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The second-largest retailer in North America, Target, is the favorite shopping spots for Americans. Chain of stores that is known for creating an exceptional guest experience. Target is America’s mass-market retail company that runs large-scale food and discount stores for general merchandise. It promises the people of the United States of America clean and spacious shopping areas and this is exactly what they provide. With 1800 stores all across the country, Target has revolutionized discount shopping. Shopping at target is fun and it has been featured in numerous videos, films, and even advertisements.

Love shopping at the Target stores? Well, what if you get a chance to win gift cards worth $25 and sweepstakes worth $1500 Target gift cards? Just share your shopping experience at InformTarget Survey, and get a chance to enjoy amazing rewards! Target wants to provide its customers with a better experience and this what they wish to achieve through the InformTarget Survey!

What is InformTarget Survey?

InformTarget Survey is the official survey form for Target. It consists of several questions related to their service and customer experience. Target aims to gather customer feedback and wishes to improve on its services. By successfully completing the survey form, customers will get a chance to win amazing rewards. Through these rewards, Target wants to thank their precious customers for taking some time to provide them with an honest opinion.

InformTarget Review


Name: InformTarget

Description: Let Target know how was your shopping experience and did the service and products satisfy your needs? Help Target offers you better services and products. Enjoy a better and improved shopping experience at Target and get a chance to win a $25 Target GiftCard or a $1,500 Target GiftCard in sweepstakes.


  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Wait Time

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The Rules and Regulations

Want to start filling the survey form? Like all other survey forms, there are some set rules and regulations that you need to follow to qualify for winning great rewards and prizes!

  • You must have the receipt from the last time you shopped at any of the Target stores
  • The survey is online, therefore, filling the form requires a stable internet connection
  • To be able to fill the inform target survey form, you must be a legal resident of the United States of America
  • The minimum age to be a part of the survey is 18 years
  • The form is available in only two languages; English and Spanish, therefore, you must be proficient in any of the two languages
  • It is not necessary to purchase to fill the form
  • Purchasing items from any of the Target stores will not increase the chances of winning


How to Complete the Inform Target Survey?

Step 1: The Website

The first step to being a part of the Inform Target Survey is to navigate to the official website You will be able to proceed with the survey once you navigate to the official website.

Step 2: Select the Language

The inform target survey is available in both English and Spanish language. After you have navigated to the official website, the first thing you are required to do is to select the language you want to fill the survey form in.

Step 2: Entering the ID and Password

There are an ID and password required to enter the survey. Without the ID and password, you will not be able to enter the survey. These details are printed on the receipt of your purchase, or it will be provided by the store.

Step 3: Answering all the Questions

After you have successfully entered the ID and password, the next step is filling the survey. The inform target survey will consist of questions related to the common issues at the store, the shopping experience, and customer service. All participants of the survey are required to answer these questions with complete honesty.

Step 4: Entering the Details

The next step is to enter personal details. To receive your rewards, you must provide authentic and genuine information.

Step 5: The Notification

After completing the survey, you will not have to wait for the results as you will receive an instant notification about whether you have won the $25 gift card or not.


  • Clean stores
  • Friendly customer service
  • Quality Products


  • Sparsely located
  • Limited grocery items

InformTarget Survey Center

Grand Prize$1500
1st Prize$25
Validation CodeNA
Prize ExpiryNA
Purchase No
LanguageEnglish, Espanol

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The History and Growth of Target

The Target Corporation was first established in 1911 with the name Dayton Company, under the parishioner, George Dayton. It was a six-story building that was constructed on the grounds of Westminster Presbyterian Church after it burned down in the year 1893. Dayton convinced the owner of the Goodfellows department store to relocate its store in his 6-story building but instead of relocating, the Goodfellows store was bought by Dayton. The name of Goodfellows changed to Dayton Dry Goods Company in the year 1903. In the year 1969, the name was changed to Dayton-Hudson Corporation after the J. B Hudson & Son jeweler store was purchased by the Dayton Company.

First Target

The first-ever Target store was opened on 1st May 1962, which was established as a discounted outlet of the Dayton’s department store. In 1978, Dayton-Hudson corporation purchased Mervyn’s, followed by the purchase of Marshall filed in 1990. By 1970s, Target has already established itself as one of the most renowned department stores of the United States of America. It’s 1979, Target’s annual sales touched the $1 billion mark. 1990, the Target Greatland Store opened followed by the Super Target Store. Then in 2004, both the Mervyn’s and Marshall Field stores were sold and Target became the top-ranked store by offering its customers high-end products at the most reasonable rates!


In 2012, the CityTarget was inaugurated, which was set up to cater to the requirements of the Urban Customers. Today, there are more than 18,000 Target stores all across the United States of America.

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Amazing Facts about Target

Even though Target is one of the most popular retail stores in the United States of America, there is a lot of stuff that the customers are not aware of. Think you know everything about your favorite store? Well, here are the top facts that you never knew about Target!

Started with a Church Fire

In 1983, during the panic, the Westminster Presbyterian Church was burned down. There was no insurance coverage and the church could not be rebuilt. It was at this time that George Dayton purchased the property and built a 6-story building, which we now call the Target!

The Big Red Balls

Confused about the giant concrete balls placed in front of the majority of the Target stores? Well, apart from the aesthetics, these balls, also called bollards, serve a genuine purpose, and that is the safety of the shoppers. The purpose of these balls is to prevent cars from driving into the stores and running over the shoppers.

A Porn Emergency

In July 2016, the public announcement system at a San Luis Obispo store was hijacked by a hooligan. After hijacking the announcement system, pornographic pipe noise was played on the speakers, and the staff had to evacuate the store.

Target Always knows You Are Pregnant

Ever wondered how you began to get baby-related coupons at the time you were due? Well, Target has a way to find it out. The store analyzes the shopping data and uses it sort whether a shopper is pregnant or not. They can even estimate when a customer is due.

Have a Hungry Baby? Don’t Worry

In 2016, Target announced that mothers were allowed to breastfeed their babies anywhere on the premises of any of the Target stores. It happened after a staff member was told to cover up while feeding her baby. The act was responded with organized nurse-ins by mothers.

11 Stores in One City, In One Day

Opening 11 stores in one city, fine, but all on the same day? How crazy does that sound? To stand up to the competition of Walmart and Kmart, Target opened 11 stores in Chicago in March 1993. It was a war!

Repairing the Washington Monument

In 1997, while restoration of the Washington monument, Target contributed $1 million. Not only this, but Target went out of the way and brought Michael Graves on-board to bring ideas to reinforce the Washington monument.

Alex From Target

Alex used to work at the Target Store in Texas when he was 16-years old. He was a handsome young man, and his picture went viral. From 100 Twitter followers, his following grew up to 100,000 in one night. He began to receive death threats. Today, he has 1,8 million followers on Instagram.

The reinvention of the Shopping Cart

The first ones to discard the metal shopping carts was Target. They opted for the services of Design Continuum to design an improved version of the shopping cart. They brought in the plastic shopping carts which were lighter than the conventional metal shopping carts.

Target Canada was a Flat Fall

Target opened around 100 stores in Canada, and surprisingly, it was a disaster. The stores failed due to high prices and other supply chain related issues. In 2015, Target shut down in Canada.


1. What is InformTarget Survey?

InformTarget is Target’s official survey form. It consists of questions related to customer service, quality of products, and other in-store issues. It is an attempt by Target to gather honest feedback from its customers to provide them with improved service by working on their weak points. To thank the customers for taking out time to fill the survey, Target offers a chance for the participants to win gift cards worth $25 and sweepstakes worth $1500 gift cards.

2. What are the requirements to be a part of InformTarget Survey?

To become a part of the InformTarget survey, the customers need an ID and password which is printed on the receipt or is told at the store by the stuff.

3. I want to return a gift I received, which was from Target, is it possible?

Yes, the item can be returned or exchanged if the tax invoice that comes with the parcel is shown at the store.

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