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January 4, 2020

Kohl’s is a store where you will shop for clothing, daily household stuff, electronics, appliances, home decor, toys, shoes, etc. While shopping, you will likely receive the service in either a good way or a bad way. This will influence your next shopping.

Since this store has nearly everything you need for daily survival, they are interested in serving you and other customers in the best way. To achieve this, the company has an online service where once you meet the requirements, you can share your shopping experience in an online survey. In this review, we will guide you through the KohlsListens or KohlsFeedback. Follow through so that you can have the way in and find out how to get the discounts like Kohl’s free shipping coupon, plus other rewards through the survey.



Name: Kohlslistens

Description: Kohl's is a store where you will shop for clothing, daily household stuff, electronics, appliances, home decor, toys, shoes, etc. In this review, we will guide you through KohlsListens. Follow through so that you can have the way in and find out how to get the discounts plus other rewards through the survey.

KohlsListens Summary

As the services at Kohl’s stores are continuously improving. They have started an online survey called Kohl’s customer survey feedback aka KohlsListens. The objective of the survey is to improve your shopping experience every time you shop at any of the stores available.

Note, taking part in the survey is a win-win situation where you get the reward while the company benefits from your genuine feedback so that the services rendered to you are improved.

The receipt you get after your shopping will give you an entry into the survey. You don’t need to take the survey with the receipt. Once you are done with the online surveys, you will wait for the fantastic rewards. For instance, you stand a chance to get discounts of up to 10% and gift cards worth $1000. The company, in return, benefits from your genuine feedback.

In KohlsListens, you will answer fun and straightforward questions that try to find out your shopping experience at the store you visited. This won’t take the entire day; instead, you will have a few minutes of attempting to the survey.

Note that the 10% off coupons can be used in any of their retail stores around the USA. Don’t worry about the location as long as you are in the US and close to any of the stores.

Is KohlsListens legit or scam?

Well, if this is your first time at KohlsListens, then you have to beat the doubts. Maybe you have previously had a terrible time with scam survey sites and still, feel the fear in you. For Kohl’s store, the survey is legit. We have a few reasons to support this.

  • The store has over 1000 stores in the USA
  • It’s one of the biggest retail stores in the USA
  • There is proof of customers who have benefited through the discounts given
  • The store has over 80,000 employees
  • The code on the receipt that you used for the purchase is vital for the survey
  • There are rules you will need to follow so that your opinion can count


What the KohlsListens Covers

When we talked about interesting questions and fun to take, the following areas are the ones we meant will be addressed by you in the KohlsListens survey.

  • Cordial behavior of the staff and the kind of assistance accorded.
  • The price of the merchandise you buy.
  • The services of the staff at the counters.
  • The essential cleanliness and hygiene at the store.
  • Other questions about the store.


Eligibility And General Rules To Participate In KohlsListens

There are essential requirements and general rules that guarantee your successful participation in the survey. The rules are simple, and the conditions are not demanding. Therefore, the entire process is always straightforward as long as you meet the criteria and abide by the set rules. Here are some of the eligibility criteria, as well as the rules you will need to meet for you to participate in.

  • If you plan to log into the site, you need to be 18 years of age and above.
  • You are a citizen of the USA as the survey targets the stores in the USA.
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish is critical as it will be suitable for taking the survey.
  • You must have an electronic device that you will use to access the Kohl’s website.
  • You also need a stable internet connection since the survey is done online.
  • Your last visit receipt at any of the Kohl’s stores is required since it features a code that will be used when entering the survey.
  • If you are an employee or staff at Kohl’s, then you are not entitled to the survey.
  • The only way to get the Free Kohl’s Coupons is trough taking the online survey.
  •  Once you get the reward, you will not exchange or redeem it for money instead, it will be used for your next shopping.


How You Can Take The Survey To Win Rewards At Kohlslistens.com

If you have read and understood the requirements, then you are ready to start the survey. Not that you need the receipt code so that you can start the survey. Here is the procedure you will follow.

  • Get your phone, computer or any other gadget you are using to access internet ready
  •  Login to Kohlslistens.com so that you can access the webpage for the survey.
  • Select your preferred language from what’s available. In most cases, English is always the default language
  • On your receipt, locate the four-digit code and key in the home page website
  • There is also an access code on the receipt that you need to key in so that you can proceed. The access code is a 16 digit code available on the receipt.
  • Click the start survey button once you have the code correctly entered.
  •  The survey site will present to you the list of questions you need to attempt. The questions are focusing on general services at the store and also the quality of the products you got at the store. You are required to share your honest feedback, and it will be great if you can remember the details during your shopping.
  • Once you are sure the information on the feedback is ready, just click the submit survey button.
  • On successfully submitting the survey, you will get a 10% discount coupon. Write it down and redeem at your favorite Kohl’s store during your next visit.


Any concerns?

When filling the KohlsListens survey, you might encounter difficulties. Well, confirm if your internet is stable. You can also find out if you have accepted the cookies request. Additionally, find out the kind of browser you are using.

If you are sure the problem is not on your side, then contact the help desk through the following social media platforms.

Kohl’s Customer Service

Phone Number: 262-703-7000 / 855-564-5705

Fax No: 262-703-6353

Kohl’s Corporate Office

Address: Kohl’s’ sKohl’s’s sKohl’s’s Inc. 575 5th Avenue, N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051, United States

The contact details given above are an easy way for you to get your questions and concerns addressed even faster.



  • Participating is free, and that means you can navigate the site whenever you want.
  • You only need a purchase receipt for the code
  • Its survey site is friendly and hence motivating to participate
  • You have full support from the customer care desk in various ways available for contacting the desk.
  • Once you complete the Kohlslistens survey, you will enter the draw for more significant rewards. At the same time, you will receive a coupon for your discounted purchase on your next visit to the store.
  • The stores are many, and hence you will not require to move long distances to redeem your coupon.
  • Since its online, you can take the survey anywhere you are using your mobile phone or laptop.
  • When you have the discount coupon, you save a lot of money on your purchases and can use it for other purchases.
  • You add value to the growth of the store since the com your feedback is used when making decisions at the store.


  • You can’t redeem your reward for money
  • Only US residents are eligible
  • Kids will not participate as the minimum age is 18 years
  • You need to purchase so that you get a receipt for the code
  • Participants are only allowed to take surveys once a month
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KohlsListens/KohlsFeedback Center

Prize$1,000 or 10% off
Validation CodeNA
Prize Expiry14 days
Purchase Yes
LanguageEnglish, Español

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Can I participate in KohlsListens if I’m in Europe?

No, only the residents of the US are eligible since all the stores are based in the USA.

How do I know If I have won the coupon?

With the coupon rewards, you get the notification after you have submitted the KohlsListens survey. Write the code so that you can use it during your next visit to your favorite Kohl’s Store.

Where is the entry code for KohlsListens?

Once you have the purchase receipt, you will have two codes available. The entry code is a four-digit code available on the receipt. Again the 16 digit code known as the access code is also on the receipt. All the codes will be required once you decide to take the survey.

Can I transfer my KohlsListens reward?

There is no provision of transferring the reward. In addition to that, you will not convert the coupon to money. It is only for shopping.

How frequent can I participate in the KohlsListens survey?

For quality purposes, you will only participate once a month. This allows the company to respond to the concern you have raised and takes improve where necessary.

How long will the coupon code remain active for me to use?

Well, once you have the code, it only takes 14 days to expire. Therefore, try so that you can use it within the given days.

Who benefits from my KohlsListens feedback?

When you share your feedback, the company improves the services, and you get rewarded for the time.



Did you know that you can get amazing discounts at Kohl’s stores? Well, take part in the customer feedback survey and receive your instant coupon code that will save your money during your upcoming shopping. The questions are interesting and will focus mainly on your overall experience at the store. The feedback is useful since the company uses it to improve services for you.

If you are planning to shop at the nearest Kohl’s store, then keep the receipt as it will be beneficial when taking the survey. For you to participate in the survey, click www.Kohlslistens.com, and give your feedback.

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