January 4, 2020

Office Depot Feedback — Official Office Depot® Survey [$10]

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For any business, customer satisfaction is crucial. Satisfied customers will frequently always come back for more purchases and bring along new customers. For that reason, enterprises conduct customer satisfaction surveys that help them to collect feedback about how their products and services either meet their customers’ expectations or how they fall short of their expectations.

Office Depot Feedback is a customer satisfaction survey that Office Depot carries out to get feedback from their customers. The feedback that the customers give helps the company in improving the quality of their products and services.

Office Depot Feedback

Name: Office Depot Feedback

Description: Office Depot Feedback is a customer satisfaction survey that Office Depot carries out to get feedback from their customers. The feedback that the customers give helps the company in improving the quality of their products and services.



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Office Depot Feedback Summary

There is no better option of doing this than by participating in Office Depot Feedback. With this, you can give your feedback on the quality of products and services that you received from a particular company.

Office Depot Feedback is one such survey that allows its customers to talk about their experience with the products that Office Depot provides. The company also wants to find out about the services that you receive during your visit to their shop. The feedback that you give helps the company to make crucial business decisions that seek to make your experience with the company better next time.

For that reason, you should seek to be as honest and genuine as possible while giving your feedback.

When you join and take part in the Office Depot Feedback, you get a $10 coupon that you can use at your next purchasing visit at Office depot, and you purchase stuff worth $50 or more.

All you need is to visit the site and give your feedback as well as listing down your complaints with the service.

The website itself has an appealing design that will not put you off. The designers have made everything easy and attractive to you. You will easily get the survey and open it. As you continue with the survey-taking process, you will realize that some additional instructions and snippets help you to enter the information accurately.

Eligibility criteria

If you want to engage in the Office Depot Feedback, then you must have attained 18 years and above. The survey site will not accept your application if you are below 18 years.

Secondly, you need to be a legal resident of the United States of America, where the survey operates.

Requirements for Office Depot Feedback

The Office Depot Feedback is carried out online. For that reason, you need to have a device with a secure internet connection.

Additionally, you will require to have a recent sales receipt from either Office Depot or OfficeMax. The receipt will help you in entering some of the required information.

The Office Depot Feedback is available in English and Spanish languages. For you to participate, you will need a basic understanding of either of the two languages.

How to participate in the Office Depot Feedback?

Step one: On your device, open your browser and enter the official address of the Office Depot Feedback at survey.officedepot.com. The survey site will welcome you to take part in the study.

Step two: In the second step, read the instructions that pertain to the process of participating. Then, you should ensure that you have your sales receipt ready as you will be using it to enter some details.

Step three: Enter the survey code that you can find located at the bottom side of your sales receipt. You should also enter the time on the receipt, which is the time that you made a visit to Office Depot and made a purchase.

Step four: After that, you should scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on the “Begin Survey” button. The survey site will direct you to the next section.

Step five: In the next section, the survey site will request you to answer some questions regarding your experience at Office Depot. The questions will be asking about the quality of the products that you got, the services that you received, employee behavior, and how they welcomed you, and so on.

Step six: As you answer the questions in this section, it is paramount that you provide honest and genuine answers to the questions. This is because the feedback that you give is going to help the company in making crucial business decisions. The feedback you give may prompt the company to make changes to the quality of their products and services as well as changes in the staffing. As such, if you give evasive answers, they might lead to the company making the wrong business decisions.

Step seven: When you are through answering the questions, the survey site will prompt you to provide your personal information. The information you provide at this juncture includes your name and contact details. Make sure you provide valid and correct contact details as these are the ones that the company will use to contact you.

Step eight: After that, double-check the information you entered and then submit your survey. You will then get a chance to print a coupon.

Office Depot Feedback Rewards

When you take part in the Office Depot Feedback, you get a $10 coupon code for $50 worth of purchase that you make during your next visit at Office Depot.

On top off the $10 coupon, you get an opportunity to provide your feedback and complaints about Office Depot. Thus, you get to influence how best your next visit at the Office Depot will be. This is because they will use your feedback to make improvements to the quality of their goods and services.

Is the Office Depot Feedback a scam?

There is no doubt that the online survey world is full of scams. Therefore, it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious. If you want to know if a survey site is a scam or not, you should look out for two things, among other things. First, you should look out for whether the site asks for any kind of payment before you can take part in the survey. If it does, that is enough of a red flag.

Secondly, you should seek to know if it really does pay the rewards.

Considering the two aspects, it would be safe to say that the Office Depot customer satisfaction survey is a legitimate survey site. First, it does not require you to pay anything before you can participate. All you need is the sales receipt from your last visit to their store. The survey site is also known to pay its rewards.


Office Depot is a famous supplier of office products and services around the world. With Office Depot, you can be sure to get office appliances that fit you and your needs regardless of whether you are working from an office, home or car. Office Depot offers a wide variety of office machines, furniture, computers, cleaning supplies, computer software, machines, among many others.

Office Depot helps to make workers work more efficiently. They also provide other services such as prevention of online threats, property damage protection, security threats, and so on.

The company operates in around 56 countries, and it employs more than 56,000 associates in its over 1,800 retail stores.

The company began its operations in Florida, United States, and has since grown to be a world leader in office supplies business.

Office Depot operates the Office Depot Feedback to collect feedback from you to make the company better. Through taking part in the survey, the company gets your valuable feedback and what you think about the quality and services that they provide. As such, they are able to make changes and improvements in the quality of the products, services, and staffing to make your experience a better one.


  • It is free to join
  • The survey is online and takes a few minutes to complete
  • You get a chance to win a free coupon


  • No cash reward

Office Depot Feedback Center

NameOffice Depot Feedback
Prize$10 Coupon
Validation CodeNA
Prize ExpiryNA
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Español

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What is the Office Depot Customer satisfaction survey?

Office Depot operates this survey to help collect feedback about their customer satisfaction.

Who can join?

You can join the Office Depot Feedback if you are 18 years and above. And you are legally a resident of the United States.

You also need to have access to a device with a secure internet connection and a purchase receipt from your recent visit to Office Depot.

The Office Depot Feedback survey is available in English and Spanish language. Thus, it’s best if you were conversant with one of the two languages.

What do I get for participating in Office Depot Feedback?  

When you sign up and take part in the Office Depot Feedback survey, you will get a $10 coupon that you can use in your next visit at the company and make a purchase of $50 and above.

Is Office Depot Feedback a scam?

No, it is not. Office Depot does not ask for any payment from you so that you can participate in the survey, and it actually pays through coupons.



Customer satisfaction is one factor that any business cannot afford to ignore. Customer satisfaction makes customers always to bring their friends and relatives as new clients. There is no better way of making the customers satisfied than finding out from them what they actually think about your business. That is why companies conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Office Depot Feedback helps the company to get your feedback about what you think about their products and services. This helps them to improve on the areas. You get a chance to get a coupon for taking part in the survey.

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