comprises of Savers, Village des Valeurs, Unique, and Value Village. The company has over 300 stores across the United States, which are run by 21,000 employees.

How does Rethink Reuse Model Works?

The rethink-reuse is a smart model formulated by Value Village to attain their goal. The local communities donate reusable items directly to the non-profit partners of Value Village. The store purchases the donated items. The store will then sort the purchased items and the excellent quality stuff which are valued and priced accordingly.

This enables shoppers to find inexpensive items at the Value Village stores. The unsold items or low-quality stuff are recycled and rebranded and then sold to resellers in underdeveloped and developing countries across the globe. The purchase, recycling, and reselling model have enabled Value Village to offer immense support to local communities and create many jobs.

How Do Donations to Value Village Help?

Value Village believes in creating a better world through recycling and reusing. The company has been able to divert approximately 700 million pounds of stuff that could end up in landfills per year.

The company sells donated items to nonprofit partners. By partnering with recyclers, the low-value items will be recycled and rebranded for sales. Additionally, the store works exclusively with waste management companies to ensure there is proper disposal of non-recycled products.

Donating your clothes, household items, and accessories gives you a chance to declutter your home. You’ll also be helping your community to live a better life by accessing affordable items from Value Village stores.

Each store hires about 50 people who get competitive wages.

How Does the Survey Help?

Value Village is rapidly expanding and intends to reach more clients and help communities. The survey helps the store to get genuine views from clients. As a result, Value Listens will know where to adjust and how to boost their customer services. It’s a way of helping Value Village deliver tailored services for customer satisfaction.

Who is Eligible to Take the Survey?

Value Village Listens survey is a fast and straightforward process that will take a few minutes to complete. However, to participate, you must;

  • Be a U.S citizen
  • Be aged 18 years and above
  • Have a valid recent receipt to take the survey
  • Purchase a product to participate in the survey

Other terms and conditions include:

  • You’re limited to 1 survey per month
  • The coupon has no cash value
  • You must redeem your coupon in a maximum of 90 days

What is the Reward for the Survey?

Value Village values your time, and that’s why they reward you with a $2 coupon code. However, you only get a reward after completing the survey successfully. You must redeem this code within 90 days.

Is the Value Village Survey Safe?

Absolutely yes! Value Village Listens is a well-established company that takes pride in its over six decades of experience. The store has diligently served the local communities. You will not pay a penny for participating in the survey. Instead, they will reward you.

The website is strongly encrypted to protect your data. It’s also easy to use the site and navigate through. Furthermore, you only need a smartphone or PC to complete the survey, which takes less than 10 minutes.

What Qualifies me to Participate in Value Village Survey?

To qualify for the Value Village survey, you must have a purchase or donate items. You will get a receipt with a code. The purchase receipt has 19 digits while the donation has four digits. If you get an invitation through both receipts, use the purchase/exchange receipt.

How do I Participate in the Survey?

Participating in the Value Village survey is easy and straightforward. First, ensure you log into the official website. You will find two receipts- purchase and donor invitation card. Fill in the gap with the given code. Then you click on start and begin your survey. Ensure you answer the questions genuinely and give your most honest opinions.

You can give your compliments, criticism, and also offer your valuable suggestions. In the end, you will find a submit icon. You will get a reward of $2 off your next purchase of $5.


For any business to be at a competitive edge, it must attain customer satisfaction. However, you might not know what clients need until you get their sentiments. That is why a survey is a vital tool for any business. And upon realizing the value of listening to customer views, Value Village initiated a survey to get to know clients better and boost their services and products quality.

For more information, you can contact Value Village through:

Phone: (425) 462-1515


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