What are The Best Horror-Themed Slots?

The online slots industry is impressively extensive; covering just about every genre imaginable. From nature to blockbuster movies, Ancient Egypt to food – and probably everything in between that you can think of – it’s possible to play almost any theme upon on slots online. Of those genres, some prove time and time again to be more popular than others, with both players and the slots developers themselves. Irish luck, for instance, stands the test of time in the popularity stakes, as do nostalgic, classic fruit-style slots. The horror genre is another theme that stands high in popularity, so there are plenty of frightfully fun, spooky slots out there.

A popular theme, however, does not guarantee a quality slot machine. Some are not worth your while, while others are unmissable. So how do you find the most playable horror-themed slots without enduring the terror of trawling through hundreds of titles? That’s where we step in to help, of course!

Full Moon Fortunes Slots

This compelling slot game sees the main character turn into a werewolf when the moon becomes full; when this occurs, your luck is in, thanks to the werewolf symbol also acting as a multiplier wild. Also, enjoy a lucrative free spins bonus feature-complete with multipliers, and a scary cemetery clicks and reveal instant win game.

Lost Vegas Slot Game

If you’re a zombie fantastic, Lost Vegas is the perfect choice for you. Zombies have become the greatest sub-genre of horror movies of late, and now you get to enjoy them in online slot form. This interactive game enables players to choose which reels to play (human or zombies?) and you’ll attempt to trigger thrilling bonus features such as the Zombie Fist of Cash or Blackout Bonus.

Dracula Online Slots

Based upon the iconic 1931 vampire movie, Dracula is an eerie, atmospheric online slot released by NetEnt for those who love the blood-thirsty antics of the famous horror icon. Watch Dracula as he lurks to the left of the reels, randomly bursting into a horrifying swarm of bats – though, they aren’t actually too horrifying as they add symbol clusters to the reels, giving you a win boost!

Wicked Circus Slot

We think most of us are in agreement that there’s little more terrifying than a scary clown. The clown featured in Wicked Circus slot is especially creepy, but if you’re brave enough to play, your efforts could be rewarded, thanks to the clown’s potential to award you a 6000 coin mystery prize.

Bloodsuckers Slots Collection

The Bloodsuckers slots are more excellent vampiric releases from Netent; regardless of whether you play the original version of the new and improved release. Bloodsuckers feature two exciting bonus features with smaller wins that occur frequently, often making for very happy players indeed.

Halloween Online Slot

There are no prizes for guessing which 1970s horror film this online slot game is based upon. Experience the frights of Michael Myers once again while triggering the Boogeyman Bonus feature or the Trick or Treat Wheel. There are huge prizes up for grabs in this adrenaline-inducing horror slot.