Keep Your Home Warm During the Winter – 6 Easy Tips to Follow

July 15, 2020

Depending on where you live, winter can get very cold. This results in you blasting your heater to stay warm. Unfortunately, this runs your utility bills through the roof. There are many things you can do to keep your home safe from the cold. We’ve discussed 6 of these below.

Use Thick Curtains

Examine the type of curtains you have. If they’re not thick, the heat might be escaping from your home. Thick curtains are easy to find and are not expensive. If you think about it, they help when it’s really hot out too – they prevent heat from entering your home. If you’re interested in buying some, know that velvet is a good fabric.

Get a New Heater

If you have an old heater, it’s probably not doing much to keep you warm. The electricity used to produce heat will be wasted. Your best bet would be to replace it. If you’ve had your heater for a long time, you’d be surprised by the number of heaters currently available. Some are specially made to be energy efficient.

Where’s Your Sofa Placed?

If you have a heater or fireplace, it’s natural for you to place your sofa in front of it. You’ll be warm and cozy, but you’re not letting heat circulate throughout the room. Having the sofa in front of the heat source would result in the furniture absorbing most of it. This is especially true if it’s on the larger side, and made from a thicker fabric. With this in mind, you can imagine how many things may be absorbing the heat your radiator is producing. Curtains are culprits too.

Look At Your Windows

It can get so cold that ice inside windows forms. The above steps will help circulate heat, but something that will keep you warm and prevent ice buildup is getting your windows replaced. Double-paned ones are the best. They have a layer of air between sheets of glass. The air acts as an insulative barrier, preventing heat from escaping.

If not for double-paned windows, PVC windows are available too. They’re made from plastics that trap heat. They’re more freely available.

Let the Light In

It will be colder at the night, but there will be some sunlight in the daytime. The light should be allowed to enter your home. If you have lighter curtains, you don’t have to open them as the heat would be able to pass through. Open them if they’re made from velvet or any other thick material.

Leave the Door Open When You Shower

If you have enough privacy, think about doing this. The hot water from your shower could circulate your home, keeping you warm. If you’ve shut the doors and windows, it wouldn’t be allowed to escape.

Final Thoughts

The winter not only gets uncomfortably cold, but it runs your utility bill up as you have to pay for heating. Considering everything we said, you now know the many ways to keep your home warm. The easiest thing would be to let light into your home. The heat would permeate, and be trapped inside of your house is well insulated.

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